Day 6: The Frequency of Love

Day 6: The Frequency of Love

I did a ton of research, read close to 100 books, applied so many principles, picked what worked and discarded what didn’t, etc. Then, one day, I found the answer — the one missing KEY ingredient to manifestation. The answer is unexpectedly simple, yet makes so much sense: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Unconditional Love is the strongest, highest, and the most powerful vibration and energy in the universe. Without the power of unconditional love, you and I wouldn’t even be here. Without unconditional love, the universe will cease to be in harmony.

Unconditional Love is not the same as sentimental love, the attraction between two people, sexual desire, or love for friends and family. It should not be mistaken for the “I love you” that you say to your best friend, your boyfriend, or girlfriend.

Unconditional Love is the vibration that you need to possess and send to ALL so you can fully manifest the best version of your desire. This love comes from the highest, purest, most perfect, most powerful, and most divine source.

This kind of love can sustain all creations in the universe. Without it, there is nothing.

To be in complete harmony with the universe and reach your highest level of consciousness, you need be one with Unconditional Love so that your entire being can resonate with your Divine nature.

Unconditional Love is not something that you do or practice when you are not busy. It is not an item in your to-do list that you need to tick off at the end of the day. It is not something that you say you do, but actually don’t do.

Unconditional Love is a state of being: instead of doing Unconditional Love, you have to BE Unconditional Love by loving yourself and everyone around you without any conditions and expectations.

When someone says, “I love him so much”, but insists on getting back together, that person doesn’t give Unconditional Love. Some think giving gifts, flowers, and affection equates to love; but Unconditional Love is beyond giving affection or feeling good about yourself and others. It is beyond romantic love because romantic love stops as soon as you break up.

Unconditional Love is also beyond the sweet words that you say to your loved one. Unconditional Love is an ongoing vibrational frequency, rather than a temporary display of emotion or affection.

Those who wish to become a magnificent creator (and I really mean MAGNIFICENT) should really spend time understanding the definition of Unconditional Love. In every possible sense, it really is “unconditional”, which means it doesn’t come with any expectations or conditions. So, whenever you put conditions to what you give, you are not giving Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love cannot be achieved overnight. You need to practice being and giving love with genuine dedication. When you do this, it will become your state of being.

To practice Unconditional Love is to see and love the Divine essence of everyone and everything without exceptions. You cannot just choose to send Unconditional Love to your ex only, and be unkind to your parents, friends, neighbors, colleagues, or boss.

You cannot be selective about Unconditional Love, because when you are, you will only radiate it temporarily. You must radiate at your highest vibrational frequency all the time, and the only way to do it is to not be selective of what or when to radiate and give it.

When you begin to practice Unconditional Love, give it to everything and everyone, without any conditions. Give it with all your heart.

When you do this, you will really feel that you are one with all creations. Soon, the people will begin to change their states as well and return the vibration of love that you give them. They will be happier, more positive, and more peaceful around you. Love is indeed contagious.

As the people around you, including your ex, respond in this way, they will radiate much more peaceful, harmonious feelings. They will also start to vibrate love and affect the people around them.

Another important aspect of Unconditional Love is Unconditional Forgiveness. Forgive your ex unconditionally, and also forgive those who wronged you, in any way, unconditionally. Do not wait for them to apologize or make the first move to reconciliation. You don’t have to see them to forgive them. Just forgive them with all your heart and mind. Replace your anger or resentment by giving that person Unconditional Love.

Whenever you practice Unconditional Love, make sure that it is beyond sending your ex thoughts of love and beyond saying, “I am sending my ex love.” This love must radiate from the heart with absolute acceptance and compassion and without asking why or how. This love must TRULY come from the highest state of your being, like the love of God that we know.

The more you practice Unconditional Love, the more you will understand how to overcome the impossibilities and limitations of your situation with your ex. You will discover new possibilities, and what you think as a very difficult situation will become easy.

The first few days of practicing Unconditional Love may be extremely challenging, especially when your original frequency is set to the frequency of your false and limiting beliefs; but as you keep practicing and becoming more conscious about your vibrations, it will become your dominant vibration.

Unconditional Love Creates Alignment with Your Desire

You are always in alignment with your desire if you use the vibration of Unconditional Love. That’s because the true nature of all desires vibrates at the frequency of love. Love is the frequency of creation. To be one with your desire, you have to vibrate its frequency.

When you visualize reuniting with your ex and use the feeling of love during the visualization, you are ALIGNMENT with your desire. The more you give love to your desire and feel as if your desire is happening right now, the more your subconscious thinks you are already with your desire. Your subconscious stores this thought-feeling combination as your belief and then executes this belief in your reality as a full manifestation of your desire.

Thought-Feeling Alignment to Your Desire is Key

For your desire to manifest, your thoughts and feelings must be in alignment with your desire. The correct feeling (vibration) for you to have when thinking of your desire is LOVE.

If your thoughts are not in harmony with your desire, your feelings are also not in harmony with your desire. To make sure you vibrate at the right frequency, you must correct your thoughts first. Better yet, you must replace your false and limiting beliefs first.

To produce the vibration of love, you must create mental images that represent love. For example, think of situations where you already have reconciled and reunited with your ex and you are madly in-love and your relationship is better than ever.

Think about unconditional forgiveness toward each other. Think about living together again. Think about going on a trip together. These thoughts make you feel happy, positive, joyful, and in-love and will manifest in your reality as positive experiences (the manifested version of your desire).

Once your vibrational frequency is in alignment with your desire to be with your ex, your reality will start to change, and before you know it, you and your ex are talking again and are back together again!

So, give love to your ex, love yourself, give love to the idea of the two of you together again, give love to everything around you as well! You must vibrate love and give love to your desire so that you become in alignment with it.


Your Daily Practice: Every Morning and Night

Through the entire duration of this FREE COURSE, I prepared this visualization for you to practice morning and night.

You can create your own version but make sure the important elements are still intact.

As soon as you wake up in the morning or before you sleep at night, you need to set a time and place for Conscious Creation.

Before you start the session, make sure you are in a quiet place alone. I usually do my Conscious Creation session in my bedroom while sitting on my chair. I recommend that you sit on a chair so you can focus on your mental images without dozing off.


Step 1: Get into the Alpha State

Unless you can mentally focus on one thing and one thing only without your mind chatter getting in the way, it is important for your body and mind to reach the Alpha state or what others call the “sleepy state”.

My favorite technique to get into Alpha is to sit still with my eyes closed and then empty my mind. If this is challenging, I suggest that you count from 100 to 1 or do some breathing exercises until you feel fully relaxed.

You’ll know that you have reached the “alpha state of mind” when you feel totally relaxed and have no care in the world.


Step 2: Imagine Your Loved One Happy

The next step is to do your Conscious Creation in the Mental Plane using your thoughts and feelings. Do not use words or exert any physical efforts in the Physical Plane. All creations must be done in the Mental Plane only.

In your mind’s eye, invite your partner to come into your presence. If you are in a room, imagine them in the same room as you.

Imagine them happy, just happy on their own. Not with you, not with anyone else. Don’t add any person to the scene.

Don’t add other scenarios. Just focus on the person you love being alone and see them happy on their own.

See their bright smile and hear their contagious laughter. Feel their happiness radiate around the room.

Don’t see them happy with anyone else. Don’t see them happy with you. In fact, don’t see yourself with them for now.

Just see them happy alone. Imagine them in their happiest moment.

You don’t need to know the reason for their happiness. You don’t need to know what motivates them to be happy.

Just focus on them being happy.

Imagine this scenario as vividly as you can.

If you find it hard to visualize your loved one happy, look at a photo of them smiling. Remember every detail of their facial expression. Then see them with that same facial expression in the room.


Step 3: Mind the Distance

Make sure that you don’t see your loved one from afar that it would be impossible for you to recognize their face. When you see them far away from you, your subconscious blocks them from being with you.

The correct distance is close enough so you can easily touch or dance with your loved one. Their facial expression and the details of their face must be clear for you to see so that when you stretch your hand, you can easily reach them.

Look at them happy and smiling from your vantage point. Feel their presence and high vibrations. Their happiness is infectious and you can’t help but smile or laugh with them.


Step 4: Watch a Movie With Your Loved One

The next step is to invite your loved one to sit down and watch a movie with you.

Imagine as if they were beside you right now, as if this were happening in real life right now.

Make sure that you don’t see yourself as you watch a movie with your loved one unless you look at yourself in the mirror.

Imagine being comfortable beside each other. Imagine feeling grateful and happy being together.

Imagine yourselves in the living room of your own house. Imagine yourselves living together and enjoying each other’s company. Imagine it real as possible.


Step 5: See Yourselves in the Movie

As you watch a movie with your loved one, see yourselves in the movie.

See yourselves live your ideal life as a couple. See scenes from your travels, your engagement, your wedding day, family get together, lunch dates with friends, and if you wish to have a family of your own, see movie clips from your child’s first birthday.

Imagine as if you have chronicled your lives together through the years. See the photos and watch the videos of your wonderful life together!


Step 6: Be Grateful For Your Wonderful Life

Tell your partner that you’re happy to live your life together and that you’re happy to share memories together.

Tell your partner that you can’t wait to create more memories together.

Then watch their facial expression.

Imagine your loved one happy as well.

See them happy and content with their life with you.

Feel them happy with you now.

Then, seal the moment with a kiss.

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