Custom Subliminals

($129 for 1 hour, MP3 file)

I develop and produce our custom subliminal programs based on the premise that each person has different sets of false and limiting beliefs  (FLBs) that they need to replace so that can move forward in life with more confidence, certainty, and ready to receive their desires without the unnecessary energy blockages caused by these FLBs.

These FLBs that you stored in your subconscious mind over the years vibrate at low frequencies and produced energy blockages in the pathways of Universal Life Force Energy (ULFE) or also known as Chi, Prana, Qi, Life Force Energy, etc., in your energy system.

The Universal Life Force Energy (ULFE) is responsible for your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. When your energy channels (otherwise known as chakras) are blocked,  you develop issues or problems in your self-image, relationships, wealth creation, business or career, physical health, mental health, and in other aspects of your life.

If you have energy blocks, you will have a hard time manifesting your desires because the Universal Life Force Energy cannot fully flow and penetrate your energy system.

To remove your energy blocks, you must identify the root causes of these blocks, which are your FLBs. You must CLEAR and REPLACE your FLBs with positive and empowering suggestions/affirmations at the subconscious level. This is where subliminal audio programs and hypnosis audio programs enter the picture.

These positive and empowering suggestions or affirmations, when stored as your permanent beliefs through your subconscious mind, will produce positive energy and clear your energy channels so that ULFE or Prana or Chi can flow freely. In effect, you will be more open to receiving all the opportunities and blessings that life has to offer.

What Your Custom Subliminal Contains

  • YOUR OWN AFFIRMATIONS that you personally wrote to replace your false and limiting beliefs. I will suggest edits when necessary.
  • MULTIPLE VOICE TRACKS that contain your affirmations
  • Your choice of CUSTOM MUSIC or NATURE SOUNDS that I will use to “mask” the voice tracks so that your conscious mind will not be able to discern the affirmations. You will only hear whispers.
  • LOVE FREQUENCY embedded in the recording to help align your vibrational frequency to the frequency of your desire
  • MIRACLE FREQUENCY embedded in your subliminal to help bring positive changes in yourself at a DNA level
  • THREE SUBLIMINAL BOOSTERS to help speed up the effects of your subliminals
  • A CONSCIOUS CREATION BOOSTER to remove energy blocks and limiting beliefs that prevent your from manifesting your desire
  • A MANIFESTING BOOSTER to make manifesting easy and more accurate
  • ALPHA BRAINWAVE to help bring your conscious mind into the alpha or a meditative state so that your subconscious mind will be conducive to suggestions/affirmations.
  • ONE HOUR length. For custom length, please message me for a quote.
  • MP3 Cover
  • Delivered in MP3 format. Please let me know if you want your subliminal in WAV format. Please consider these formats when ordering. Make sure you can play them in your audio player.

The Custom Subliminal Process

Please follow the step-by-step create to create your custom subliminal.

REMINDER: Only ​ONE TOPIC​ for each custom subliminal. Example, if you want to manifest a loved one back, your custom subliminal should only focus on that topic.


Write the affirmations that describe your desire in its present state

Write your affirmations in present tense. Start your list with a series of “I am” statements that describe what you want to feel. The “I am” statements affirm that you already have your desire.


I am happy that I am finally reunited with my loved one.

I am grateful to be wealthy and abundance.

I am pleased with my six-pack abs.

I am the wife of Chris Turner.

I am the CEO of XYZ corporation. 

I am a gold medalist in the Olympics.

I am a lawyer.

I am happy and grateful for my new car. 

You may also start with “I know”, “I have”, “I love”, and other similar statements.


I love my new house

I have $1 million in my savings account.

I love living in Paris. 


Check if your affirmations represent your desires in their completed state

Write your affirmations as if your desires are already in their completed state or as if you have your desire now.


Desire: Manifest marriage with your special person

Wrong affirmation: My special person is thinking about marrying me

Right affirmation: I am happy to be married to my husband, John Smith

Desire: Manifest your ideal weight

Wrong affirmation: I am losing weight

Right affirmation: I achieved my 125 lbs ideal weight

Desire: Own a business

Wrong affirmation: I want to manifest money to start my own business

Right affirmation: Everyone supports my business. I have loyal and happy customers.

Desire: Have clear skin

Wrong affirmation: I want to heal my acne

Right affirmation: Everyone notices my clear and healthy skin

Desire: Manifest your dream job

Wrong affirmation: I have the necessary skills needed for my dream drop

Right affirmation: I am excited to go to work everyday as CEO of XYZ corporation.


Make your subliminal more potent

 I prepared some affirmations that can help make your subliminal more potent. You can ​pick and choose​ from any of these affirmations to include.

You are free to revise or edit based on your religious beliefs and what you are trying to manifest. You can also write your own versions of these affirmations. There is no need to include everything, just choose what resonates with you.

Part I: Conscious Creation Affirmations

(These affirmations will be placed in the first part of your list of affirmations)

I am the Ultimate Source of creation

I am the creator and the master of my reality

I am the Universal Mind (or God) in its entirety

I possess all the infinite possibilities in the universe

I am all-present, all-knowing, all-powerful through The Ultimate Source and the Universal Mind in me

I have higher consciousness than most people in the universe

I am more consciously aware, more intelligent, and have more willpower to change my thoughts and beliefs

I am connected to everything in the universe through One Mind Everything around me is the result of my consciousness

I create everything through the stored beliefs in my subconscious mind

I have the unlimited power to create whatever I want to create through my subconscious mind

I have the power to change my reality by changing the beliefs stored in my subconscious mind

I can easily change the energy around me by changing my false and limiting beliefs about _______ (examples: manifesting John; manifesting money; about manifesting my ideal job)

These subliminal messages will replace my false, liming beliefs about _______ (examples: manifesting John, becoming a millionaire, my dream job, my best body) These subliminal messages are my new beliefs about ________(examples: my ability to manifest John, becoming a millionaire, getting my dream job, achieving my ideal weight)

These new beliefs about _______ are what manifest in my reality (examples: my relationship with John, becoming a millionaire, getting my dream job, my ideal body weight)

Part II: Unconditional Love Affirmations

I am a wellspring of love energy and it flows from me unconditionally

I can change myself and my reality through the power of unconditional love in me My love for myself and all beings

I love and accept myself unconditionally

I love and accept my body unconditionally

Everyone loves and accepts me unconditionally
____ loves and accepts me unconditionally (example: John, the universe) ____ gives me pure and unconditional love (example: John, the universe)

I am pure unconditional love

I vibrate and send unconditional love to all

I give and receive pure and unconditional love all the time

Part III: Your Own Affirmations

(This is where you insert your own affirmations)

Part IV: Closing Affirmations

I let go of all my fears and doubts that hinder me from having __________ (examples: the best relationship with John, my dream job, the best body)

I let go of all my fears and doubts about ____________ (examples: relationships and John, money, getting my dream job, reaching my ideal weight)

I have successfully changed my false, limiting beliefs about __________ (examples: relationships and John, money, getting my dream job, reaching my ideal weight)

I have successfully changed my false, limiting beliefs about my relationship with ________ (examples: John, money, my boss, my career, my parents)

These new beliefs are helping me manifest the most amazing and fulfilling ___________ (examples: relationship with John, business, dream job, relationship with parents, most amazing body)

These new beliefs are already manifesting in my reality Everything is complete, everything is done, everything is perfect

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Pay for your subliminal ($129)


E-mail me the details

When e-mailing the details for your custom subliminal, use the e-mail subject:

Custom Subliminal Request – <Title of Your Subliminal>

In the body of the email, COPY and PASTE the following questions with your answers:

I. What is the title of your subliminal?

Example: Manifest an Amazing Relationship with John

II. What are the suggestions or affirmations that you would like me to include in your custom subliminal (list AT LEAST 30 suggestions)?

Note: Arrange your suggestions/ affirmations in the following manner:

PART I: Booster affirmations

PART II: Unconditional Love affirmations

PART III: Your own affirmations

PART IV: Closing affirmations

III. What is the title of your background/overlay music? Example: Sea Breeze (Waves)

IV. What name and email did you use to pay for your custom subliminal?

V. Do you have other requests or messages for me?


Review and Delivery Time

I will check your affirmations and make some edits, when necessary. Then, I will send you the final affirmations to be recorded for your approval.

Please wait ​3 to 7​ days for your custom subliminal to be delivered. If anything is not clear, please let me know.


💕 Marie