You probably wonder how you can help a friend who goes through a tough time in their personal life, especially when they just broke up with someone they love.

In difficult times like this, there’s no doubt you want to be there for them, give them advice, or do anything to make them feel better; but there are also times when you don’t even know what to say anymore, or that they want you to leave them alone, and will just reach out when they feel better.

Since I became good at manifesting my own desires, I have also gotten so much better at giving my close friends advice on their relationships, especially when they are going through a breakup. One of the recurring things that they want is to get their ex back.

One piece of advice that I always stick to is, “Decide what you want, and create it.”

Although this advice is for another person to use to create the reality that they want, you can also help them materialize what they want for themselves; and if what they want is to get their ex back, then you can certainly help them with that without exerting too much physical effort on your part.

I know you want to ask if it’s even possible to help another person get back with their ex or even have a relationship with someone they like.

I have read several articles that say it’s not possible to manifest a particular situation for someone else, and that they need to do it themselves if they want to create their own reality. This is not entirely true.

If we could heal others through our thoughts, then we can certainly help them change their current circumstance. Healing, after all, is a “change” in their state of being, so how different would that be when it comes to helping them change their current circumstance?

It’s also a common practice that if we want someone to be happy, we wish them happiness; and when someone is not feeling well, we send them good thoughts. That’s because thoughts have the power to change things.

Our mind, particularly our subconscious mind doesn’t really know if the images that we think of are for us or for others. Since the subconscious mind is the seat of all creations and translates our thoughts into our reality (whether these thoughts are negative or positive), it will create whatever we consistently focus on.

In other words, if we wish others well, our positive thoughts and feelings that go with “wishing them well” will eventually have a positive effect in their life.

Similarly, if you think about someone in a negative way, that person will feel that negativity and eventually develop negative feelings towards you, which can affect your relationship with them. Your negative thoughts will also negatively affect them, either physically or emotionally, especially when they find themselves in low vibrations.

I have to say this on the get go that sending negative thoughts can easily backfire by virtue of the law of cause and effect and the law of correspondence, so I highly discourage you to even think of someone in a negative light. Instead, always focus on the positives. Focus on sending positive thoughts so the positivity that you give away will return to you tenfold.

The process of helping your friend get their ex back is the same as doing it for yourself, and that is to create the reality that you want them to have in your mind.

In other words, visualize them happy and in an amazing relationship with whomever they want to be with. Imagine them telling you that they’ve gotten back together and are happier than ever. Imagine your friend overjoyed, glowing with happiness, and always smiling. Imagine genuine love to envelop them. Imagine congratulating them about their new relationship, and them thanking you for helping them get back with each other.

Think of yourself wishing your friend well and giving them a big hug. Send them thoughts of love on a daily basis, or whenever you think of them. Be genuinely happy for them.

Remember that by helping someone with all your heart, you will attract people who will also wholeheartedly help you in any aspects of your life. So do this for your friend wholeheartedly.

Repeat this as often as you would like until your friend feels so much better. The next time to see them, you will notice positive changes in their lives and even see them already back with their ex!

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