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You may not know it yet, but you possess that tremendous power in you to create a reality where you possess all that your heart desires. Everything comes from that aspect of your mind called the subconscious. You simply need to harness and use its powers help you achieve whatever you want to achieve and enjoy the kind of life that you want. At Must Spark Joy, you will learn to unleash your inherent Divine powers, discover your true nature, and learn to master your inner reality, so you can consciously change your outer reality.







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How to Overcome an Addiction

Addiction and its associated habits and behaviors are tremendous challenges that those afflicted have extreme difficulty in overcoming. Whatever the type of addiction may be, the addicted individual struggles against these urges, with some having a measure of success and others needing to seek professional help. While there are those who triumph over their addictions after a long, hard battle, there are just as many who revert back to their “old ways” after a few weeks, months, or years.

Why Addiction Develops

At the very core of all addictions are False and Limiting Beliefs (FLBs). These FLBs developed out of the desire to fulfill certain basic needs that an addict has been deprived of in the past and perhaps continues to lack in the present time. Other FLBs developed as part of their survival mechanism, especially if the addict experienced pain and trauma in the past.

All of these FLBs, including the behaviors that give the person peace and satisfaction, are gathered by the Conscious Mind and end up getting stored in the databanks of the Subconscious Mind. It should not come as a surprise, therefore, that during times of duress or in the presence of addiction triggers, the subconscious causes the addiction behaviors and related emotions in order to provide instant relief and temporary pleasure.

Let us enumerate just some of the FLBs that are associated with addiction:

1) “It helps me to get over all the trauma and pain that I have experienced in my life.”

2) “It helps me to overcome my depression and loneliness.”

3) “It relieves my boredom.”

4) “It makes me become part of the ‘in-crowd’.”

5) “It revitalizes my creative juices.”

6) “It clears my mind.”

7) “It relaxes me.”

8) “It gives me the courage to relate with people and when confronting difficult circumstances.”

9) (In the case of gambling) “I expect a huge windfall when I win.”

10) “Once an addict, always an addict.”

To get rid of these FLBs and more, there are a number of reprogramming techniques that you can try out. While using just one among the techniques discussed below may be sufficient to cure your addiction, in more difficult cases, a combination of these techniques may be used.


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