How to Consciously Create and Manifest Money and Wealth

It is possible to have an abundance of money in your life and maintain it for a very long time and even make “wealthy” your default state.

By mastering these Seven Universal Laws or Hermetic Principles and applying them in creating more wealth in your life, you will always find yourself having an abundance of money and having all your financial needs met on a consistent or permanent basis.

As you consistently apply these principles in your life, money will eventually flow into your life seamlessly and effortlessly.

Law of Mentalism

The Law of Mentalism states that “The All is mind and the Universe of Mental”. This means that we are ALL part of THE ALL or God, and although we have individual consciousness, we are still part of THE ALL and that we are all connected through the Principle of Divine Oneness.

Our lower consciousness (which is ego-driven) or negative thoughts about money gives us the illusion that we are separate from money when we are ONE with money or abundance, so we shouldn’t be thinking and focusing our attention on the lack of money but on being ONE with the abundance of money.

Since the Law of Mentalism states that the universe is mental, you can create more money and everything that represents it through the power of your mind, by thinking that you are ONE with it.

If you haven’t been pleased with your financial situation, take inventory of your thoughts about money. Have you been worried about your bills and payments? Are you stressed about debt? Are you nervous that you might lose your job? Are you focused on not having your desired monthly sales?

If you are unconscious of your thoughts, which most people are, then your permanent beliefs about money that you acquired during your childhood, will be your default mindset. If you have false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) about money, then they will manifest as lack of money, having a hard time making money, or having a hard time finding their dream career or job.

These beliefs can be changed and replaced by reprogramming your subconscious mind using the help of your conscious mind.

When you use your will to focus only on wealth creation and “wealthy thoughts”, by the Principle of Divine Oneness, these thoughts will manifest in your reality as you are ONE with them.

Through consistent focus and repetition of the same “wealthy thoughts”, your subconscious mind will store these mental images as your new beliefs. And since the subconscious is very powerful and can translate our desire into our reality, these positive and empowering beliefs about money will soon manifest in your reality.

If you are not currently in your desired financial situation, it is time to change your mindset about money by being consciously aware of your thoughts about money. The more you focus on the effortless flow of money and other representations of wealth in your life, the faster you will reprogram your subconscious mind to believe that money is flowing effortlessly and seamlessly in your life.

Law of Correspondence

Your current financial situation, whether you are currently wealthy or going through a financial hardship, is the collective reflection of your beliefs and what has been your constant inner conversations about money.

If you are not sure whether your inner states are focused on the abundance of money or wealth creation, look at your perceived outer reality: do you live in abundance? Do you have your dream job or dream career? Do you have your desired salary or desired amount stashed away in your bank account? Does money come freely into your life?

If what you see in your reality is not the financial situation that you want to be in, take full responsibility for it because no one else could have created your financial situation except you and your inner states.

There is no need to manipulate your outer reality; instead, work on your inner states by taking inventory of your predominant thoughts and permanent beliefs about money. Then, slowly work towards replacing your beliefs with ones that represent confidence in wealth creation until your inner reality reflects in your outer reality.

The Law of Vibration

Our vibration is connected to what we predominantly think and feel. If you have negative thoughts and feelings about money, this means your vibrational frequency about money is low. On the other hand, if you have positive thoughts and feelings about money, your vibrational frequency about money is high.

When your vibrational frequency about money is low, it is not “in alignment” with your desire for abundance, since abundance vibrates at the frequency of THE ALL, which is characterized by love, joy, and peace.

So, if you want to be wealthy and abundant, you might align your thoughts and feelings with the frequency of love. You must love the idea of an abundance of money and being wealthy and accept anything that represents wealth in your life.

Imagine being wealthy in the Eternal Now and imagine money already flowing in your life from different sources. Once you have maintained your high consciousness and high frequency about money, you will soon attract an abundance of it into your life.

Law of Polarity

Everything in the Universe has a duality, meaning everything has a pair of opposite poles. This means “lack of money” is at the opposite pole of “abundance of money”. These two states are identical in nature and belong to the same pole but of different degrees of consciousness about money. “Lack of money” is the low consciousness of money while “Abundance of money” is the high consciousness of money.

You can control this duality by using your Will to focus on the positive side of the pole, which is the “Abundance of money” or your desire for more wealth. By doing this, you change your degree of consciousness about money from low to high.

One way to maintain focus on the positive scale is to be grateful for money in your life and your desires for more money. If you find yourself focusing on the negative pole of money which is the lack of it, start counting your blessings and be grateful for them so you can immediately transmute your negative thoughts into positive.

The Law of Rhythm

Everything in the Universe has a cycle or rhythm to it. One day you have so much money and another day you don’t even have a dollar in your wallet.

Let the Law of Rhythm assure you that the “lack of money” is a temporary state and can change at any time, even a minute or an hour from now; therefore, you should not be attached to this state of lack because the more you are attached to it, the more it will perpetuate in your reality as “more lack of money”.

To create wealth in your life, strive for non-attachment when things don’t go according to your plans or when your investments are down. Remain calm and confident that you’ll earn it all back.

To avoid fluctuations of financial states, be conscious of where you focus your thoughts and attention most of the time. Make sure it is on being wealthy in the Eternal Now. Cultivate a mindset of abundance rather than lack so that you can transcend the rise and fall of your financial states and enjoy a steady flow of wealth in your life.

Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect states that nothing happens by chance, that what you see in your reality are the effects of your thoughts and feelings.

If you keep getting the effects of “lack of money”, that means there is something wrong with your causes which are your thoughts and feelings about money.

So, to change your effects, you must identify the causes first and then improve them. Is it your childhood beliefs about money? Is it your fear of losing money?

Be more consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings about money. Focus on the positive spectrum and dwell in it instead of the negative spectrum. Again, love and gratitude for money and everything that represents wealth will help improve your causes so you will only have your desired effects.

Law of Gender

The Law of Gender states that there are masculine and feminine sides to everything.

In wealth creation, you need to understand that the masculine side is your Will to direct your conscious mind to focus on your desire to have more money and to feel as if this is your reality right now.

Once the masculine side of creation has done its part, it is now up to the feminine side of creation, which is the subconscious mind, to take care of the rest. This includes bringing all the forces of the universe into yourself and your life all that represents your desire for more wealth and financial abundance.

This is also where “gestation” comes in. The feminine side of creation needs a gestation period to complete your desire before it can manifest it in your reality.

To understand this better, think of a pregnant woman whose baby has a gestation period of nine months. There is nothing to do during these nine months of pregnancy except to nurture the baby inside her womb through proper diet, light exercise, and doctor visits. You also cannot force her to give birth before nine months or the baby will be premature.

This is the same as your desire for more money. Do not be anxious and fearful that your desire will not come. Instead, have absolute faith and and joyfully expect for it to come, for in divine’s timing, it will.


As you can see, consciously creating more money and wealth in your life using these Seven Universal Laws or Hermetic Principles boils down to your predominant thoughts and beliefs about money.

Your thoughts and beliefs about money affect your vibrations about money, your outer reality, your effects, and the rhythm of money in your life.

To create and maintain wealth in your life, you must have the RIGHT beliefs about money. This is where replacing your limiting beliefs about money with positive and empowering ones.

Here are some ways to do this:

Imagination or visualization – Imagine or visualize having more money in your life using all your senses. When you visualize, see the scenario in its completed state or “wish fulfilled” in your mind’s eye. Imagine it with all your senses and give thanks that you have it right now.

Listen to subliminals – Subliminals contain inaudible affirmations that bypass the conscious mind and get stored directly in your subconscious mind. By listening to subliminals daily, you will eventually find yourself having a more positive mindset about money.

Listen to hypnosis – Hypnotherapy is another way to access and reprogram your subconscious mind; however, if you can’t see a hypnotherapist, you can listen to recorded hypnosis right after your wake-up or before you go to bed at night. Hypnosis will bring your mind into a sleepy state so that it is conducive to reprogramming.

Affirmations or inner conversations – Affirmations about money are very effective especially when you imagine and believe what you affirm. By repeatedly affirming that you already have the abundance of money in your life, you will eventually manifest it in your reality.

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