Nothing ever “happens” without a cause or rather a chain of causes.

If you’ve been looking for “signs” of your creation or analyzing all the moves, reactions, texts messages, or calls of your ex, that means you have no confidence in your ability to “create” your desired outcome. You have no confidence in the “cause.” That, or you haven’t been conscious of your “cause.”

Instead of getting your assurance from the signs, there should already have a sense of knowing (faith) that your desire will manifest in your reality sooner rather than later. You should already know that it will come, so you just relax, smile, and enjoy the ride!

But this doesn’t mean you have to ignore the signs. When you see the signs, send love to them and to everyone and everything around you. Be grateful in your heart that your physical reality is changing. What I am saying is GIVE UP LOOKING for the signs, but if you see them, give thanks to them.

The Law of Cause and Effect doesn’t only refer to one cause for every effect. Each effect is the result of an “event” that precedes it, and what precedes it is the effect of an “event” that precedes it. So the Law of Cause and Effect follows a chain of causes that continue to have a string of effects. This shows a continuity of the process.

In getting back with your ex, perhaps the first event that will lead to your manifestation is maybe your ex unblocking you on social media (if you’ve been blocked), and then them reaching out to you, and then inviting you out for coffee, and then proposing to be friends with you, and then proposing to be in a romantic relationship with you again, and then proposing that you marry them, and then getting married, and then living together happily ever after!

But then, some of you “disturb” these chain of events because of your impatience. Some of you get upset when your ex just wants to be friends with you. You are quick to conclude that you’re being “friend-zoned” and the idea of being friends only distracts you from focusing on your end goal. So, if you keep focusing on being “friend-zoned,” then you will ALWAYS be “friend-zoned.”

I am not saying that your manifestation will happen this way. What I am saying is it CAN happen this way.

Some manifestations go directly to the end goal, in this case, your ex begging you to be in a relationship with them again. It all depends on how focused and disciplined you are and how committed you are to your desire.

Continue doing the daily visualization that you’ve been doing since Day 1. Do it every morning and night.

Log your visualizations here to track your progress: