Principle of Divine Oneness

The Universal Mind contains everything in it, including all our Individual Minds. In other words, we belong to the Universal Mind of THE ALL.

This means we are all interconnected and related, and we are ever-expanding and ever-evolving in complexity.

The Principle of Divine Oneness

The Principle of Divine Oneness simply states that we are all ONE.

We belong to the THE ALL that created us all and within us is also THE ALL in its complete state. Since we are ALL in THE ALL, our Individual Minds must also be in the Universal Mind and the Universal Mind is within our Individual Minds.

The concept of Divine Oneness is very important because it will help you understand how you can affect the Individual Minds of other people, as well as ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that is in THE ALL and the Universal Mind.

Let’s use a common example:

Notice that when you think of a friend, you will find out that your friend also thinks about you at that precise moment you are thinking about them.

It’s not a coincidence also that a friend sends you an SMS or a Facebook message as soon as you think of them. Sometimes, they even call you out of nowhere and you tell them, “I was just thinking about you!”

That’s because both of you are parts of the Universal Mind, and through the Principle of Divine Oneness, your minds are actually One Mind (the Universal Mind) that you both share.

My Experience with the Principle of Divine Oneness

I have seen the Principle of Divine Oneness in action in my daily life all the time. I have seen how we are all interconnected and share One Mind, that whatever I think in relation to another person, that person also thinks of the same thing. Others may refer to this as coincidence; but this is more than just sheer coincidence— this is a universal law.

I have a friend who borrowed money from me and promised to pay in one week. Three months had passed and I didn’t hear from her. Normally, if something like this happens, I’d send that friend a message reminding her I’d send her a reminder about it.

This time, however, I just imagined her paying me. I imagined the payment in my bank account and FELT CONVINCED that I received the payment already. I smiled and let that thought go.

Fifteen minutes later, she messaged me on Facebook. She apologized for the late payment but wanted to get my bank details so she could deposit the money that she owed to my bank account! That same day, her payment reflected in my bank balance!

One time, while in the Philippines, a friend and I were talking about a specific native Filipino dish that I didn’t cook for more than a year because of my long stay in the U.S.

I had a sudden craving for the dish that I mentioned I’d like to cook that dish the next day. At that moment, I imagined having that dish on my table for lunch. I imagined the taste and how it would be perfect with steamed rice!

The next day, I completely forgot about the dish, but my helper surprised me by serving that EXACT DISH at lunchtime without me asking her to do so! In fact, I never mentioned to her about the dish!

What’s even more surprising is that I never saw her prepare that dish before!

Another time is when I was trying to reach out to an old client. I sent them three emails already without any replies. Instead of sending another email, I decided to just imagine them calling me.

That night, I saw a message on Skype from that same client asking me how’s everything going and that they would like to hop on a call to talk about working together again!

Now that I know that my Individual Mind is part of the Universal Mind and that I share this One Mind with others, whether they are living or non-living, I no longer think of these experiences as “strange occurrences” anymore.

Even though I was pleasantly surprised, I knew that I created those experiences myself through my Individual Mind.

In fact, because I got used to these things happening all the time already whenever I imagine something, I just smile and tell myself, “Of course I created that!”

I would like you to imagine that you, me, and everything around us, are centers of the Universal Mind.

Being part of One Mind is such a magnificent revelation, and to know, understand, and experience this concept first hand is such an amazing gift!

Now that you know the Principle of Divine Oneness, try to recall the “coincidences” in your life. You will discover that you “thought” about these coincidences first before they appeared in your life.

In other words, they were not really coincidences— they were your thought creations! You created them through your mind!

The Principle of Divine Oneness is not only limited to human beings. Even you, your favorite pet, and that Prada handbag that you see in glossy magazines share One Mind!

Try to observe that when you have loving thoughts about your pet, it also acts lovingly towards you and reciprocates your affection.

When you express love for that Prada handbag that you see in your favorite fashion and lifestyle magazines, that Prada handbag will eventually come to you in a very unexpected way. You will end up owning it, and even possibly, without shelling out a dime!

When you think of a specific item, that item eventually manifests in your reality.

When you have the desire to travel the world, you will eventually travel the world.

When you think about a specific event, that event eventually happens to you.

That’s because all these things and you belong to the Universal Mind, and therefore share One Mind and One Universal Energy.

What binds you and the things that you want and consistently focus on is your Individual Minds. To be specific, the mental pictures that you create in your mind!

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