You may have tried all the law of attraction and conscious creation techniques to try to manifest your ex or special person (SP) back into your life. 

But after weeks or months of “doing things right”, you wonder why there are no signs of your SP at all in your physical reality.

Here are some of the reasons for your lack of manifestation

1. You visualize your special person’s absence more than you visualize your reunion with them

Visualization, imagination, or pretending you have finally reunited with your special person is the single most important thing that you can do to attract them into your life. 

As we create EVERYTHING through our minds, whatever we think or imagine eventually shows up in our reality, whether we do it consciously or unconsciously.

While this is true when you visualize happy and loving moments with your special person, the same is also true when you constantly think they are not with you. 

When you don’t frequently see yourself and your special person together in your mind’s eye, and instead obsess about their absence in your life, you will continue to perpetuate their absence in your life. 

If this is you, I recommend that you take time to dwell into your imaginal acts or mental scenarios that you want to come true. 

2. You mostly have have low vibes

Vibrational frequencies or feelings are what give substance to the mental pictures that you see in your mind’s eye. 

If you panic, obsess, fear, doubt, and worry about your special person every day, especially during your visualization, you will manifest the “low-vibration version” of your desire. 

This “low-vibration version” is the opposite of your desire, which always vibrates high. This “low-vibe version” of your desire is the absence of your special person in your life. 

Remember that when you visualize your special person, it doesn’t automatically follow that you will manifest exactly what you imagined.

You will only manifest your desire in its highest form (exactly as you had imagined and intended it to be) when you make sure you always vibe high. These high vibrations are the feelings of happiness, unconditional love for your ex and everything around you, joy, and peace. 

3. You lack the directive power to influence your special person 

Your directive power is your ability to mentally and energetically influence your special person. 

You can do this in two ways: mental concentration and high vibrations. 

The more you focus your mental energy on your desire, the stronger you will give it form and substance in the Mental Plane. With continued focus, your desire will eventually be translated into the Physical Plane for you to experience. 

In terms of influencing your special person energetically, it is important that you vibe very high so that you’ll have directive power over your special Example, if your special person feels happy and content right now, while you sulk in the corner and wallow in self-pity, there is NO WAY you can influence them and change their minds about you. 

High-vibe people only get attracted to similar vibes or higher. They will ALWAYS repel any vibe that is lower than their current vibe.  

It’s the same with low-vibe people: they will only attract the same vibe or higher. 

In other words, if you are low-vibe, you will be attracted to the energy of your special person if they vibrate higher than you; but they will never be attracted to your low vibe because you vibrate lower than them. 

Notice that when you are in a new relationship and you vibe high, your ex-partners and people you dated in the past usually come out of the woodwork and contact you. That’s because they are attracted to your high-vibe!

For your ex or special person to reappear in your life, it’s important to vibe higher than them. This means you need to feel happy with yourself and your life, feel unconditional love with your special person and everyone around you, be joyful, and be at peace with yourself and your situation. 

4. You subconsciously believe you will not get your special person back

Although you keep telling yourself that you can get your special person back but subconsciously believe that you can’t, you will not get them back.

You may have false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) about relationships or love in general, or perhaps you firmly believe that once you break-up, you lose your special person forever. 

You will know you have FLBs based on your negative self talk and what you feel about the break-up. 

If you unconsciously think your special person doesn’t love you, has already moved on, or is dating someone else, that means you have FLBs that sit in your subconscious mind. 

These FLBs have been imprinted in your subconscious for so long they have become your default beliefs when it comes to romantic relationships and breakups. 

And since these are your default beliefs, they will be executed in your physical reality for you to experience, even though your desire is to reunite with your special person. 

To get rid of these FLBs, you need to be conscious of your thoughts and self-talk, visualize your desired outcome, listen to subliminals, or do self-hypnosis. 

5. You are having casual relations with other people

Having casual relations with other people while trying to manifest your special person disperses your energy and confuses your subconscious mind.

When you visualize you and your special person in the Mental Plane, you send a message to your subconscious mind that it is what you want. 

But if you also focus your attention and sexually desire other people, you send a message to your subconscious that these other people are ALSO what you want. 

In the end, you confuse your subconscious mind and it will execute confusing manifestations as well.

6. You don’t love your special person unconditionally

The vibrational frequency of manifestation starts from the scale of unconditional love. When you vibrate on this scale, manifestation happens right away.

The problem is, many people don’t understand the concept of love that will give you your desire.

It’s easy to say you love your special person, but the true test of your love is when your special person ignores you or is already with someone else yet you still feel genuinely happy for them.

When you stay in this unconditional love vibration for an extended period, your desire will eventually manifest in your physical reality.

But when you claim to love your special person unconditionally and end up in low vibrations (feeling bad) when you see their social media posts or learn about their new relationship, you actually didn’t vibrate on the scale of love as you originally thought but on the scale of desire, which is ruled by attachment and fear.

The vibrations of desire and fear are so low that they can never manifest your special person back in the way you wanted. Usually, when you fear or are too attached to the outcome, you will continue to see the absence of your special person. 

7. Your vibrations create resistance for your desire to manifest

If you have done almost everything necessary to create your desire but to no avail, the last thing to do is to get out of the way of your desire.

More often than not, you are the cause of your desire’s inability to manifest because of your obsession and impatience to get them back.

When you are “in a hurry” to get them back because you feel like you’ve done everything or you’re running out of time or that they might find someone else, these feelings of impatience and fear create unnecessary resistance between you and your desire.

This resistance causes your desire to “get stuck” in the Mental Plane, which results in the continued absence of your special person in the Physical Plane. 

The right thing to do is to relax about your special person, pursue other passions, focus on other things like fitness and personal development, and make new friends.

When you become truly happy and embody the true essence of love with or without your special person, that’s when they will rush back and be with you again.

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