The mind doesn’t understand what’s real and what’s not real. It doesn’t know whether you actually experience the mental images that you play in your head or not. It only takes into consideration what it “sees” in your “mind’s eye.”

This is why you MUST visualize as if you already have your desire in its complete state because when you visualize that you are YET to receive your desire, that’s what’s get stored in your subconscious and then executed in your reality.

You have to visualize from a first person’s point of view so the data that will be recorded is you being a participant in these scenarios and not only as a mere onlooker.

So, if you are visualizing drinking tea with your ex, for example, you don’t see yourself and your ex drinking tea a few meters away from you. Think as if you’re actually in the scene as an active participant and sitting in front of your loved one, talking to them, holding hands, and drinking your tea together.

To give you an idea about first-person point of view, here are some photos that show how you should visualize:

You shouldn’t be able to see your face and your back — just your arms, legs, and your front body.

If you haven’t decided what your ultimate goal is, you need to think about it carefully. Don’t spend all your time and energy visualizing a text or a Facebook message. Save your time and energy and always visualize what you want to happen

Neville Goddard said, “Live in the end”, therefore, you need to focus on that. When you focus on your end goal, your manifestation will come as a series of events, which involves being unblocked, receiving text messages and calls, being invited to go on dates, moving in together, etc.

The main benefit of focusing on your end goal and creating mental scenarios related to that goal is that your ex will think of the same exact thing that you’re focusing on.

If you keep focusing on being married to them, they will also get mental suggestions of being married to you. If you constantly visualize this, they will keep getting mental impressions of being married to you, and so they will think and realize that they really want to marry you.

These are in addition to these mental images being imprinted to your subconscious.

Don’t just send Unconditional Love to your ex during your visualization session, but remain unhappy about any parts of your body or the other aspects of your life. You also cannot continue to be mad at a colleague, a relative, or a friend who wronged you in the past. You should not be selective when it comes to giving Unconditional Love, otherwise, that love ceases to be unconditional.

What if You Cannot Visualize Clearly

I know not all people can visualize clearly. It took me months to control my “monkey mind” and visualize very clearly. I also discovered that the best way to visualize is through a guided visualization while I’m sitting or lying down comfortably, feeling relaxed, and just focusing on the images.

I also discovered that instead of listening to guided meditations with suggested mental scenarios of your desire in its fulfilled state (and these scenarios may include images that don’t apply to you), it’s so much more effective if someone asks you about your reaction to a hypothetical scenario.

Endeavor to practice visualization daily so that you’ll get better and better every time.

Continue with your daily visualization practice. Do it morning and night.

You may also want to check out some of the guided visualizations that I produced specifically to get your loved one back. Use any of the visualizations that apply to you. All these visualizations, when done daily, will eventually bring your loved one back to you. (Note that all these visualizations are available for free in the premium course).

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Log your visualizations here to track your progress: