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15 Essential Oils For Weight Loss

Essential oils are potent plant extracts used for its many benefits. From aromatherapy to skin care, these drops of nature provide us with the most powerful medicine for various illnesses and concerns. Essential oils support your body’s health. In this article, let’s discuss the essential oils that aid in losing unwanted weight. But first, let’s discuss how to use essential oils for weight loss. How to Use Essential Oils: Add 1 drop of your chosen [...]

Aromatherapy: The Vibrational Frequencies of Essential Oils

Essential oils have the capability to transport us to any place or emotion, depending on our choices. Mostly associated with relaxation, essential oils bring feelings of calm and wellness throughout our being. Essential oils operate through a process called “entrainment,” which is basically the entrapment of one substance by another substance. But how does this exactly give us a feeling of general well-being? Simply put, essential oils have vibrational frequencies. As a matter of fact, [...]

How to Heal Someone Remotely

To see someone struggle from an illness is difficult. We want the people dear to us to be happy and healthy all the time. Sometimes, we even wish to switch places with them and suffer the illness on their behalf, especially when the one suffering is a child. More than anything, we want to help them feel better, nurse their wounds, and see them physically strong and happy again. I would like to let [...]

You Are Healthy When You Believe You Are Healthy

Your best health is your birth right that you need to reclaim at any time. The power to change the state of your health is not outside of you nor does it involve other people or any medicines. The power has been with you all your life, from the day you were born. The process is as simple as drinking a glass of water every day, and does not require you to spend a [...]

The Power of Love and Fear in the State of Your Health

You only have two emotions that you can choose to fuel your thoughts about everything in your life: love or fear. The reason you are not in amazing health right now is you choose fear over love. It’s as simple as that. Fear is not simply being afraid of poor health or the idea of it. Fear consists of negative feelings such as worry, anxiety, doubt, frustrations, anger, etc., about your own health. These [...]

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