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6 Reasons You Need to Visualize Your Desire


Those who are new to visualization will always ask, “Why do I need to visualize? It’s so hard!”

As much as I say that it may be difficult at first, especially if their minds are cluttered with conflicting thoughts, many give up in the end and dismiss visualization as an ineffective form of “hocus pocus” when they see their desires not being manifested into reality.

Visualization, however, is a very important step if you are to materialize into reality your most fervent desires. In fact, this is the primary tool or technique that I use for creating what I want.

Let us take a look at the reasons for visualizing your desire:

Visualization enables clarity of the mind

The most common problem that people have with visualization is that they are unable to clear their minds because of the clutter of their thoughts.

By visualizing your desire, you will be cutting through the cloud of all these unnecessary thoughts, leaving just a clear picture of what you want to bring into the Physical Plane.

Think of your mind as a TV set with dials to clear the picture. Imagine yourself turning those dials until you have your desire in crystal clarity.

Visualization hones the focus of your will power

With your desire clear inside your mind, visualization moves to sharpen the focus of your will power upon what you want to bring to reality.

To succeed in this, you need to have fixed and workable goals that you can imagine yourself accomplishing with little to no effort. This will help to focus your intent on achieving your desire.

Such a sharp focus will also keep your mind trained on your desire/goal. In doing so, you will not be easily distracted by what is happening in your surroundings.

Your brain does not distinguish between reality and the visualized

Research in neurology revealed that performing a particular act in reality AND imagining yourself doing this same action activates the same areas of the brain.

If you imagine yourself doing the same thing over and over, the brain exhibits neuroplasticity (wherein actual physical changes take place within the brain, including the formation of new neuronal connections between Read more…

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How Subliminals Can Help You Manifest the Person You Love


One of my favorite techniques in manifesting any desires is visualization, that’s why I highly recommend it and feature the technique in many of my articles.

Conscious visualization, however, requires focus, mental discipline, creativity, and time to do it everyday, especially when you’re just starting out.

There’s another technique that I like that I constantly use, especially when I am multi-tasking, working, or too busy to allocate some time to visualize: listening to subliminal audios.

So what are subliminals? Subliminals are usually pieces of information that we receive without really knowing that we receive it, so we cannot really block them out.

One of the main reasons you may have a hard time manifesting your desires is that your conscious mind constantly blocks a lot of the new messages, suggestions, and mental images that’s supposed to reach your subconscious mind. Your subconscious stores all your belief patterns and executes your beliefs all the time without question.

For example, if you’ve just broken up with the person you love, and someone suggested that you should ignore the breakup and visualize the two of you still together and having the perfect relationship, your conscious mind will most likely have a hard time accepting your visualization as truth. The reason for this is that you’ve been pre-conditioned to believe that what you see in your current reality is true, and what you cannot physically see is not true.

In this case, your conscious mind believes that the relationship is over, your partner is no longer with you, you are all alone, and the idea of getting back together seems impossible because you had the worst and ugly breakup.

Well, since you keep thinking about these scenarios and repeating these statements to yourself, and keep believing in what you see in your current reality, they will all be stored in your subconscious as belief patterns. Because these are your belief patterns about relationships, you will continue to experience these patterns whether with your ex or with a new person.

Subliminal audio recordings are designed to send messages to your subconscious mind without your conscious mind blocking the messages. Subliminals can Read more…

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How Facebook Affects Your Energy and What To Do Next


Have you ever came across a viral political post on Facebook with users arguing in the comments section? Worse, some users resort to cursing, shaming, or name-calling those who disagree with them.

Do you have a friend who keeps complaining  how miserable their lives are? In addition, you see news clips about crimes, calamities and disasters, poverty, and even war on your timeline.

Notice what you feel when you come across these posts. Do you feel annoyed? Upset? Angry? On the brink of tears, especially when the news item features a helpless child in Syria?

Being aware of what you feel when you see or read these posts is crucial, especially when you are in your journey to an amazing life. When I finally understood how the universe works, I’ve become very conscious of my own energy and the energy of people and things that surround me.

There’s one universal principle that you need to keep in mind: the universe is made up of energy. Whatever smallest particle that you can see and cannot see has energy. You and the things that you use and own are made up of energy as well. And energy vibrates at certain frequencies. Therefore, everything and everyone around you vibrates at certain frequencies, including yourself!

If you have negative energy (negative feelings), you vibrate at low frequencies. If you have positive energy (positive feelings), you vibrate at high frequencies.

The universal law of vibration states that things that vibrate at the same frequency come together. This principle is commonly referred to as “law of attraction”.  This is why it is always important to “feel good” or have “good vibes” throughout the day, so you only attract good things and good people to you.

Now, going back to Facebook, even though you are working so hard to be positive and keeping your vibe up, it only takes one negative news item, one negative post, or one negative comment to affect you, and possibly ruin your day.

It’s okay if this happens to you once only, but if you are bombarded by these negative posts and updates on a Read more…

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How To Send a Message to Someone Without Talking to Them


One of the things that hold us back when reaching out to someone is uncertainty. It’s the fear of not knowing how they’d respond that always gets in the way. So, just when we think of talking to that person, we end up having second thoughts about approaching them.

Unknown to so many people, you don’t always have to physically come up to someone and talk to them to send them your message. You don’t have to wait for your email reply or SMS. You don’t have to set an appointment to meet somewhere and have a talk. In fact, there is a better and more effective way to say what you want to say to someone without talking to them, and that is through this visualization technique.

I have used this technique so many times that I can guarantee the results 100%, especially when you follow the instructions and believe in this 100%.

Before you begin, it’s important that you relax both your body and mind. Look for a comfy spot to sit or lie down. Visualization works best when you are in a relaxed or sleepy state.

Close your eyes, and relax your whole body. Focus on what’s in your head. To center your attention to that person, bring your mind to a fully calm and tranquil state. Clear your thoughts and clean them of any clutter. Empty your mind and think about nothing.

As you fully relax, start thinking about the person you want to talk to. Visualize their face. Remember the last time you looked at them or stared at their picture, and feel their face slowly imprinted on your mind. Then call them by their name.

Visualize what you want to happen and feel it as if it’s real. Feel it in a way that it’s already true; that it’s already happening to you — right here, right now. You must visualize it in a detailed manner, and think about all that would happen if you were standing next to them right now.

If you used to communicate with them through e-mail, then imagine receiving an e-mail from them. See your inbox Read more…

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How to Reverse a Bad Breakup Through Law of Attraction


It’s common for most of us to share the same experience when it comes to relationships. Once or twice, we’ve all had our fair share of bad breakups. It’s either the memory of it so deeply embedded in our minds, or it’s too soon to even try to forget it.

But one thing you can do is change the way it happened. You can try to completely erase the memories of your breakup and numb yourself from all the pain and heartache, but why not change the way it ended? Why don’t you reverse your bad breakup? Yes, it can be done, and yes you can start right away.

The Power of Your Thoughts

Before you can reverse your breakup, you must understand the immense power of your thoughts. It may seem impossible to change the actual events that already happened and are already part of the past; but time is not made of the past, present, and the future. Time is made up of only the present moment. So wherever you are and whatever you do now, all you have is the present moment — the now. “Now” is your point of power, and your point of power never ends.

Revising a bad breakup is possible because of our connection to one another. We are interconnected through the concept of Universal Mind.

When you know that your thoughts can manifest into your reality, you can basically think about whatever you desire and create it in the physical world. You just need to remember that thoughts plus your feelings is the basic formula for you to achieve the reality that you want.

Reversing a Bad Breakup

To reverse your bad breakup, you must first position yourself in a comfortable spot, and feel your entire body totally relax.

Next, empty your mind of any clutter by not thinking about anything else but pure peace. It would be best if you do this in a quiet afternoon, during an afternoon nap, or before you go to bed at night, or when you wake up in the morning.

Then start to focus on Read more…

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How to Heal Someone Remotely


To see someone struggle from an illness is difficult. We want the people dear to us to be happy and healthy all the time. Sometimes, we even wish to switch places with them and suffer the illness on their behalf, especially when the one suffering is a child.

More than anything, we want to help them feel better, nurse their wounds, and see them physically strong and happy again. I would like to let you know that you definitely can, and you don’t even have to be physically near that person that you want to help.

It also doesn’t matter if they live in another city or country. Distance is not a problem. What’s important is the intention to help and heal them, and your belief that it can be done.

Ignore the illness

To help heal your loved on, the first thing that you need to do is ignore their illness. This means that you should not even ask them about it, talk about the illness with other people, or mention it in a conversation. In fact, do not even think about it and pretend it doesn’t exist at all. It takes mental discipline to do this, but with practice, it can be done.

Imagine the healed

Next is to picture them in your mind in perfect and vibrant health and telling you how fabulous they are and how great they feel about themselves. Imagine them saying they are in their best health ever, and you’ve never seen them this happy before.

In your mind, make plans with them to do exciting things like going on a trip together, watching movies, going on a hike, or going shopping as if they didn’t have the illness in the first place.

If that person is confined in a hospital somewhere, think of them all packed and ready to go home. See the doctor signing the discharge slip and telling them the good news that they are now completely healed.

Feel positive for the person

In addition to seeing the person completely healed, you should also feel every bit of positive emotion that comes out of that Read more…

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How to Help a Friend Get Their Ex Back


You probably wonder how you can help a friend who goes through a tough time in their personal life, especially when they just broke up with someone they love.

In difficult times like this, there’s no doubt you want to be there for them, give them advice, or do anything to make them feel better; but there are also times when you don’t even know what to say anymore, or that they want you to leave them alone, and will just reach out when they feel better.

Since I became good at manifesting my own desires, I have also gotten so much better at giving my close friends advice on their relationships, especially when they are going through a breakup. One of the recurring things that they want is to get their ex back.

One piece of advice that I always stick to is, “Decide what you want, and create it.”

Although this advice is for another person to use to create the reality that they want, you can also help them materialize what they want for themselves; and if what they want is to get their ex back, then you can certainly help them with that without exerting too much physical effort on your part.

I know you want to ask if it’s even possible to help another person get back with their ex or even have a relationship with someone they like.

I have read several articles that say it’s not possible to manifest a particular situation for someone else, and that they need to do it themselves if they want to create their own reality. This is not entirely true.

If we could heal others through our thoughts, then we can certainly help them change their current circumstance. Healing, after all, is a “change” in their state of being, so how different would that be when it comes to helping them change their current circumstance?

It’s also a common practice that if we want someone to be happy, we wish them happiness; and when someone is not feeling well, we send them good thoughts. That’s because thoughts have the power to change things.

Our mind, particularly our Read more…

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How to Manifest Anything that You Can Imagine this New Year


In this article, I will guide you how to manifest ANYTHING that you want, and I mean anything that you can imagine. You should finish reading this article first and then practice after.

To start, you need to choose an intention. An intention is anything that you want. Ask yourself right now what is it that you want. If you have multiple intentions, choose only one and focus on it. Whenever you do this activity, only choose one intention.

Once you have your intention, try to make yourself comfortable. You can either sit on a comfortable couch or lie down — it doesn’t matter. But wherever you are, try to relax and make yourself comfortable.

Once you are relaxed, let go of your thoughts. You can count slowly from 20, 19, 18… until you reach one. By the time you reach one, you should be fully relaxed and enjoying the gift of the present moment. You no longer worry about the past and the future. You simply focus on the now. Let go of the world that you know outside of you right now. Breathe deeply and slowly.

Imagine a stream of radiant light coming down to the top of your head opening up the center of your mind. The light is glowing brighter, more radiant, and filling your mind with positive energy. You can feel and sense this bright light of positive energy traveling down your spine, opening all the energy centers on your face, throat, chest, navel area, your legs, and your feet, enlarging them. Then, increase the flow of this energy, and feel your body covered with energy and bright light.

Now imagine this energy shining in front of your chest, which is your heart center. Expand it out, radiate it, and send it to everyone and everything around you.

Whatever sound you hear while doing this, just ignore and continue to stay in the moment.

The secret to manifestation is believing. The power lies in your belief that everything happens right now, in real time, and that your number one job is to not doubt about it.

Whatever Read more…

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The Real Reason Your Ex-Boyfriend Broke Up With You and What To Do About It


I’m sure you have a lot of questions right now. You probably haven’t had “the talk” yet, or if you have, you’re still trying to wrap your head around the fact that the one person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with just got up and hit the road. You never thought this day would come, and yet, here you are.

For some reasons, you never saw it coming. Like that rom-com movie you just went to see together last month, your beau was in a perfect relationship with you. Perfect. You were happy, blessed, and loved. Everyday was like the first days of love, and everyday was a dream-come-true honeymoon with him. Life apart was unimaginable.

So, where did it go wrong? Why, all of a sudden and out of the blue, he’s got up and finally decided to leave? In the first place, when did everything turn sour?

The power of your thoughts

Before we move on to finding the answers to your questions, I want you to understand one simple line: Thoughts become things. It sounds fairly common enough, but if it doesn’t ring a bell, let me help you understand.

This means that whatever goes on in your mind, whatever things you choose to think about, becomes a reality for you and everything around you. Your thoughts, coupled with your feelings, create an outcome in your physical world. Otherwise put, the reality that you’re in right now is actually just a manifestation of everything that you thought of. Thoughts plus feelings equals manifestation.

When you want something so badly, and you think about all your insecurities while comparing yourself with others thinking you always fall short, or that they are way better than you at anything, then you’re really never going to have what you want.

If you resort to self-pity and suffer an inevitable loss of self-confidence, what do you think will happen? By the universal power of your thoughts, you are never going to get to live your dream.

If, by now, you think that your ex has finally moved on and you keep feeding yourself with mental images Read more…

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Law of Vibration


States that anything that exists in our universe, whether seen or unseen, broken down into and analyzed in it’s purest and most basic form, consists of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern. All matter, thoughts and feelings has its own vibrational frequency. The thoughts, feelings and actions we choose also have their own particular rates of vibration.

These vibrations will set up resonance with whatever possesses identical frequency. In other words, your thoughts are inseparably connected to the rest of the universe. “Like attracts like”. As you choose good thoughts, more good thoughts of alike nature will follow and you will also be in vibrational harmony with others with like thoughts.

Science reveals that everything in the manifest universe is ultimately composed of packets of energy; quantized units vibrating at specific frequencies. Quantum physicists has shown that, although matter may appear to be solid, when you look at it through a high-powered microscope so that it is broken down into its smallest components: molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons and quanta (the smallest particles measurable), it is ultimately mostly empty space interspersed with energy.

So, in essence, everything is comprised of energy and empty space. Everything that appears solid is the frequency of the vibration of the energy that makes it up. An interesting fact about this is that the denser the object, the higher the speed of vibration. At the same time, the lower the density of an object is, the lower the speed of vibration.

For us, thought is where it all begins. As your conscious mind dwells habitually on thoughts of a certain quality, these become firmly imbedded within the subconscious mind. They become the dominant vibration.

This dominant vibration sets up a resonance with other similar vibrations and draws them into your life. This is easier to understand if you consider that from the metaphysical view, the whole universe IS MIND. In turn, your vibrations affect everything around you – your environment, the people and animals around you, the inanimate objects, even the seemingly ‘empty’ space and Read more…

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