Welcome to my FREE COURSE on manifesting your ex back! This course is based on the Principle of Consciousness, Laws of the Universe, and the Power of Your Mind and how you can use them to reunite with your ex or loved one.

What makes this course different from other courses

I scoured through the Internet for online courses on getting your ex back, and I couldn’t find anything similar to the teachings featured in my course.

Unlike the other courses that focus too much on mind games, making the other person jealous, “no contact”, and other rules that give you the upper hand so you won’t look desperate, this course focuses on your REAL AND INHERENT POWERS AS A DIVINE BEING that manifesting your ex becomes EFFORTLESS AND PERMANENT.

The lessons in this course, when followed religiously, will result in a REUNION WITH YOUR EX. The only question that I cannot answer is when the reunion will happen; however, this course will teach you how to speed up the process.

This course produced so many success stories since April 2017. Some of these results include:

1. Being back with their ex officially

2. Expecting a baby with their ex

3. Ex reaching out to them after months and even years of no contact

4. Planning a meeting with their ex soon

I use the same principles in this course to improve the other areas of my life and they NEVER FAIL.

There is NO WAY these lessons will fail as they contain the SAME EXACT PRINCIPLES that are responsible for ORDER AND HARMONY in the world!

If you decide to take this course, I recommend that you do it for AT LEAST 30 DAYS.

Some have successfully reconnected with their loved one halfway through the course and got too excited by the results that they abandoned the course altogether.

They got distracted and eventually returned to their old ways of being clingy and obsessed with their exes so their exes left them again. As a result, they had to go back to square one.

So, before you even start, it is important to KEEP GOING even though you’ve already manifested contact with your ex. This is because the succeeding lessons are ESSENTIAL to make your relationship last.

The time it takes to reconnect with your loved one or have a full manifestation varies from person to person.

Based on my own observations and email conversations with those who successfully manifested contact or officially reconciled with their exes, these are the common things that they did:

They applied the lessons EVERY SINGLE DAY for an extended period — EVEN BEYOND 30 DAYS.

They WATCHED THEIR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS to make sure they only consciously thought and felt positive about their ex.


They tried their best NOT TO GIVE IN TO MIND CHATTER. They CONTROLLED THEIR THOUGHTS, not the other way around.