Guided Visualizations

One of my favorite subconscious reprogramming techniques, along with listening to subliminals and hypnosis, is visualization.

In fact, I use visualization as my main tool to consciously create my desire. I have used this technique MANY times, and it works every single time! Sometimes, visualization gives me an INSTANT manifestation of my desires!

Since ALL IS MIND AND THE UNIVERSE IS MENTAL, this means we create our reality through our minds. Visualization — the conscious creation of mental pictures and imaginal scenarios — is an active way of creating our reality.  

According to the Law of Mentalism, if we focus our attention on a specific thought or mental picture our subconscious mind will store that mental picture as our absolute truth and then execute it in our reality for us to experience. In other words, the subconscious mind LITERALLY translates our predominant thoughts into physical experiences. 

Feeling is the Secret

The subconscious mind stores not only the mental pictures and scenarios that you imagined but also the feelings (vibrational frequency) that you used to imagine these mental pictures.

If you imagine your have $1 million in the bank but fear it will be taken away from you, your feelings about money is negative. Your negative vibrational frequency will give you the NEGATIVE version of your desire, which is the lack of $1 million.

But if you infuse your mental picture of $1 million with positive feelings such as excitement, happiness, gratitude, and love, what you get is the POSITIVE version of your desire, which is the reality that you have $1 million in your name!

Your FEELINGS give power and substance to your thoughts and mental images. 

To make it easy to understand, check out these simple formula:

MENTAL IMAGE of your desire + NEGATIVE FEELINGS as you visualize = NEGATIVE VERSION of your desire manifested in your reality

MENTAL of your desire + POSITIVE FEELINGS feelings as you visualize = POSITIVE VERSION of your desire manifested in your reality

Based on this, your feeling is the SECRET to manifesting your desire . The version of manifested desire depends primarily on the feelings you have while you imagine your desire. 

When you visualize your ideal person in a relationship with you but you fear they might have found someone else, what happens is it becomes your dominant “thought-and-feeling” combination. Based on the formula above, you will get the negative version of your desire, which is the absence of your ideal person in your life! 

If you want to realize your desire in its highest version, you need to give it substance and power using positive feelings. So, feel positive and happy when you imagine. Imagine you already have your desire with you. What if you already have your desire right now? What would you feel?

I compiled a list of positive feelings that give positive manifestations. Here are some of them:

  • Joy – a sense of delight, happiness, and perhaps even exhilaration, often experienced as a sudden spike due to something good happening.
  • Gratitude – a feeling of thankfulness, for something specific or simply all-encompassing, often accompanied by humility and even reverence.
  • Serenity – a calm and peaceful feeling of acceptance of oneself.
  • Interest – a feeling of curiosity or fascination that demands and captures your attention.
  • Hope – a feeling of optimism and anticipation about a positive future.
  • Pride – a sense of approval of oneself and pleasure in achievement, skill, or personal attribute.
  • Amusement – a feeling of lighthearted pleasure and enjoyment, often accompanied by smiles and easy laughter.
  • Inspiration – feeling engaged, uplifted, and motivated by something you witnessed.
  • Awe – an emotion that is evoked when you witness something grand, spectacular, or breathtaking, sparking a sense of overwhelming appreciation.
  • Elevation – the feeling you get when you see someone engaging in the act of kindness, generosity, or inner goodness, spurring you to aspire to similar action.
  • Altruism – usually referred to as an act of selflessness and generosity towards others but can also describe the feeling you get from helping others.
  • Satisfaction – a sense of pleasure and contentment you get from accomplishing something or fulfilling a need.
  • Relief – the feeling of happiness you experience when an uncertain situation turns out for the best, or a negative outcome is avoided.
  • Affection – an emotional attachment to someone or something, accompanied by a liking for them and a sense of pleasure in their company.
  • Cheerfulness – a feeling of brightness, being upbeat and noticeably happy or chipper; feeling like everything is going your way.
  • Surprise (the good kind!) – a sense of delight when someone brings you unexpected happiness or a situation goes even better than you had hoped.
  • Confidence – emotion involving a strong sense of self-esteem and belief in yourself; can be specific to a situation or activity, or more universal.
  • Admiration – a feeling of warm approval, respect, and appreciation for someone or something.
  • Enthusiasm – a sense of excitement, accompanied by motivation and engagement.
  • Eagerness – like a less intense form of enthusiasm; a feeling of readiness and excitement for something.
  • Euphoria – intense and the all-encompassing sense of joy or happiness, often experienced when something extremely positive and exciting happens.
  • Contentment – peaceful, comforting, and low-key sense of happiness and well-being.
  • Enjoyment – a feeling of taking pleasure in what is going on around you, especially in situations like a leisure activity or social gathering.
  • Optimism – positive and hopeful emotion that encourages you to look forward to a bright future, one in which you believe that things will mostly work out.
  • Happiness – a feeling of pleasure and contentment in the way things are going; a general sense of enjoyment of and enthusiasm for life.
  • Love – The strongest of all positive emotions, love is a feeling of deep and enduring affection for someone, along with a willingness to put their needs ahead of your own. You can feel love for an individual, a group of people, or even all humanity.

Of course, the highest and the most profound of all these emotions is LOVE. 

This refers to unconditional love and not romantic love; but it is not enough that you send unconditional love to your desire during your visualization session, but don’t love yourself and others. You also cannot continue to be mad at a colleague, a relative, or a friend who offended or wronged you in the past. You should not be selective when it comes to giving unconditional love; otherwise, this love ceases to be unconditional.

Why You Need to Visualize in a Relaxed State

It is important to visualize in a sleepy or relaxed state. Your mind and body should be relaxed before you start your visualization.

The sleepy or relaxed state makes your subconscious mind more receptive to suggestions (thought mental pictures and feelings). When you are sleepy, your conscious mind (the gatekeeper to your subconscious mind) is weak but your subconscious mind is fully awake. In fact, your subconscious mind is awake 24/7.

So, when your conscious mind is weak, there is nothing to filter and discard the suggestions. Your subconscious mind will absorb all your suggestions and store them as your permanent beliefs. 

Then your subconscious will execute these beliefs in your reality for you to experience.

Visualize from Your Point of View

Visualization or your conscious use of focused attention, can affect something, someone, or even a situation despite the distance. It doesn’t matter if that person or thing is around you or 8,000 miles away from you — the effect will be the same.

Your mind doesn’t understand what’s real and what’s not real. It doesn’t know whether you actually experience the mental images that you repeat in your head or not. It only takes into consideration what it frequently “sees” in your mind’s eye.

This is why you MUST visualize as if you already have your desire in its complete state. When you visualize that you are YET to receive your desire, your subconscious will create a reality where you always wait for your desire to manifest.

You also have to visualize from the first person’s point of view so the data that your subconscious mind will record is you being a participant in these imaginal acts and not a mere spectator.

So, if you visualize drinking tea with your favorite celebrity, don’t visualize yourself and your favorite celebrity drinking tea a few meters away from you. Visualize as if you’re actually sitting in front of each other and drinking together. 

To give you an idea about first-person point of view, here are some photos that show how you should visualize:

You should not be able to see your face and your back — just your arms, legs, and your front body. This is the correct way to visualize.

Visualize Your End Goal

If you haven’t decided what your end goal is, you need to think about it carefully.  What is it that you want to achieve? 

If you want your dream car, imagine yourself driving it to and from work right now. If you want your dream house, imagine yourself living in it. If you want to be promoted to a higher position, imagine yourself in that position.

Don’t spend all your time and energy visualizing buying a car, making an offer to your dream house, or being interviewed for your dream job because your subconscious mind interprets your thoughts and beliefs LITERALLY. If you imagine the process, you will be stuck in the process.

When you focus on your end goal, your subconscious mind will store your end goal as your absolute truth and that’s what it will execute in your reality.  

Why Use Guided Visualization or Guided Meditations

While some people can create mental images on their own, not many people know how to. This is where guided visualizations come in.

Guided visualizations contain suggestions and prompts on what you need to imagine and feel. You don’t have to come up with your own scenarios, you just wait for the voice over to tell guide you through the entire visualization session. 

So, if you can’t visualize clearly or don’t know what mental pictures and scenarios to focus on, I suggest you use visualizations/meditations/telepathy.

I wrote and produced some these guided visualizations to help you consciously create your desire. You can use any of these visualizations every day to help you manifest what you want in real life. 

Guided Visualization Gallery

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Subscribe to my newsletter to download these products and to get weekly exclusive content, discount codes, and freebies.

Subscribe to my newsletter to download these products and to get weekly exclusive content, discount codes, and freebies.