Email Coaching By Marie

Dear friends,

Due to MANY emails that I get on a daily basis asking me to coach them, I decided to set-up this e-mail coaching page.

Unfortunately, as I am juggling my time across multiple commitments (I have a full-time tech company), the only available form of coaching that I can you offer right now is through e-mail, which is a flexible way to get personalized guidance from me.

If you want insights on what you can do to change your situation or even turn your life around, you’ve come to the right place.

My answers are always direct, objective, and are mainly based on the principles of conscious creation, mind power, universal laws, subconscious programming, and the study of consciousness.

I always strive to make you understand the true nature of yourself and and your reality. My answers and pieces of advice are relevant, practical, and based on my extensive knowledge of conscious creation.

Coaching topics available:

I have coached clients on the following topics:

Career change or pursuing your passions in life

Starting a business or improving your existing business

Closing deals / contracts for your business

Manifesting money,wealth, and abundance

Personality development

Manifesting a loved one back (ideally, you have already taken my free course or my paid course on this topic)

Manifesting an ideal partner

Improving your current relationship with your partner

How-email coaching works:

Every answer is personalized for your context and needs. Each email response is practical, with guidance that you can apply as soon as possible.

I typically reply within 24-48 hours, from Monday – Saturday. Emails sent on Saturdays and Sundays will get a reply on Monday.

Please limit your questions to three per email.

How to start:

The only email coaching package available is a set of 3 emails for $100. You can send payment via Paypal at

Then email me through with your Paypal receipt when you send your questions.

3 Questions Per Email:

Please limit each email to 3 questions only. If you send more than 3 questions, I will only answer the first three.

Note: Price may change without prior notice