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Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind and Manifest Your Dream Life

You are what you think. Everything in your life right now is the result of what you have thought. Your power to create your dream life lies in the infinite power of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind executes your beliefs in your reality whether they are positive or negative. Who you are and what you have are the collective effects of your predominant thoughts and beliefs through the years. 

You don’t need to acquire anything to be great. You already possess the infinite power within you through your mind. All you have to do is be CONSCIOUS of this power and apply to achieve your desires in life. This process requires time and practice to master, but once you fully mastered this power, your life will never be the same again: the floodgates of wealth and opportunities will open for you and everything that you thought to be impossible will now be possible.

Must Spark Joy will teach you that nothing in life is impossible and that every desire that you can imagine, conceive, and believe, no matter how difficult, will eventually materialize in your reality for you to experience. 


Reprogram Your Mind Using Subliminal Audio Programs (MP3s)

To achieve your goals in life and manifest your desires, you need to reprogram your stored beliefs in your subconscious mind using MSJ’s subliminal audio programs.

Our subliminals are some of the best and most effective subconscious reprogramming tools in the world. Our own algorithm and formula include all the elements necessary to replace your false, limiting beliefs (FLBs) in your subconscious with new, positive, and empowering suggestions.

You can listen to our subliminals at any time of the day.

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How to Get Your Ex-Wife Back

All relationships have the ultimate goal of marriage. As you go through mere casual acquaintances to friendship to courtship to engagement and, finally, marriage, you have experienced the ABSOLUTE TRUTHS that govern the love, bonding, and unity that characterize relationships. These are truths that you never realized existed until your marriage got ripped apart and you are feeling lonely, angry, and in despair. What you don’t know is that these same truths, partnered with strong belief and faith, can help you to get your ex-wife back. So, let's first go through these ABSOLUTE TRUTHS of relationships that you need

7 Reasons Why You Are Not Manifesting Your Ex or Special Person

You may have tried all the law of attraction and conscious creation techniques to try to manifest your ex or special person (SP) back into your life. You may have voraciously read all the books and blogs that you found online. And after weeks or months of "doing things right", you wonder why there are no signs of your SP at all in your physical reality. I have read so many emails from people who wonder about the same thing, and here are some of the reasons that I found: 1. You visualize your SP's absence more than you

Why Law of Attraction is Not Enough to Manifest Money, Wealth, and Abundance

You may be trying to apply the “law of attraction” to manifest money and abundance but feel frustrated, see little improvements, or could not get the results that you want. I totally understand your situation. After all, I know that nobody wants to live a life of seemingly unending financial struggle. It is not enough to depend on "law of attraction" to manifest money and wealth. Money- and wealth-building are BEYOND “law of attraction”. When people say, "I want to attract more money," they wait for money and wealth to come to them. This passive mentality towards wealth creation

How to Get Your Fiancee Back Permanently

There are certain ABSOLUTE TRUTHS about relationships that you need to know and keep in mind. The FIRST TRUTH: Your engagement with your fiancée is ONLY one of the steps toward your ultimate goals of love and marriage. Since your initial meeting as mere casual acquaintances to becoming friends, and then through the dating and engagement process, you have known each other very well. This includes your ability to identify the best and worst in each other’s qualities. The SECOND TRUTH: You have learned to accept, love, and understand your differences and the little quirks of your personalities. The

What Are Chakras and Why You Should Clear and Balaance Them

The word “Chakra” was derived from the Sanskrit word “cakra”, which means “wheel”, but it could also mean “circle” or “cycle”. Indeed, in the human body, chakras are powerful centers of spiritual energy that are interconnected together, much like the cardiovascular system. Just like the other organ systems of the body, the chakras and the flow of energy through them should be in a state of homeostasis or stable balance to ensure good physical, mental and emotional well being. An imbalance in the chakras may lead to disease and mental and emotional distress. The Seven Major Chakras There are

Hypnosis and Subliminal Recordings: Which Work Better?

Throughout a lifetime, you – and every other human being – will be in a perpetual state of learning. The saying that “You learn something new every day” is true. And we are not just talking about conscious learning here. Conscious learning begins at five or six years old. At this age, children are highly susceptible to any suggestions and accept them as truth. But as one grows older and learns more from experience and the people in their surroundings, all this information becomes hardwired in the mind. In addition, because of the latest technologies, people are virtually unaware that

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