You learned in the Law of Vibration that everything is energy and energy has a corresponding vibrational frequency. You also learned that those with the same vibrational frequencies come together naturally.

While there are several scales of vibrational frequencies that you may feel at any given moment, the highest vibration available for you to reach is Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is The language of creation and manifestation. It is the vibration of all our desires in its highest state. To move things around fast, you must be IN ALIGNMENT with your desire.

The meaning of being in alignment is to be “one with it”, and you can only be one with it if you vibrate at the same frequency as your desire, and this frequency is LOVE.


How this Technique Reprograms the Subconscious

The more you practice vibrating and sending Unconditional Love, the more it sends signals to your subconscious that it is your truth.

Unconditional Love also dominates the low frequencies that you have. The unconditional nature of love erases blame, hate, guilt, shame, anger, and any other frequencies that are below it.

When you repeatedly vibrate at Unconditional Love, it sends signals to your Subconscious Mind that this vibration is your truth. Once it becomes your dominant vibration, it then gets stored in your Subconscious Mind as your default vibration.

Unconditional Love also produces other positive vibrations such as happiness, joy, and peace.

Lastly, the more you give Unconditional Love in its truest sense, the more you become enlightened as a human being.


How to BE Unconditional Love

You should be Unconditional Love first before you can give it. You cannot give what you do not have. Based on the Law of Vibration, we attract who we are and not what we want. So, to create and manifest love, you have to be love.

Here is a simple meditation that you can do to be love and send love.

While relaxing or meditating, focus on your heart chakra (heart area), the center of Unconditional Love in your physical body.

See your heart radiate with bright light, then see and feel it glow brighter and brighter. Imagine your heart sending out rays of light to the world and all creations. Imagine this light getting brighter and brighter and more powerful.

Then, imagine this light illuminate THE ALL IN ALL. Send it to the world. Send it to your ex. Imagine your heart chakra continue to open and expand and radiate the vibration of love. Feel the tingling sensations of the specks of love vibrations emanating from it. Feel the warmth and peace inside your heart.

Ask your ex to come into your presence with their heart and mind fully open to receive what you have to give. Imagine the light from your heart shining brightly as it grows bigger and bigger until it covers your ex and your surroundings. Imagine your heart energy positively affecting your surroundings. Imagine this energy reach your ex.

Now, imagine your relationship with your ex. If there is any conflict or tension between the two of you, replace that with Unconditional Love and unconditional forgiveness. Feel this in your heart. Mean it. True unconditional love keeps no record of wrongs. The “past” doesn’t matter now. What matters is now; and now, you only have love.

Then, breathe into your heart chakra and send the vibration of love and forgiveness to your ex. Know that it reaches them right at this moment. Know that they feel your love at this moment. Know that both of you share one mind. Know that you are one. Wish them happiness and safety. Then, let go of the image of ex…

Now, send that powerful vibration to everyone and everything around you and know that it reaches all of them, that they feel your Unconditional Love. See them receiving it, feeling it. Even the flowers in the garden feel it because they, too, have consciousness. Feel this energy vibrate at the highest frequency. Feel this Divine vibration.

Know that you are connected to your Highest Self when you send Unconditional Love. Know that you are navigating the Spiritual Plane when you send this energy. Know that you are a Divine being. Know that you are now using the language of creation. Know that your creation is complete and done because of love. Know that your desire will soon manifest in your Physical Reality in its highest form.

Now that you know how to send Unconditional Love, you need to practice all the time, and also use this vibration or “feeling” to fuel your desire. Make sure though that being / sending Unconditional Love should not only be practiced during your visualization sessions. You must vibrate it ALL THE TIME. Just be clear with your intention to send Unconditional Love.

Always ask yourself if you have any hidden agenda side from sending pure and unconditional love to your ex. If you are expecting any types of reaction, then that is not unconditional. If you are upset about the situation, that is not unconditional because Unconditional Love also means unconditional acceptance of your ex and the situation. If you are looking for signs of changes in your physical reality, that is not unconditional.

Love without agenda, reasons, expectations, and without taking inventory of what happened in the past. Be happy for your ex. It doesn’t matter where they are, who they are with, what they are doing, etc. It doesn’t matter if they are in China and you are in France. This powerful vibration will reach them anywhere, in real time.

As you continue to practice vibrating in this magnificent energy, you will become a much calmer, happier, and peaceful person; and that will be reflected in your life. You will just feel and know that you are in tune with the Divine Source, the highest vibration of all, which will manifest into your life in many positive ways.

During the first few days and weeks of maintaining Unconditional Love, you may notice that your Conscious Mind and ego will try to protest or reject the idea that some people deserve to be loved unconditionally. Just keep practicing. With constant practice, your Conscious Mind will accept your desires and cease to protest and reject this newfound vibration.

Check out this powerful guided meditation to be unconditional love and send unconditional love to your loved one and others (included in the premium course)

Guided meditation to Send Unconditional Love To Yourself and Others

For your daily exercise, continue the daily visualization that you’ve been doing since Day 1. Do it every morning and night.

Log your visualizations here to track your progress: