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It’s been more than a year since I first published my free course, 30 Days to Manifest an Ideal Relationship with Your Ex (30MIRE). The response had been overwhelming. In fact, I still keep receiving emails from readers with stories of successfully reuniting with their exes. I also continue to receive MANY emails from readers around the world asking me to coach them; but because I am juggling my time across multiple businesses and other commitments, it is impossible for me to coach full time. So, I decided to produce this course.

I believe that for you to fully manifest your ex back into your life, you need to have a deep understanding of the nature of the universe, how the universe operates, and your true nature as a human being. Your knowledge of your Real Self and how the universe works are crucial in getting your ex back, and you will acquire that knowledge through the course.

Manifest Your Ex Back: A Conscious Reality Creation Course is a complete and comprehensive course on manifesting your ex. This course will open your eyes to the world within you.  You will learn about the principles of mind power, conscious creation, the universal laws, living from the source within, and using your inherent powers to change your reality and create a better relationship with your ex.

This course is UNLIKE any of the available courses out there because it teaches you that you have 100% CONTROL of the situation and that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE if you apply everything that you will learn through the lessons. In other words, the complete manifestation of your ex or loved one and the success of your relationship solely depend on YOU ALONE, using your mind power and your will.

If you study and apply what you will learn in this course, it will eventually result in a renewed relationship with the person you love. More than that, it will give you the confidence to move or rearrange the events in your life at any time if you so desire.  What I am about to share with you will profoundly change the way you manifest your loved one back or anything that you desire in your life. You will be the MASTER OF YOUR REALITY.

This course includes more than 100 audio and text lessons, exercises, and manifesting tools such as visualizations, meditations, subliminals, affirmations, etc., and techniques that can help you have a successful manifestation journey.



Hey Marie, I hope you are well, too. I am doing very well, thank you. Turns out I manifested someone completely new and he seems amazing at the moment. You have taught me to love myself and put myself first and now I know what I deserve. I still use some of the techniques but I am such in a happier place! Thank you so much for everything!

Anonymous Upon Request

Hi, Marie! Congratulations on your site! I want you to know that the custom subliminal that you made for me are doing wonders! I’ve been seeing so many positive changes in my life and people seem kinder. I get freebies all the time and a friend sent me a $50 gift certificate on Amazon! Yay!

For the good news! I bumped into my guy at our neighborhood grocery yesterday. We had a chat and he asked how I’m doing these days. He commented that I looked happier and more beautiful. He has a new job and planning to go hiking this weekend and asked if I’d like to join!

OMG Marie! I couldn’t believe it! I was smiling from ear to ear when I arrived home! He called me today and accidentally called me, “babe”. I pretended to ignore but deep inside I was beaming!


Thank you so much for your work. You’ve helped me in so many ways, especially during the most painful breakup of my life.

I followed all the lessons in your free course. I completely believed that my ex will eventually come back. I also learned to love myself fully in the process.

My ex came back to me last week. He can’t seem to get enough of me. He always calls and asks me about my day. I feel so special, but I’m taking it slow this time. I want us to cultivate our friendship first before we start a brand new relationship.

This is indeed a brand new relationship for us. I am so happy that I decided to be patient and work on myself. This wouldn’t be possible without your teachings!



Hi Marie, and once again thank you for furnishing us with such wonderful learnings and teachings. I am so happy to tell you that my ex and I are now back together and we are expecting a baby! I am now 7-weeks pregnant! Words cannot describe the joy I feel! Thank you.

Anonymous Upon Request


Dear Marie, I can’t thank you enough for your course. This is the best course out there, and trust me, I tried many (and also read many books on the topic). Thank you for teaching me unconditional love. I sent unconditional love to my guy and, after 6 days, he contacted me again. He said he kept dreaming of me and he said he misses me. We are now talking every night and are meeting this week!


Your articles and free course helped me through the tough times in my relationship with my girlfriend. We broke up three years ago when she moved to Chicago. We tried to work things out but eventually moved on with our lives. Met again during the holidays and we realized we still love each other. We acted as if nothing happened, and things were exactly the way they used to be before she moved to Chicago. We are now back together and we are planning to live in the same city very soon! Thank you for your site and for all the help!




  • A note from Marie
  • Introduction to Universal Laws

Module 1: All is Mind

  • Lesson: All is Mind and the Universe is Mental
  • Lesson: How to Use the First Law to Manifest Your Loved One
  • Lesson: The Nature of the Universe
  • Lesson: Understanding the Source of All
  • Lesson: The Mind of the Source
  • Exercise: How You Created Your Reality
  • Lesson: You and Your Ex Are One

Module 2: Your Mind and the Universe

  • Lesson: The Different Aspects of the Mind
  • Lesson: The Subconscious Mind
  • Lesson: The Conscious Mind
  • Lesson: How the Conscious and Subconscious Minds Work Together
  • Lesson: The Superconscious Mind
  • Exercise: Meditation to Access the Superconscious Mind
  • Lesson: The Unified Field
  • Lesson: Your Connection to the Source
  • Lesson: Acknowledge the Universal Mind in You
  • Lesson: The Power of Your Will

Module 3: Your Two Bodies and Your Oneness With Everything

  • Lesson: The Real Self and Ego
  • Lesson: Your Body that Interacts with Your Loved One
  • Exercise: Visualization to Interact With Your Loved One
  • Lesson: The Problem of Separation

Module 4: Nothing Rests, Everything Vibrates

  • Lesson: Nothing Rests, Everything Vibrates, Everything Moves
  • Lesson: The Scale of Consciousness
  • Lesson: The Rules in Consciousness
  • Lesson: The Frequencies of Manifesting Your Loved One
  • Exercise: Climb Up the Scale of Consciousness (Part 1)
  • Exercise: Climb Up the Scale of Consciousness (Part 2)
  • Lesson: The Law of Attraction
  • Lesson: How to Harmonize Your Desire
  • File: Vision Board Example

Module 5: As Above, So Below

  • Lesson: As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without
  • Lesson: The Physical Plane
  • Lesson: The Mental Plane
  • Lesson: The Spiritual Plane
  • Lesson: The Past Still Exists
  • Exercise: Your Creations in the Physical Plane
  • Exercise: Your Creations in the Mental Plane
  • Exercise: How to Operate in the Spiritual Plane
  • Lesson: How to Use the Third Law to Manifest Your Loved One

Module 6: Nothing Happens by Chance

  • Lesson: Nothing Happens by Chance
  • Lesson: Your Created This Experience
  • Exercise: Take 100% Responsibility For What Happened to You
  • Lesson: How to Turn Things Around

Module 7: The Cause is the Meaning

  • Lesson: The Voice in Your Head
  • Exercise: Everything Doesn’t Mean Anything
  • Lesson: What They Say Don’t Mean Anything
  • Exercise: How Others Add Meaning
  • Lesson: The Cause is the Meaning
  • Lesson: Where Meaning Comes From

Module 8: Your FLBs and How to Clear Them

  • Lesson: Your Common FLBs About Relationships
  • Lesson: Identify Your FLBs – Part 1
  • Exercise: Identify Your FLBs – Part 2
  • Exercise: The Clearing Process
  • Listen: Guided Meditation to Clear Energy Blocks
  • Lesson: The Clearing Process Simplified

Module 9: Replacing Your FLBs

  • Lesson: Why Do You Want to Reunite With Your Loved One
  • Lesson: Imprinting New Beliefs
  • Exercise: Mindmap Your Ideal Partner
  • Lesson: Specificity is the Name of the Game
  • Lesson: Effortless Subconscious Programming
  • Listen: Subliminal to Manifest Your Ex
  • Lesson: The Power of Suggestions
  • Listen: Affirmations to Manifest Your Loved One Back

Module 10: The Art of Mental Alchemy

  • Lesson: Everything Has Two Sides
  • Exercise: Application of the Fifth Law of Manifesting Your Ex
  • Lesson: All Things Rise and Fall
  • Exercise: Application of the Sixth Law of Manifesting Your Ex
  • Lesson: Everything Has Its Own Time
  • Exercise: Application of the Seventh Law of Manifesting Your Ex
  • Lesson: The Eight Law of Manifesting Your Ex

Module 11: Conscious Creation Preparations

  • Lesson: Accept Your True Nature
  • Lesson: What To Eat During the Process
  • Lesson: Connect with Life Force Energy
  • Lesson: The Power of Sex Energy
  • Lesson: True Detachment from Your Desire
  • Lesson: The Power of Meditation
  • Lesson: The No Contact Rule
  • Lesson: Keep It To Yourself

Module 12: Conscious Creation Preparations, Part 2

  • Lesson: The Power of Mental Concentration
  • Lesson: Introduction to Mental Concentration
  • Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #1
  • Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #2
  • Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #3
  • Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #4
  • Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #5
  • Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #6
  • Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #7
  • Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #8
  • Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #9
  • Lesson: Mental Concentration Exercise #10

Module 13: Important Reminders

  • Lesson: True Detachment from Your Desire
  • Lesson: The Power of Meditation
  • Lesson: The No Contact Rule
  • Lesson: Keep It To Yourself

Module 14: Conscious Creation Formula, Part 1

  • Lesson: The best Mind State to Create Your Desire
  • Exercise: Getting Into Alpha State Visualization

Module 15: Conscious Creation Formula, Part 2

  • Lesson: What You See Gets Created
  • Lesson: Recall a Specific Event
  • Lesson: Memorize an Object
  • Lesson: Use Your Five Senses
  • Lesson: Beyond Your Room
  • Lesson: What Does It Look Like?
  • Lesson: The Sensations of Mental Touch
  • Lesson: More Visualization Tips
  • Lesson: The Correct Way To Pray
  • Lesson: How to Make Your Visualization More Potent

Module 16: Conscious Creation Formula, Part 3

  • Lesson: The Main Ingredient of Conscious Creation
  • Visualization: Unconditional Love
  • Meditation: Send Love and Be Love
  • Lesson: Forgiveness Provides Everything

Module 17: Daily Practice

  • Daily Practice: Morning and Night
  • Daily Practice: What to Do For the Rest of the Day

Manifesting Tools: Subliminal Audio Programs

  • Subliminal Audio Program: Manifest Your Ex Back – 528 Hz
  • Subliminal Audio Program: Unconditional Love for Your Ex – 528 Hz
  • Subliminal Audio Program: Unconditional Forgiveness to Release Limiting Beliefs – 528 Hz
  • Subliminal Audio Program: Chakra Healing and Balancing – 528 Hz

Manifesting Tools: Guided Visualizations

  • Visualization to Cultivate and Affirm Self Love
  • Visualization Prompts to Manifest Your Ex Back
  • Visualization to Get Someone Back
  • Visualization to Project Love to Your Loved One
  • Visualization to Create Love with Your Ex
  • Visualization to Radiate Love to Your Loved One
  • Visualize A Romantic Stroll With Your Loved One
  • Visualize Laughing With Your Loved One
  • Visualization to Get Unblocked on Social Media
  • Visualization to Receive a Text Message
  • Visualize To Remember Not Being Together
  • Visualization to Whisper Your Love and Affection
  • Visualization to Revise the Past
  • Visualize Meeting a Loved One After a Long Time
  • Visualize Your Girlfriend Accept Your Proposal
  • Visualize Your Boyfriend’s Proposal
  • Visualize Your Wedding Day

Your New Relationship

  • Lesson: What to Do When Your Loved One Contacts You
  • Lesson: The Dos and Dont’s When You Start Dating Your Loved One
  • Lesson: How to Make Your Relationship Last