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Introduction to MIRE
Introduction to Universal Laws
You Create Your Relationship
Your Beliefs Manifest in Your Reality
You and Your Ex Are One
Everything is Energy
As Above, So Below
Focus on Reuniting with Your Ex
Your Breakup is Not Permanent
What You Give, You Will Receive
The Right Timing
Apply the Course
What Are False and Limiting Beliefs and Why Clear Them
Identify You FLBs
Clear Energy Blocks Caused by FLBs
Send Love to Your Ex
Forgive Your Ex
Recite or Listen to Affirmations
Listen to Subliminals
Retain Your Energy
30MIRE Manifesting Tools
Pay What You Want Pricing

 30 Days to Manifest an Ideal Relationship With Your Ex (30MIRE)

Welcome to the new version of my 30MDRE free course, which I renamed, 30MIRE or Manifest Your Ideal Relationship with your Ex in 30 Days. This course is based on the laws of the universe and how you can use these laws to reunite with your ex.

What makes this course different from the original MDRE course

This contains the same universal principles as the MDRE course. The difference is that this includes some of my “AHA!” moments while running the MDRE course. I also find the MDRE course too long, so I decided to remove the unnecessary and redundant parts, added new information,  produced new tools, and made this course more organized and easier to follow and execute.

But first, let’s talk about the success of the MDRE course. The first version of this course (30MDRE) ran from February to first week of May 2017. During this period, I received emails from readers and participants who shared their success stories with me. Some of these success stories include:

1. They are officially back with their ex

2. They are expecting a baby with their ex

3. Their ex reached out to them first after months and years of no contact

4. They are planning a meeting with their ex soon

See the emails that I received from readers

Since the MDRE course and the MIRE course are essentially the same (the MIRE is the improved version), this only shows that when this course is followed carefully and with laser-like focus, you will manifest a brand new relationship with your ex.

I use the same principles contained in 30MIRE to improve other areas of my life, not just my relationships, and they never fail. How can these principles fail, when they are the same exact principles that govern all creations and are responsible for creating harmony in the world?

If you decide to do this course, I recommend that you do it for at least 30 days. Some have successfully reconnected with their ex after only 5 days and then abandoned the course. They got distracted and eventually returned to their old ways of being clingy and obsessed with their exes, so their exes left them again. They had to go back to square one.

The time it takes to reconnect with their exes or have full manifestations vary from person to person. Based on my own observations and email conversations with those who successfully manifested contact or officially reconciled with their exes, these are the common things that they did: