The Law of Use is not included in the seven universal laws that we discussed already, but I would like to include this law because this is essential to make the other laws work.

The seven universal laws that we discussed have been securely locked up in the minds of the fortunate and powerful possessors for many years. Unless you are proactively seeking for enlightenment, you will probably not even discover that these laws exist.

These laws need to be enforced and put to use before they can take effect. If you keep reading and acquiring new knowledge about reality creation but don’t do anything about that knowledge, you get nothing.

Even though you are taking this challenge but simply devour the information without practice, you will not get the manifestation of your desire.

Knowledge, without use and expression, is a vain thing that brings nothing to its possessor. Don’t be one of those who simply know the concepts without expressing these concepts into action.

If you just study the principles without applying them, your desire will die. If you don’t take care of and nourish your desire by visualizing it daily, it dies.

You must know that your ex is coming back to you. You must maintain your faith and expectation throughout the process, and the place to start is by giving yourself and by giving them unconditional love.

Also, be grateful as if you already have your desire manifested in your reality. Gratitude and love are energies that can facilitate the creation of your desire. They can help cultivate your faith and fuel your expectation.

You are part of this process, whether you believe it or not. You can’t get to where you want to go until you know where you currently are. Once you create what you want in your mind, will be “incubated” for a period of time before you can see its physical manifestation.

Where are you now in this journey?

Why is your manifestation taking longer than expected?

Are you giving it love?

Do you just know, without any doubt, that is on its way?

If expectations are the farthest thing from your mind, cultivate your faith through gratitude and love. Believe your desire is here by receiving it. Be grateful as if you have it already.

Continue doing the daily visualization that you’ve been doing since Day 1. Do it every morning and night.

Log your visualizations here to track your progress: