Join Must Spark Joy’s Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to generate passive income online by promoting a business’ products or services

As a Must Spark Joy’s affiliate, you will earn 50% commission for every paying customer that you refer.

We will give you unique affiliate links to share on your blog, YouTube channel, forums, Facebook, and Instagram. Your unique affiliate link will track all the sales and commissions that you made and we will deposit your commissions to your Paypal account every 15th and 30th of the month.

Must Spark Joy is a producer and maker of some of the best subliminal audio programs on the Internet today. Our mission is to help you achieve your best life and reach your dreams and desires by helping you reprogram your subconscious mind.

We also produce online courses that focus on conscious creation, mind power, universal laws, law of attraction, and subconscious programming.

How to sign-up for our affiliate program:

  1. To access our affiliate dashboard, you need to have access to one of our products.

You can download the Love Yourself subliminal audio program FOR FREE so you can have access to our products and affiliate dashboard.

After you accessed the “Love Yourself” subliminal, you will now be able to see all of MSJ’s available products.

We have more than 100 products available for you to share and promote as our affiliate.

  1. Link your Paypal account to your profile

For you to get paid your commissions, you need to link your Paypal account to your account. Go to your dashboard, hover to your icon and click “AFFILIATE”. Enter your Paypal email address and it will be linked to your profile immediately.

If you don’t have a Paypal account yet, you can sign up here:

  1.   Promote MSJ products through affiliate links

Now that your affiliate profile is ready, you can now promote the MSJ products using the affiliate links found in your affiliate page. Copy and paste these links to your social media, blogs, websites, or anywhere you want. These links contain codes that track your sales. You earn 50% commission for every successful purchase from your link.

Tips to Promote Your Affiliate Links

Just like any other types of marketing, affiliate marketing also needs careful planning and strategy to work.  

Know the different affiliate marketing strategies that work best for you and master them so that you’ll generate the kind of passive income that you want.   

Here are are some strategies to promote your MSJ affiliate links:

Engage in forums and blogs about law of attraction, subconscious programming, and conscious creation

Promote your affiliate links on these niche-specific forums to reach your potential buyers. You can start a discussion or include your affiliate links in the discussion section.

As most of the products relate to law of attraction, manifesting, subconscious reprogramming, meditation, subliminals, etc.,  it is best to post your affiliate links on forums or blogs about these topics.

The golden rule in affiliate marketing is to find your audience and focus your strategies there. This is why these niche-specific forums are good locations to promote your links.

Remember though that these forums, groups, and blogs consist of REAL and ACTIVE members and are wary about spammers. You need to establish rapport with them first so they will trust you and the product that you suggest.

Make sure your posts are personal and not too sales-ly.

What to avoid: DO NOT SPAM groups/forums with your affiliate links. Forum members will eventually notice that you have something up in your sleeves if you keep posting your links frequently.

Write a compelling article related to the product you are promoting and embed your affiliate link within the article

This works best if you already have a blog or website. If you don’t have any, you can still set up an account through WordPress, Medium, or any other free hosting/blogging websites.

Then, write detailed and informative articles that add value to your target readers. At the end of the article, promote the product in a subtle way.  

Here are  some compelling topics to write about:

  • Why I Switched to Subliminals to Reprogram my Mind
  • How to Reprogram Your Mind through Subliminal Audio Programs
  • My Experience Using Subliminal Audio Programs
  • How I Manifest X by Listening to a Subliminal
  • How to Pick the Right Subliminal to Address Your Specific Issue

These topics suggest that your content should be informative and personal. Highlight how the products benefit them, and turn your readers into actual buyers.

What to avoid: DO NOT place too many links within your article. Only embed one affiliate link every 500 words or so.

Pro Tip: Embed your link in your article. Do not paste it. Example, instead of writing it as “click here: it is better to write it as “Click here”.

Produce related videos on Youtube and place your affiliate links in the description

YouTube is also considered a search engine. Take this opportunity to promote your links through creating relevant videos about law of attraction, subconscious programming, manifesting, and conscious creation.

And since it is a search engine, you also have to do search engine optimization (SEO) for your videos. Be sure your video titles and descriptions contain keywords most commonly-searched by law of attraction readers.

Here are some video titles that are search-engine optimized:

  • How to Use the Law of Attraction to Win the Lottery
  • How to Visualize Your Dream Job
  • What are Subliminals and How do they Work
  • How Subliminals Can Help You Manifest Your Ex

It is also important to use #hashtags and tags related to the law of attraction, subconscious programming, manifesting, and conscious creation so that your target audience can easily find your videos.

Promote your links on Facebook groups

Facebook is everyone’s go-to social media, which means you can leverage it to promote your links, but you must be careful because Facebook groups have strict policies about business promotions.

Look for Facebook groups that discuss about law of attraction, conscious creation, subconscious reprogramming, and manifesting. Then share your affiliate links to the group.

Just be natural when you share your affiliate links, and enjoy engaging with the members while you implicitly promote your affiliate links.

Create relevant boards on Pinterest and link your affiliate links on your pins

Pinterest is usually used to promote blogs. Fortunately, you can now promote your affiliate links without writing a single blog post!

To start, you have to create business account. If you have an existing personal account, you can convert it to business account. Business account gives you access to Pinterest analytics to help you determine your traffic.

Now you can create your boards. As a MustSparkJoy affiliate, you can can create boards about subliminals, visualizations, and hypnosis. You can add as many boards as you can as long as it relates to conscious creation, law of attraction, and subconscious programming.

To create a pin for your boards, you can directly pin MustSparkJoy’s products or you can use editing tools such as Canva to create appealing images. It is also important to re-pin other’s stuff so that your board won’t look spammy.

Lastly, do not shorten your affiliate links on Pinterest. Pinterest forbids users to use URL shorteners because it does not track correctly.

Run Facebook ads for your affiliate links

You can definitely run Facebook ads to promote your affiliate links. However, sending people directly to your affiliate link is a great way to get your ads banned.

To avoid this, it is best to create a landing page instead. A landing page can be your blog post with your embedded affiliate links. Just make sure that your ads are enticing enough so that your audience will definitely visit your landing page.

However, affiliate links can make your ads ugly because of its length. Try to use URL shorteners to shorten your links. This is also a good way to cloak your links and get accepted by Facebook.

Manage an Instagram page about law of attraction, conscious creation, and subconscious programming

Instagram is also another way to promote your affiliate links, but your links will only appear as texts on your post. Fortunately, there is still a way for your links to be clickable.

To do this, place your affiliate link in your bio then create several posts that call your audience to check your bio and engage with the link. Remember that you do not have to promote your link in every single post, it will just diminish your credibility with your audience.

Include hashtags in your posts, too. Hashtags are good for visibility, and it will make your posts easy to find. Be sure to put hashtags that relate to conscious creation, subconscious programming, and law of attraction.

Use Twitter to promote your affiliate links

Twitter is a famous news and social networking site which makes it a good platform for affiliate marketing. It also unique because of its 280-character limit, so you have to make your tweets short but relevant, and make sure that your links are shortened.

Moderation is also the key if you want to promote your affiliate links on Twitter. Do not spam your followers with your affiliate links or else they will unfollow you.

Just like Instagram, hashtags are your best friend, too! Include hashtags in your tweets so that people will still see your posts even though you do not follow each other.

To make your life easy, you can also use Twitter tools such as Tweetdeck to monitor your engagements and activities. It is also best to take advantage of Twitter analytics because it helps you strategize how you can promote your affiliate links.

These are just some marketing tips you can use to promote your MSJ affiliate links. You can test these techniques and experiment what works best for you.

ONE FINAL TIP:  It is better to use up to two traffic sources only and master it rather than to choose all available traffic sources. This enables you to understand where your conversions come from.