One of my favorite techniques in manifesting any desires is visualization, that’s why I highly recommend it and feature the technique in many of my articles.

Conscious visualization, however, requires focus, mental discipline, creativity, and time to do it everyday, especially when you’re just starting out.

There’s another technique that I like that I constantly use, especially when I am multi-tasking, working, or too busy to allocate some time to visualize: listening to subliminal audios.

So what are subliminals? Subliminals are usually pieces of information that we receive without really knowing that we receive it, so we cannot really block them out.

One of the main reasons you may have a hard time manifesting your desires is that your conscious mind constantly blocks a lot of the new messages, suggestions, and mental images that’s supposed to reach your subconscious mind. Your subconscious stores all your belief patterns and executes your beliefs all the time without question.

For example, if you’ve just broken up with the person you love, and someone suggested that you should ignore the breakup and visualize the two of you still together and having the perfect relationship, your conscious mind will most likely have a hard time accepting your visualization as truth. The reason for this is that you’ve been pre-conditioned to believe that what you see in your current reality is true, and what you cannot physically see is not true.

In this case, your conscious mind believes that the relationship is over, your partner is no longer with you, you are all alone, and the idea of getting back together seems impossible because you had the worst and ugly breakup.

Well, since you keep thinking about these scenarios and repeating these statements to yourself, and keep believing in what you see in your current reality, they will all be stored in your subconscious as belief patterns. Because these are your belief patterns about relationships, you will continue to experience these patterns whether with your ex or with a new person.

Subliminal audio recordings are designed to send messages to your subconscious mind without your conscious mind blocking the messages. Subliminals can literally bypass your conscious mind without you even knowing about it. It is for this reason that you cannot hear the “suggestions” embedded in a subliminal audio. The suggestions are set at a high frequency so that they are inaudible to the human ear.

And if you consistently listen to these audios, you would be able to replace or re-write your negative beliefs about your relationship and about the person you’re trying to manifest, and replace them altogether with new beliefs. As you already know, your beliefs are what manifest in your reality.

What I like about subliminal audio recordings is that they are easy to access, are practical, and I can listen to them at any time. I usually do not hear nor understand the messages in the subliminal audios because they are incoherent, and that’s the nature of subliminals, anyway; but I know that they work because I get results every single time.

NOTE: Do not listen to subliminals while driving or at the gym because they may cause sleepiness. 

So, if you want to supplement your visualization, I would like to suggest that you use subliminal audio messages.

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You can also order a custom subliminal, which is meant to target your specific limiting beliefs and issues. As you know, these limiting beliefs create barriers to your manifesting your desire so it is important to replace them with new positive beliefs. Subliminals and visualization can achieve this.