I came to realize that everything that we do is influenced by the universal laws of life, and that these laws are always right, whether we like it or not. Here are the laws that greatly influence our lives, our destiny, and the manifestations of our desires.

The Law of Mentalism

We live in a mental universe, and this means that every thought creates things. Everything that we see around us are a result of our individual and collective thoughts.

Walmart came about because the founders thought about it, Apple computers came about because Steve Jobs and his team thought about it, Barack Obama became president because he thought about running for president, I built a business because I had an idea that I thought would work, your best friends became your best friends because you thought they are good to have as best friends, this article came about because I thought I’d write something that would help those who are looking for answers to their situation.

Everything starts with a thought, and the natural progression of a thought is to become real.

Everything is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The key, therefore, is to make a decision on how you want to perceive your life to be. Because you are a powerful creator, you can absolutely create anything!

You can create the life that you desire, you can create your ideal relationship, you can create your ideal partner in life, you can create the types of friends that you will have, and create what family members think about you. You can also create how you are as a lover, a friend, a spouse, a parent… you can create the absolute best scenario in your life!

The Law of Correspondence

What is going on around you is a reflection of what is inside you.

Love yourself and radiate with love and everyone around you won’t be able to help themselves and love you in return or give you love. You will see things that are symbols of love, like couples holding hands, a cute baby playing with his father, friends enjoying each other’s company, beautiful flowers, balloons, a beautiful scenery; you will meet kind-hearted strangers, and even those who will go out of their way to help you. You will always meet people who love themselves or love what they do. Everything around you will be full of love!

If you have a low opinion of yourself, or are angry, or loathe yourself, everything around you will be in chaos and turmoil: your relationships, finances, businesses that you are in, friends, and even your health suffer, and these are mere reflections of what is inside of you. These chaos and turmoil will only make you feel worse about yourself, especially if you don’t recognize the fact that you created it in the first place. They make you feel more down and more negative about yourself — it becomes a vicious cycle.

You can change your outside world by changing the way you think and feel about yourself, by constantly watching your thoughts and feelings. You can only think of positive thoughts and then feel good about yourself. You cannot expect your outer world to simply change without you changing your inner world.

The Law of Vibration

The whole universe vibrates and never rests

If you vibrate love, you will attract things, people, and circumstances that vibrate love. You will attract the most positive and loving people. Those who already love you will love you more, and those who don’t will change their mind and start loving you. Pets will love you, and random people will love everything about you — they will even love what you wear and give you compliments that you’ve never heard before.

This is because everything is made of energy including our bodies. You are not solid, as what you are made to believe. Everything around you is energy. You are energy, and energy vibrates at a certain frequency. You have ‘low vibration’ and ‘high vibration’. Have you ever met anyone and actually feel that person’s energy or ‘vibe’? Either you like their vibe or you don’t — they don’t even need to do or say anything for you to know this. When you are attracted to them because of their energy, you can be sure that that person vibrates at a high frequency. They feel good about themselves, love themselves, and think positively about themselves.

Love has the highest vibrational frequency, and when you vibrate at that frequency, you will attract things with the highest frequency. You often hear people say, “Love what you do,” but don’t exactly tell you why. This is why.

Energies that are on the same frequency attract each other. The moment you change your vibration by changing your thoughts, you will come across amazing people, experiences, and will have your desires handed to you in an effortless way. Why? Because you are now vibrating at the highest frequency – the frequency of your desire

The Law of Polarity

Every cloud has a silver lining

For every unfortunate thing that happens to you, something fortunate must also be happening. Napoleon Hill said that every heartache carries with it the seed of greater benefit.

Instead of feeling negative about the things that are not in place right now in your life, give thanks because if these things and events did not happen, you will not discover the natural laws that are responsible for everything around you. You will also not discover that in order to have a great life, you have to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings and become the conscious creator of your life.

So be grateful that this temporary state of your situation is preparing you for a much more amazing and wonderful life experience — something that you truly want and imagined for yourself. So use this time to learn as much as you can on how you can have the most wonderful life from now on.

The Law of Cause and Effect

The human mind is full of unexplored potentials and a fertile ground ready for us to plant a seed. And whatever we plant will grow into something that we will harvest later on. So if we carry and plant seeds of doubt, fear, anger, misery, etc., these seeds will grow we will later harvest crops of doubt, fear, anger, and misery.

If you grow seeds of faith, love, hope, and joy, these seeds must return to us in the form of harvest.

As every effect has a cause, you must be conscious of the seed (cause) that you’re planting in your mind to have your desired effect. If you want your life to change for the better, plant in your mind the thought that it will be better. In fact, it is getting better and better by the day, in fact it is better now, in fact it started getting better last week. Water these thoughts day in and day out so they will go and flourish into a manifested state: a better life for you.

The Law of Gender

When the universe chooses to bring you your desires, it makes sure that you are 100% ready to receive it and it makes sure that everything will happen at the perfect time. If the specifics of your desired outcome is very clear in your mind, the universe will arrange and orchestrate things and events that will bring your desires closer and closer to you.

Even though your desires already exists right now, the law of vibration must be in action for it to come to you, which means you have to vibrate on the same frequency as your desire. Desires always vibrate in very high frequencies like joy, love, and peace. When you vibrate at these frequencies, your desires will manifest in your reality.

In other words, when you are 100% ready and all circumstances are in perfect alignment to bring you what your heart wants, we call it perfect timing.

If at some point you become impatient, think of the process as something similar a pregnant woman, who needs time for their unborn child to develop and grow in their belly. The health of the child depends on how the mother takes care of them when they are in the mother’s womb. Since the mother and those around her know that the child will be born in nine months, meanwhile, everyone prepares before the birth of the child: they buy clothes and items, they decorate the house, they pick a name, the mom eats healthy and makes sure she’s in a vibrant mood as often as possible, etc. They do not insist that the baby will be delivered on the 5th month because the baby would be immature. Instead, they wait for the 9th month, the divine timing.

So instead of insisting that your desires will manifest right now, you should continue to persist while believing 100% that your desires will come in perfect time.