Have you ever came across a viral political post on Facebook with users arguing in the comments section? Worse, some users resort to cursing, shaming, or name-calling those who disagree with them.

Do you have a friend who keeps complaining  how miserable their lives are? In addition, you see news clips about crimes, calamities and disasters, poverty, and even war on your timeline.

Notice what you feel when you come across these posts. Do you feel annoyed? Upset? Angry? On the brink of tears, especially when the news item features a helpless child in Syria?

Being aware of what you feel when you see or read these posts is crucial, especially when you are in your journey to an amazing life. When I finally understood how the universe works, I’ve become very conscious of my own energy and the energy of people and things that surround me.

There’s one universal principle that you need to keep in mind: the universe is made up of energy. Whatever smallest particle that you can see and cannot see has energy. You and the things that you use and own are made up of energy as well. And energy vibrates at certain frequencies. Therefore, everything and everyone around you vibrates at certain frequencies, including yourself!

If you have negative energy (negative feelings), you vibrate at low frequencies. If you have positive energy (positive feelings), you vibrate at high frequencies.

The universal law of vibration states that things that vibrate at the same frequency come together. This principle is commonly referred to as “law of attraction”.  This is why it is always important to “feel good” or have “good vibes” throughout the day, so you only attract good things and good people to you.

Now, going back to Facebook, even though you are working so hard to be positive and keeping your vibe up, it only takes one negative news item, one negative post, or one negative comment to affect you, and possibly ruin your day.

It’s okay if this happens to you once only, but if you are bombarded by these negative posts and updates on a daily basis, then these will eventually form part of your subconscious. Eventually, what will manifest in your reality are what’s stored in your subconscious mind. In this case, you will attract more and more of these negative things, people, and events in your life.

To make sure you don’t become a victim of negativity on Facebook, I suggest these action steps:

Unfollow the news sites

If all you get from the news sites are negative news, by all means, unsubscribe or unfollow them.

During the U.S. Elections campaign period, I kept seeing negative news and hateful comments on my timeline so I decided to unfollow ALL the news sites like CNN, MSNBC, SF Chronicle, FOX News, and so many others. Not only did I have immediate peace of mind, my Facebook experience has also gotten so much better!

Unfollow people who always post negative stuff and complain too much about their lives

Sometimes people just want to vent on Facebook, because they feel so much better when they let their feelings out. This is understandable, especially when their posts are directed at no one is particular; but negative posts like complaints and incessant ranting have low frequencies (negative energy), and you wouldn’t want things with low frequencies in your life.

Besides, “unfollowing” a Facebook friend doesn’t mean you’re no longer connected. You still are, but you’re just taking a break from seeing all their updates on your timeline. Later on, when their vibe becomes more positive, you can follow their updates again.

Give love and like to all the good things!

If you see positive, funny, and encouraging posts from your friends, or photos of their beautiful and happy faces, their loved ones, or any status updates that feature love, happiness, success, abundance, travels, good food, etc., take some time to really feel the emotions in those updates and then let your friend know that you like or love their posts! These posts have high frequencies (positive energy) so you want more of them in your life.

The more you appreciate and give love to your friends’ positive and funny updates, the more your attract positivity to your life!

Be intentional with your posts

There are times when you just post away without thinking how your posts will affect other people. Of course there are moments when you can’t help it, or you simply don’t care especially when you have a need to be heard or when you think your opinion matters.

Before you post, ask yourself: what is my intention for posting this?

Do I want my voice to be heard? Do I want people to admire my new look? Do I want friends to envy me? Do I just want to brag? Do I want to show people that I am successful? Do I want to share something informative and useful? Do I want them to laugh because I think this post is funny?

Once you know your intention for posting, it’s easier to decide whether to continue with the post or not.

Be conscious of your activities on social media, like Facebook. Focus only on sharing things that will have a positive impact on others who see your posts.

If you want an amazing and wonderful life, fill it with things that vibrate in high frequencies.  So do more of what you want, and not what you do not want and you will be surprised to see significant improvements in your life in general.