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Conscious Creation Articles

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Create Everything That You Want

I have manifested many things in my life in the past 10 years, ranging from a simple wish like a bag of green mangoes from my mom and my cousin’s friend, to big things like a global business and becoming an American

The Importance of Accepting Your Current Situation

It has been our emphasis in previous articles that you can create the reality that you desire. So, if you read the title above, you may find yourself frowning and saying, “I want to change my reality. Why would you want me

The Infinite and Creative Power of Your Mind

You may have come across the term mind power in the magazines you read, TV shows you watch, or on social media sites. Perhaps you may have even read articles or purchased audio books on mind power in order to improve your

The Power of Inspired Action to Manifest Your Desired Reality

Generally speaking, ACTION is a state of DOING. When you act, it is always for a purpose. Even if you decide to do nothing, that is also considered an action. INSPIRED ACTION, however, should be differentiated from an unconscious, instinctive act.

Elements of

The Power of Mental Focus in Creating Your Reality

The concept of mental focus is definitely something that is not new to you. In fact, it is a conscious skill that you developed and that helped you many times in your life.

For example, you wouldn’t have been able to ace your

The Power of Synchronicities in Manifesting Your Desire

You probably see signs of your desires everywhere you go. If you’re trying to manifest your dream car, you probably see your dream car’s make, model, and even the exact color in every corner you go. You probably suddenly hear your friends

The Subconscious Mind and How it Creates Your Reality

The simplest definition of the Subconscious Mind is that it serves as the intermediary between the Conscious and the Universal Mind. To better understand what your subconscious is, here are some of its functions:

  • Governs your autonomic nervous system or those bodily functions that

The Universal Mind and How it Creates All Your Realities

People from various walks of lives have given the Universal Mind all kinds of names: God, Allah, Supreme Being, Higher Power, the Unified Field, etc.

These names, however, all aptly describe what this third aspect of mind is, namely the Ultimate Source, the

What You Think About You Bring About

For those who are new to the concept of mind power, they are immediately drawn to the promise, “What you think about you bring about”. They try out some mind techniques for a few weeks only to become disappointed and say that

Consciousness as the Seed of All Creation

In common parlance, you may have equated consciousness with “a state of wakefulness” or “awareness.” Awareness though is more commonly used on a superficial level, like when you notice changes in people and in your environment such as a brilliant smile that

How to Manifest Anything that You Can Imagine this New Year

In this article, I will guide you how to manifest ANYTHING that you want, and I mean anything that you can imagine. You should finish reading this article first and then practice after.

To start, you need to choose an intention.

6 Reasons You Need to Visualize Your Desire

Those who are new to visualization will always ask, “Why do I need to visualize? It’s so hard!”

As much as I say that it may be difficult at first, especially if their minds are cluttered with conflicting thoughts, many give up in

Hypnosis and Subliminal Recordings: Which Work Better?

Throughout a lifetime, you – and every other human being – will be in a perpetual state of learning. The saying that “You learn something new every day” is true. And we are not just talking about conscious learning here.

Conscious learning begins

What Are Chakras and Why You Should Clear and Balaance Them

The word “Chakra” was derived from the Sanskrit word “cakra”, which means “wheel”, but it could also mean “circle” or “cycle”. Indeed, in the human body, chakras are powerful centers of spiritual energy that are interconnected