Custom Subliminals

I develop and produce our custom subliminal programs based on the premise that each person has different sets of false and limiting beliefs  (FLBs) that they need to replace so that can move forward in life with more confidence, certainty, and ready to receive their desires without the unnecessary energy blockages caused by these FLBs.

These FLBs that you stored in your subconscious mind over the years vibrate at low frequencies and produced energy blockages in the pathways of Universal Life Force Energy (ULFE) or also known as Chi, Prana, Qi, Life Force Energy, etc., in your energy system.

The Universal Life Force Energy (ULFE) is responsible for your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. When your energy channels (otherwise known as chakras) are blocked,  you develop issues or problems in your self-image, relationships, wealth creation, business or career, physical health, mental health, and in other aspects of your life.

If you have energy blocks, you will have a hard time manifesting your desires because the Universal Life Force Energy cannot fully flow and penetrate your energy system.

To remove your energy blocks, you must identify the root causes of these blocks, which are your FLBs. You must CLEAR and REPLACE your FLBs with positive and empowering suggestions/affirmations at the subconscious level. This is where subliminal audio programs and hypnosis audio programs enter the picture.

These positive and empowering suggestions or affirmations, when stored as your permanent beliefs through your subconscious mind, will produce positive energy and clear your energy channels so that ULFE or Prana or Chi can flow freely. In effect, you will be more open to receiving all the opportunities and blessings that life has to offer.

What Your Custom Subliminal Contains

  • Your own suggestions that you personally wrote to replace your false and limiting beliefs.
  • Our own Universal Mind affirmations, miracle affirmations, and closing affirmations that I personally wrote based on conscious creation principles.
  • Multiple voice tracks that contain the affirmations or suggestions
  • Your choice of custom music that I will use to “mask” the voice tracks so that your conscious mind will not be able to discern the suggestions
  • The love frequency embedded in the recording to help align your vibrational frequency to the frequency of your desire
  • The miracle frequency embedded in your subliminal to help bring positive changes in yourself at a DNA level
  • A Solfeggio frequency based on the false and limiting belief that you want to address
  • I MAY include a brainwave to help bring your conscious mind into the alpha or a meditative state to make our subconscious more open to suggestions. This depends on your preference.
  • Your subliminal will be 1 hour in length. For custom length, please contact me for a custom quote.
  • This includes a customized subliminal audio cover with your own title
  • This subliminal is delivered in MP3 format. Please consider this before ordering.