You may have tried all the law of attraction and conscious creation techniques to try to manifest your ex or special person (SP) back into your life. You may have voraciously read all the books and blogs that you found online. And after weeks or months of “doing things right”, you wonder why there are no signs of your SP at all in your physical reality.

I have read so many emails from people who wonder about the same thing, and here are some of the reasons that I found:

1. You visualize your SP’s absence more than you visualize your reunion with them

Visualization, imagination, or pretending you are already reunited with your  SP is the single most important thing that you can do to create and manifest a reunion with them.

As we create EVERYTHING through our minds, whatever we think or imagine eventually manifests in our physical reality as our experiences — whether we do it consciously or unconsciously.

While this is true when you visualize your SP already with you right now, the same is also true when continuously think that they are not with you.

When you don’t see yourself and your SP in your mind’s eye enough and instead obsess about their absence in your life, by Law of Mentalism, Law of Correspondence, and Law of Cause and Effect, you will continue to create their absence in your life.

If this is you, I recommend that you focus more on the mental images of you and your SP together versus not being together.

2. You have low vibrational frequencies

Vibrational frequencies or feelings are what give substance to the mental images that you see in your mind’s eye.

If you panic, obsess, fear, doubt, and worry about getting your SP every day, especially during your visualization, you will manifest the “low-vibration version” of your visualization. These “low-vibration version” is the opposite of your desire (high-vibration version), which is the absence of your SP in your life.

When you visualize something in your mind’s eye, it doesn’t automatically follow that you will manifest exactly as you had imagined and what you intended it to be.

You can only manifest your desire in its highest form (exactly as you had imagined and intended it to be) when you vibrate high in the Scale of Consciousness, meaning on the levels of happiness, unconditional love, joy, and peace.

3. You lack the directive power over your SP

You will only have directive power (or ability to influence) over your SP when you vibrate higher in the Scale of Consciousness than they do. This means that you feel more positive than they do.

If your SP feels very happy and content right now while you sulk in the corner and wallow in self-pity, there is no way you can influence them to change their minds about your break-up. They will also not be attracted to your vibrations because you vibrate too low. Only low-vibe people get attracted to high-vibe people, not the other way around.

Notice that when you are in a new relationship, your ex-partners and people you dated in the past usually come out of the woodwork and contact you. That’s because they are attracted to your high-vibe of being in a new relationship!

For your ex or SP to re-appear in your life, you NEED to vibrate at their level or even higher.

So, what is higher than happiness and contentment? Unconditional love, joy, and peace. You can never go wrong with these three super high vibrational frequencies as they are the frequencies of physical manifestations.

4. You subconsciously believe you will not get your SP back

Although you think and keep telling yourself that you can get your ex or SP back but subconsciously believe that you can’t, you will not get them back.

This means that there is a false and limiting belief (FLB) that still sits in your subconscious mind that says, “You will never get your ex or SP back, no matter what you do.”

This FLB has been imprinted in your subconscious for so long that it has become your default belief when it comes to the idea of reuniting with your SP. And since it is your default belief, it gets executed in your physical reality every day unless you take a conscious action to replace this belief through subconscious reprogramming techniques.

Some of these subconscious reprogramming techniques are visualizations, listening to subliminal audio programs, and self-hypnosis.

5. You are having casual relations with multiple people

Dating and sleeping with multiple people disperse your energy and confuse your subconscious mind.

When you visualize you and your SP together in the Mental Plane, you send a message to your subconscious that these mental images that you create of you and your SP are your new truth; however, when you focus your attention and sexually desire others in the Physical Plane, you send a message to your subconscious that these other people are ALSO what you want. In the end, you confuse your subconscious mind and it brings to you confusing manifestations as well.

6. You don’t love your SP unconditionally

The vibrational frequency of manifestation starts from the scale of unconditional love. When you vibrate on this scale, manifestation happens right away, which means you will successfully manifest your SP.

You may claim that you love your SP unconditionally, but the true test of your love is when your SP is away from you or with someone else, yet you still feel genuinely happy for them.

When you stay in this unconditional love vibration for an extended period without any external reasons and whether you have your SP with you or not, your desire will eventually manifest in your physical reality.

But when you claim to love your SP unconditionally and end up in low vibrations (feeling bad) when you see their social media posts or learn about their new relationship, you actually didn’t vibrate on the scale of love as you originally thought but on the scale of desire, which is characterized by attachment and fear.

The vibrations of desire and fear are so low that it can never manifest your SP back in the way you wanted or imagined it to be. Usually, when you fear or are too attached to the outcome, you manifest the absence of your SP in your life.

7. Your vibrations create resistance for your desire to manifest

If you have done almost everything necessary to create your desire of reuniting your SP but it has not manifested yet, the last thing to do is to get out of the way of your desire.

More often than not, you are the cause of your desire’s inability to manifest because of your obsession and impatience to get them back.

When you are “in a hurry” to get them back because you feel like you’re running out of time or that they might find someone else, these feelings of impatience and fear creates unnecessary resistance between you and your desire.

This resistance causes your desire to “get stuck” in the mental plane, which results in the continued absence of your SP in your physical reality.

The right thing to do is to relax about your SP and your desire to be with them, pursue other passions, focus on other things like fitness and personality development, and making new friends.

When you become truly happy and embody the true essence of love with or without your SP, that’s when they will rush back and be with you again.