6 Reasons You Need to Visualize Your Desire

Those who are new to visualization will always ask, “Why do I need to visualize? It’s so hard!”

As much as I say that it may be difficult at first, especially if their minds are cluttered with conflicting thoughts, many give up in the end and dismiss visualization as an ineffective form of “hocus pocus” when they see their desires not being manifested into reality.

Visualization, however, is a very important step if you are to materialize into reality your most fervent desires. In fact, this is the primary tool or technique that I use for creating what I want.

Let us take a look at the reasons for visualizing your desire:

Visualization enables clarity of the mind

The most common problem that people have with visualization is that they are unable to clear their minds because of the clutter of their thoughts.

By visualizing your desire, you Read more…


How to Manifest Anything that You Can Imagine this New Year

In this article, I will guide you how to manifest ANYTHING that you want, and I mean anything that you can imagine. You should finish reading this article first and then practice after.

To start, you need to choose an intention. An intention is anything that you want. Ask yourself right now what is it that you want. If you have multiple intentions, choose only one and focus on it. Whenever you do this activity, only choose one intention.

Once you have your intention, try to make yourself comfortable. You can either sit on a comfortable couch or lie down — it doesn’t matter. But wherever you are, try to relax and make yourself comfortable.

Once you are relaxed, let go of your thoughts. You can count slowly from 20, 19, 18… until you reach one. By the time you reach one, Read more…