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The Power of Beliefs in Reaching Your Desires

The Oxford Dictionary has a very good definition of BELIEF. It defines belief as a state of mind wherein a person thinks something to be true or false, with our without empirical evidence proving its factual certainty.

In terms of mind power, what the above definition does not mention is that belief has a direct effect on the way you manifest your desired physical reality.

How you form your beliefs

All beliefs begin either as a thought or an idea that was impressed upon you during your childhood or that was formed during the course of your life. Your life circumstances form the positive or negative impressions placed upon the thought / idea. Your emotions make these impressions even stronger through time.

The Conscious Mind then sent these data into the Subconscious Mind for storage. If the circumstances that formed the thought/idea occur to you a number of times, you begin to assume that the initial thought/idea is actually true. Through constant repetitions, your subconscious processes all the data it has received and transforms it into a belief.

The most powerful beliefs are those formed during childhood, so let us cite an example:

As a child, your parents and the people around your probably taught you that you need hard work to be successful in life.

If your family is religious, this thought may have been compounded with the idea that it is only through suffering that you will reap God’s rewards.

In your adulthood, these thoughts become strengthened by your life’s circumstances; like when you work hard, you get rewards such as a bonus or a promotion or a higher salary. As constant repetitions strengthen these suggestions, your thought becomes a belief inside your Subconscious Mind.

Of course, this is the EXPECTED scenario by majority of people, but this doesn’t really happen in reality.

The hard truth is that most people, including you, work really hard but someone else gets that promotion. If you do ever receive a bonus, the bonus is probably not sufficient enough for your daily needs. Worse, the people who do get the big breaks don’t seem to be working at all.

So where does it go wrong?

The Limiting Effects of Beliefs

In the above example, you already have two limiting beliefs inculcated during childhood. These limiting beliefs include “working hard” to be successful, and “suffering” to attain your dreams. Your trust in your parents also strengthened this childhood belief.

Unfortunately, because the Subconscious and Universal Minds lack the ability for rationalization, they latch on to the beliefs of “working hard” and “suffering” instead of your desired reality, and give you more of the exhausting situation that you find yourself in.

Another factor that you may not be aware of is that you may have unconsciously gained beliefs that are contradictory to your desired outcome. Given the demand for high quality output in the workplace, you may have been told by your boss that you are “lacking in skills” and your colleague “works harder” or “has better ideas” than you.

Because your boss is a person of authority and you trust his word, you unconsciously absorb these comments into your subconscious and turned them into beliefs. Since you believe that you have weaknesses, the action of your Universal Mind will be to amplify these flaws rather than show you the ways and means by which to overcome them.

In contrast, those around you who do succeed are able to accomplish their dreams not because they work hard, but because of their mastery over their beliefs by finding joy in their jobs so that their job doesn’t have to be tedious and frustrating. They also have the confidence to believe that they will succeed.

How to Harness the Power of Beliefs

As with all powerful elements of the reality creation process, you can harness the power of your beliefs by first developing conscious awareness for your environment and inside yourself. Be particularly mindful of the things that others tell you.

While you can draw greater confidence from praise, analyze whatever constructive criticisms others give you, and see which aspects of yourself you need to correct or further strengthen. You also need to completely discard and forget criticisms that are utterly baseless, and mean to degrade you.

To boost conscious awareness, examine the limiting beliefs that you currently have. There are numerous ways to completely overwrite the data that you have in your subconscious so that you will develop a more positive belief that your desired outcome/reality is your birthright and it is yours to take.

One thing that gives beliefs power is the strength of your emotions, particularly faith and doubt. It is these emotions that the Universal Mind will act upon, regardless of whether your beliefs are right or wrong.

Once you have your new beliefs firmly placed in your Conscious Mind, all of your thoughts and emotions should be aligned with this belief by practicing mind techniques like meditation and visualization. This will ensure that the vibrations that your Subconscious Mind sends to the Universal Mind are only directed toward attaining your reality.

Do not attach yourself toward a specific outcome. Let your request go and trust in the power of the Universal Mind to give you the best outcome for your problem.

Last but not least, whatever outcome you receive, be grateful. By showing gratitude, the more your Universal Mind will continue to give you blessings and miracles in accordance with your dreams.

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