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Custom Subliminals

We create our custom subliminal audios based on the premise that each person has different sets of false and limiting beliefs  (FLBs). These FLBs that they stored in their subconscious over the years vibrate at low frequencies and produced energy blockages in the pathways of Prana or Chi (life force) in our energy system.

This energy system is responsible for our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. When these energy channels are blocked, they can form into diseases or illnesses.

Not only that: if you have emotional blocks, you will have a hard time manifesting your desires because positive energy cannot fully flow and penetrate your energy system.

To remove your emotional blocks, you must identify the root causes of these blocks, which are your FLBs. You must CLEAR and REPLACE your FLBs with positive and empowering suggestions / affirmations. Positive beliefs produce positive energy and clears your energy channels so that Prana and Chi can flow freely.

What Your Custom Subliminal Contains

  • Your own suggestions that you personally crafted to replace your false and limiting beliefs.  

  • Our own Universal Mind affirmations, miracle affirmations, and closing affirmations specifically written to make your subliminal more effective.

  • Multiple voice tracks that contain the suggestions

  • Your choice of custom music that we will use to mask the voice tracks so that your conscious mind will not be able to discern the suggestions

  • The love frequency embedded in the recording to help align your vibrational frequency to the frequency of your desire

  • The miracle frequency embedded in your subliminal to help bring positive changes in yourself at a DNA level

  • A Solfeggio frequency based on the false and limiting belief that you want to address

  • We MAY include a binaural beat to help bring your mind into the alpha or a meditative state to make it more open to suggestions

  • Your subliminal will be 30 minutes in length, the recommended length to listen to it every day

  • A customized subliminal audio cover with your own title

  • Delivered in MP3 format, but you may also request for other formats,

STEP 1: Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Manifest Your Ex Back
Manifest Wealth and Abundance
Manifest Good Health and Healing

STEP 2: Write the opposite statements of your FLBs. These will be your affirmations. 

When writing your affirmations, write in the present tense as if you already have your desire with you.


I am in a happy and healthy relationship right now

I adore my two wonderful children

I feel better and better each day

If you would like to manifest a specific person, include the name of the person (first name only OR full name)


I am happily married to Mark

Anna loves and accepts me unconditionally

Paul and I are grateful to have amazing children

If you would like to manifest a specific job at a specific company, include the job title and the name of the company.


I love my job now as a marketing manager at XYZ Corporation

My colleagues at ABC company find me smart, organized, approachable, a great team player

I am grateful for my promotion as Sr. Product Manager at ACME Technologies

For manifesting specific things, places, persons, etc., please include the specific name of your desire. 


I love living in New York

It feels great to drive my new Audi

Jane and I are enjoying our holiday in Bali

I have $50,000 in my bank account

You can write as many affirmations as you want.

STEP 4: Select your custom music for your subliminal

Step 4: PAY for your subliminal

Step 5: Email me the details

USE THE EMAIL SUBJECT: Custom Subliminal – <Title of Your Subliminal>


In the body of the email, COPY and PASTE the following questions with your answers:

I. What is the title of your subliminal?

Example: Manifest an Amazing Relationship with John

II. What are the suggestions or affirmations that you would like me to include in your custom subliminal (list 30 suggestions)?


I am beyond blessed and happy to be married to John

I love being married to John

John  fully accepts me for me and loves me unconditionally

III. What is the title of your background/overlay music?

Example: Sea Breeze (Waves)

IV. What name and email did you use to pay for your custom subliminal?

V. Do you have other requests or messages for me?