The Law of Gender is the seventh universal law, which is also known as the Law of Gestation.

This law explains the time it takes for your desire to manifest from thoughts to physical reality.

We see the Law of Gender in action around us:

  • A woman is normally pregnant for 9 months.
  • The Earth orbits the sun every 365 days.
  • It takes 15 hours to travel directly from Manila to San Francisco
  • It takes approximately 90-100 days to grow tomatoes from seed to harvest

In each of these examples, there is a specific time period that passes before you can see the results.

Example, when someone is pregnant, you don’t expect them to give birth on the 3rd month because you know that the baby isn’t ready to be born yet. The “expectancy date” is usually nine months from the conception. Everyone in that woman’s family expects the child to be born nine months later.

But, for some reasons, many people don’t think this way about their desires. They want it now, and they panic if it doesn’t happen now. They obsessively check and analyze the reactions of their ex, they endlessly complain to their friends and on forums and they always ask, “But where is it?”.

They get so impatient and forget that every desire has a gestation period, and that desire MUST COMPLETE the gestation period before it can manifest as a physical experience.

What Affects the Gestation Period

I cannot give you the exact gestation period of your desire, but what I know is that there are things that you can do to speed up the process.

There are so many factors in play in the creation process. Let’s go over them one by one.


The nature of your desire

Desires are either simple or complex. Example, manifesting an SMS message from your ex is simpler than getting married to them. An SMS only takes less than one minute to send, but getting married takes several steps and more time to manifest it.


The quality of your beliefs

The manifestation of your desire also depends on the kind of beliefs stored in your subconscious. If you have so many limiting beliefs about your ex and the idea of you being together again, and you don’t do anything to replace these beliefs, then it will take a long time before you can manifest your ex.


Your feelings or vibrational frequencies

Your vibrations throughout this journey play a HUGE part. Negative vibrations (feelings) can derail your manifestation, while positive feelings and the feeling of love will speed up the manifestation.


Your ability to direct your mind

If you easily get affected by negative news and scenarios, this only means one thing: you have no or have very little control of your mind.

The most successful creators are those who can easily direct their minds to focus on the things that they want only. You must always control your mind, not the other way around.


Whether or not your desire requires action

Some desires require you to take action. For example, if you want to be a YouTube star, you will never be one just by wishful thinking. The first step is for you to film, record, and upload your YouTube videos.


When to reconnect with your ex

For manifesting your ex back, I recommend that you let them come to you; but once you already have mastery of your thoughts and emotions and can genuinely send them unconditional love, it’s okay to contact them first.

The only reason you should allow them to contact you first is most people get hurt when they contact their ex first and don’t get the kind of reply or reaction that they expected. They get hurt if their ex doesn’t respond or return their call, refuses to see them, or doesn’t reciprocate their feelings.

If you are like this, your ego can easily bring you down to the low levels of consciousness (low vibes), and you don’t want to be there.

So, reach out to your ex only if you are sure that you can shrug things off if they don’t respond or don’t give you the kind of reaction that you want. Reach out only if you can totally move past the potential rejection and say, “Next!” and continue to feel happy on your own.

Continue doing the daily visualization that you’ve been doing since Day 1. Do it every morning and night.

Log your visualizations here to track your progress: