To see someone struggle from an illness is difficult. We want the people dear to us to be happy and healthy all the time. Sometimes, we even wish to switch places with them and suffer the illness on their behalf, especially when the one suffering is a child.

More than anything, we want to help them feel better, nurse their wounds, and see them physically strong and happy again. I would like to let you know that you definitely can, and you don’t even have to be physically near that person that you want to help.

It also doesn’t matter if they live in another city or country. Distance is not a problem. What’s important is the intention to help and heal them, and your belief that it can be done.

To help heal your loved on, the first thing that you need to do is ignore their illness. This means that you should not even ask them about it, talk about the illness with other people, or mention it in a conversation. In fact, do not even think about it and pretend it doesn’t exist at all. It takes mental discipline to do this, but with practice, it can be done.

Next is to picture them in your mind in perfect and vibrant health and telling you how fabulous they are and how great they feel about themselves. Imagine them saying they are in their best health ever, and you’ve never seen them this happy before.

In your mind, make plans with them to do exciting things like going on a trip together, watching movies, going on a hike, or going shopping as if they didn’t have the illness in the first place.

If that person is confined in a hospital somewhere, think of them all packed and ready to go home. See the doctor signing the discharge slip and telling them the good news that they are now completely healed.

In addition to seeing the person completely healed, you should also feel every bit of positive emotion that comes out of that scenario. If the person is completely healed right now, what would you feel? If you feel overjoyed then feel overjoyed right now.

The concept here is very simple: what we focus on grows. Therefore, what we do not focus on disappears. In this case, you should not even focus on your loved one having an illness.

When you see and feel what you want to happen, you create a possibility of it happening in your reality. Some people call it a miracle. I call it a possibility. In fact, possibilities and miracles are one and the same.

Ignore the illness everyday and focus instead on complete healing. Experience it as if it were real.

There is another thing that you need to do for the manifestation to be complete: do not fixate on it happening right away, because when you keep waiting for the results and get upset when you don’t see anything, you contradict the whole idea of trusting the process.

Just stay relaxed, do your part, and miracles will happen.

Love and light,

— Marie