How to Create Your Reality

Once your Subconscious Mind stores suggestions that are only beneficial to you, that’s how you will create IDEAL circumstances in your life. This is how CONSCIOUS REALITY CREATION works!

Form a Mental Picture

We recognize everything in our Physical Reality using our five senses. Our five senses can recognize objects in our visible world through their forms.

Whenever we see something, like a gorgeous Chanel purse, a beautiful scene in Italy, an amazing house, etc., we can still preserve the pictures of what we have seen through our imagination or “mental pictures”.

But the pictures we see in our minds are things that already exist in our Physical Reality. These are the results of previous mental activities such as THE ALL’s meditation of the universal as well as our and other people’s creative imagination.

Now, since we know that the THINGS we see in our Physical Reality are the results of previous mental activities, we can create our reality using our minds as well!

But instead of focusing on what already exists in our reality, we tap into this MAGNIFICENT POWER within us by impressing our Subconscious Mind with “mental pictures” or WHAT WE WANT TO APPEAR as physical circumstances!

The MAIN PROCESS by which we create our Physical Reality is through “mental pictures” or IMAGINATION.

When you IMAGINE a scenario or an object in your mind and use a SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE, you make them come true in your Physical Reality IN DUE TIME.

Simply put, the first step in creating your reality is to IMPRESS your Subconscious Mind with what you want to appear or experience in your Physical Reality.

But First: Know What You Want

Of course, you won’t be able to impress your Subconscious Mind with what you want if you don’t know what it is you want.

Many people do not manifest what they want because they are confused, undecided, or not clear about what they want. You will only get results if you know exactly what you want!

It is important to have a clear and well-defined understanding of what you want before you can impress it on your Subconscious Mind. In this way, if you don’t manifest your desire in your reality, you don’t blame it on anything else except your poor or vague image of what you want.

Be Happy and Satisfied

It is important that you are happy and satisfied with your desire, and that you FEEL WORTHY and DESERVING of it.

High vibrations are very high up in the Scale of Consciousness because these are “DIVINE” vibrations that help manifest your desire FASTER compared with vibrating at the lower scales.

It is also important that what you desire involves NO HARM to others and will always work out “for the good of all” concerned.

The reason for this is you want to avoid Karma, which will be explained later under the universal law of Cause and Effect.

See Your Desire as a Fact

When you imagine your desire in your mind’s eye, make sure it is a well-defined and specific picture of what you want.

Picture it as if it is already a FACT as if your desire is already happening or has already happened in your Physical Reality.

Neville Goddard, one of my favorite esoteric authors, says that to manifest our desires, we must “LIVE IN THE END” or imagine it in its “COMPLETED STATE”.

Hold it For as Long as You Can

The next step is to hold the mental picture of your desire AS LONG AS YOU CAN. Concentrate on making the image of your desire complete. Think of it objectively as if it is in front of you already, or as if you are in it already (it’s a place or an event).

Do not try to guess how it will come about and manifest in your Physical Reality. Do not try to create a plan to bring it into your reality or WILL for it to manifest right away. That is the job of your Subconscious Mind.

Let Go With Faith

After you have formed the mental picture of your desire in your mind’s eye and held it long enough for it to be completed, give your Conscious Mind a rest by relaxing your mind and body.

Let go with your desire with ABSOLUTE FAITH that your Subconscious Mind will communicate it to the Universal Mind or the Field of Infinite Possibilities where your desire is already done — it just needs to manifest it into the Physical Plane.

Now, some people doubt that their desire will come true, and doubt comes from their LACK OF KNOWLEDGE of Conscious Creation and how the Universal Mind creates reality through your Subconscious Mind.

I hope that with the knowledge that you gained so far, you will have ABSOLUTE FAITH that your desire will eventually manifest, especially when you keep impressing it on your Subconscious Mind because your subconscious thrives on repetition.

Absolute Faith Means You “WILL” For It To Happen

Absolute faith means you have the WILLPOWER to make your mental images manifest as a real experience or as a real object.

Why is ABSOLUTE FAITH or WILLPOWER needed to manifest your desire? Let’s go back to the previous lesson:

We talked about how the Conscious Mind controls the Subconscious Mind, which means that an image formed by the Conscious Mind can be impressed on the Subconscious Mind for the latter to execute it together with the Universal Mind.

Just like how the hypnotist ORDERS the subject’s subconscious to act like a cat, and the subject immediately accepts and executes the order and acts like a cat.

Remember that the Subconscious Mind does not have a will of its own, and is impersonal in its acceptance and execution of orders.

So, if you want your Subconscious Mind to accept your mental images as TRUTH, you must have the WILLPOWER to command your Subconscious Mind to accept it right away.

And this can be done by feeling 100% confident about your ability to manifest, leaving no room for doubt, fear, and anxiety.

Having ABSOLUTE FAITH that your demands will be accepted and executed by your subconscious will result in it accepting your demands right away.

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How to Create Your Reality

How to Create Your Reality

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