Manifest the Kind of Life that You Want Using Our Power Affirmations Recordings 

False and limiting beliefs (FLBs), by their nature, inhibit the growth and the very transformation of an individual into the person that they could and should be. These FLBs also arouse negative emotions especially if the person is unable to bring about in their present reality what he/she desires the most.

FLBs and negative emotions combined create an amplified low frequency which completely overwhelms the high frequency of desire and love. This dissonance or misalignment in the two frequencies either results in the perpetuation of or worsening of an unwanted situation.

It is for the purpose of eliminating the negative effects of FLBs and emotions and transforming them into powerful beliefs and feelings that the reprogramming technique of POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS was developed.

Positive affirmations are simply suggestions or messages that you read or listen to. These affirmations are the exact opposites of your FLBs. The reason for this is that they are intended to replace the FLBs that are stored in your Subconscious Mind.

Inculcating positive affirmations follows the exact, same process by which you developed FLBs in the first place. By reading or listening REPEATEDLY to these affirmations, your Conscious Mind filters these new thoughts to your Subconscious Mind. As your subconscious recognizes these affirmations as NEW TRUTHS, it throws out the old, burdensome FLBs and replaces them with these new, empowering affirmations.

As your mind is freed of the burdens of the FLBs, you respond with positive feelings, not only of relief, but also of joy, happiness, and empowerment.

Both the positive affirmations and FLBs create a powerful high frequency that is harmonious with the high, creative frequency of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that is being emitted by the Ultimate Source, namely the Universal Mind. This powerful resonance, in turn, creates your desired reality.

You may have read from other sources that positive affirmations don’t work and that they are nothing but lies. They claim that once a person is confronted with the reality of their situation despite using the technique, it not only confirms how futile their situation is but also develops negative feelings about themselves. They add that no one feels good about lying to themselves.

It must be pointed out that FLBs are, themselves, based on lies that have been obtained from the belief systems of others. Some FLBs may be true before, but with time, they are proven to be false. And yet, many people continue to cling to these FLBs like lifelines.


Another important point must be added to this: the reason naysayers claim that positive affirmations are lies is that they expect fast results. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. In some cases, it works in ways that are not visible to you at first, but the benefits are there. It just needs time to develop and come to fruition.

That is why individuals who are doing positive affirmations for the first time are strictly required to remove all mirrors, weighing scales, and other objects that will reflect how they look at present (this is especially true in the case of people who want to lose weight or want changes in their physical appearance). YOUR MIND SHOULD NOT BE DISTRACTED BY YOUR PRESENT CONDITION WHICH IS A REFLECTION OF YOUR FLBs.


Ideally, you yourself should make your own positive affirmations, although there are a lot of good examples that you can get from the Internet. This is because the affirmations should be the direct opposite of your existing FLBs so that they can be counteracted.

Prior to listing down your affirmations, it is important that you do a thorough examination of yourself. You need to determine what FLBs you have and where and when they came from. It may be an uncomfortable process that may bring out a lot of bad memories. But if you want to rid yourself of these FLBs, you need to determine their origins.

Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself include the following:

1) When did I first believe that _______ is true? Who gave me this idea? Was it my parents, a relative, a friend, etc.?

2) How did I react at that time? What emotions did I feel?

3) Do these thoughts/ideas/memories still affect me at the present time? How do they affect me?

4) How do I see myself as a result of these thoughts?

5) Do I like the way I am right now?

6) Am I worthy to change and experience happiness in my life?

7) Is it within me to forgive those who have hurt me in the past?

As you ask yourself these questions, take a sheet of paper and fold it into two columns. In the left column, list all of your FLBs. You can also mention the emotions these FLBs made you feel. Once you are done, list in the right column the positive affirmations and the good emotions that come with them. One recommendation I have is to start your list of positive affirmations with messages and suggestions that will put you on track to achieving your desire.

Let me give you some examples…

1) “I give up easily because I’m afraid.” = “I am ready to change my life for the better and I am raring to forge ahead.”

2) “I’m not expecting that things will change for me.” = “I am confident that I will bring about a positive transformation.”

3) “People don’t like me so I’m not worthy.” = “I am proud of who I am and I will show everyone what I’m capable of.”

4) “Change takes too much effort.” = “Each new day energizes me so that I can achieve my goals.”

5) “I can’t forgive those who have hurt me.” = “I am capable of heartfelt forgiveness and understanding.”

Once you have completed your list, tear off the left column with the FLBs and throw it away or burn it. While this is a symbolic gesture, it sends a strong message to your Subconscious Mind that you are rejecting these FLBs and are ready to replace them with the positive affirmations.

For 30 days, you must read your list of positive affirmations while in a sleepy state as soon as you wake up in the morning (before you get up from bed) and before you go to sleep at night. Your Conscious Mind is not “fully awake” when you’re in a sleepy state so that your subconscious is completely open to the positive affirmations. You can also make copies of your affirmations list and pin them on your desk or on a small private message board. This way, you can read your affirmations any time.

You can also make an audio recording of your positive affirmations. Make sure that you listen to your recording at the same times mentioned above.

It is not enough that you read or listen to these positive affirmations. Focus on how these affirmations make you feel. Given our earlier examples, concentrate on feelings of courage, pride, confidence, forgiveness, and gratitude.

Let positive affirmations eliminate the limits and negativity that have been imposed upon you by the heavy burden of FLBs.

Each power affirmations recording contains suggestions/affirmations that my team and I wrote and recorded.

Each MP3 has three voice tracks (usually 1 male, 2 female voices) that broadcast positive and empowering suggestions to your left ear, right ear, and into the center of your mind, so that when you listen to it using your headphones/earbuds, your conscious mind will be bombarded by positive and empowering suggestions from all places. There would be no room for distractions.

Each recording also includes a binaural beat or brainwave entrainment. The purpose of binaural beats is to bring you to a state associated with meditation. We may include a variation of delta, alpha, gamma, or theta waves in different frequencies depending on the topic.