You Are Healthy When You Believe You Are Healthy

Your best health is your birth right that you need to reclaim at any time.

The power to change the state of your health is not outside of you nor does it involve other people or any medicines. The power has been with you all your life, from the day you were born. The process is as simple as drinking a glass of water every day, and does not require you to spend a penny.

Since childhood, you probably developed your own views, perceptions, as well as beliefs about health, the food that you shouldn’t eat, practices you need to avoid, and other things that your NEED to do to maintain a healthy body. You formed these beliefs, views, and perceptions from your environment, parents, friends, work places, media, and from everyone you encountered on a day-to-day basis. These collective influences around you make-up Read more…


The Power of Love and Fear in the State of Your Health

You only have two emotions that you can choose to fuel your thoughts about everything in your life: love or fear. The reason you are not in amazing health right now is you choose fear over love. It’s as simple as that.

Fear is not simply being afraid of poor health or the idea of it. Fear consists of negative feelings such as worry, anxiety, doubt, frustrations, anger, etc., about your own health. These feelings stem from negative thoughts as feelings always come after thoughts.

It’s impossible for you to have negative feelings when you’ve been thinking positive thoughts. So, to change your feelings, you need to discipline your mind so you can only focus on mental images of a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

When you allow yourself to experience love by creating the idea of perfect health in your mind, you will be Read more…