Do you know that EVERYTHING that is happening now or has happened in your life is the result of years and years of learning, thinking, and behaving?

Who you will be in the future is the result of the things you do now. So, if you don’t’ like something in your life right now, it’s’ time to change it.

And that all-important change begins with your MIND.

Know Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind

There is a familiar quote from American psychologist William James: “The great revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

While James’ quote is valid, it is unfortunate that many people have not tapped the full potential of the mind.

Albert Einstein said that we only utilize 10% of our mind. There’s a whopping 90% that remains untapped.

Obviously, the 10% that you use from day to day is your conscious mind. This part of your mind is at work when you’re awake. Through the conscious mind, you can think, learn, and make decisions.

The function of the conscious mind is very limited: You can only hold on to a few ideas before you forget them.

Example: Do you remember a great idea only for it to go away because someone distracted you?

That’s how fleeting your conscious mind is.

BUT…did that great idea disappear into oblivion? Actually, no, it didn’t.

Every idea, thought, belief, and emotion gets stored into your subconscious mind. It is your subconscious that comprises the untapped 90% of your mind.

On the physical level, your subconscious controls your body’s processes, such as your breathing, heart rate, healing, and tissue regeneration. On the behavioral level, your subconscious stores all the bits of information that make you who you are.

Your behavior, your habits, your beliefs, every decision that you make, etc. come from the information that you have stored in your subconscious from all these years.

Look at it this way: If you had serious relationship problems in the past, these problems have something to do with the false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) that you have stored in your subconscious.

Here’s another thing: Your subconscious links directly to the Universe (or the Universal Mind). The Universe, being the unbiased provider of both good and bad things, will give you what it perceives you want based on information from your subconscious.

So, if your subconscious mind stores all the hurt and resentment that you have toward your ex, all these negative beliefs will overwhelm the love that you still feel for your ex.

The result is that both the Universe and your subconscious mind will work together to widen the divide between you.

Now, the question is: How can you fix the problem with your subconscious mind so that you can get your ex back?

Subliminals Are The Key to Your Subconscious

Because your subconscious has been programmed by the people around you and your environment, you have inadvertently stored limiting beliefs. These beliefs are used by your conscious mind to determine what is right and wrong for you. As a result, your conscious mind acts as a filter to your subconscious.

Picture this scenario: You find out that you still love your ex and that you want to get back with them. This is what you wish to your conscious mind to act on.

The problem is, your subconscious mind contains all the pain, anger, and resentment toward your ex. They may not be evident to you, but they are there.

It is these beliefs that cause your conscious mind to let you feel fear and doubt over the possibility of a reunion with your ex.

What you need to do is bypass the guards your conscious mind put up to block new beliefs. You need to send these beliefs DIRECTLY to your subconscious mind. You can accomplish this EFFORTLESSLY with subliminal audio programs.

Subliminals are special audio recordings. When you hear a subliminal for the first time, you may find yourself listening to gentle music or soft nature sounds.

But subliminal audio programs are more than just relaxing music and sounds. These recordings contain multiple tracks that stimulate the mind so that the suggestions will get stored directly in your subconscious mind.

Because your conscious mind cannot “hear” these hidden messages or suggestions contained in the subliminal, it cannot block them using logic and reasoning.

When you listen to these subliminals every day, your subconscious mind will accept these affirmations as TRUTH. The new and empowering suggestions will replace your false and limiting beliefs about getting your ex back.

When you reprogram your mind, the manifestation of your goal becomes faster and more accurate.

Case Study: Erin

A reader named Erin separated from her husband for one year. At first, they were compatible and both were happy at their respective jobs. There was nothing wrong in the relationship except that Erin’s mother-in-law always found something in Erin to criticize.

Faults that did not exist started to appear. The mother-in-law even criticized Erin’s taste in clothes. Despite being a snappy and stylish dresser, she began to dress in a sloppy way.

The mother-in-law also criticized her hairstyle, so instead of getting a new haircut every few months, Erin decided to grow and tie her hair down in a ponytail.

The mother-in-law also told Erin that her cooking is not up to par. Even though her husband complimented her cooking many times, she began to lose interest in the kitchen and was always anxious to cook for her husband’s family.

As time passed, Erin began to have frequent fights with her husband about his mother. The husband begged Erin to be patient.

But things got worse when the mother started to call them out about not having kids yet, even though it was Erin’s and her husband’s mutual decision to delay having a kid until they have enough savings.

Due of the implications of infertility, their sexual relationship suffered. Eventually, Erin told her husband she couldn’t take it anymore.

That year off between them was the period of peace that Erin wanted. She still loved her husband and wanted to reunite with him. What kept holding her back are the negative beliefs that his mother had pounded into her mind.

Because the change needed to start with her, Erin came to us with her problem. She ordered a custom subliminal that could specifically address the negative beliefs that her mother-in-law implanted in her mind.

After three weeks of listening to her custom subliminal, Erin received a phone call from her husband who asked her if they could talk.

When they met, they talked about how much they missed each other and if they could start over again. Of course, Erin agreed to his proposal.

Erin emailed us the good news that she and her husband started to live together again, and that they are more in love now than before.

The mother-in-law still criticizes Erin, but the criticism has toned down. She also learned to ignore her mother-in-law and not take her criticisms personally.

Erin’s story proves that if you change the contents of your subconscious, your reality will also change.

This is the basic foundation of Law of Attraction: you attract what you think and believe. Unfortunately, many of these beliefs are negative in nature that should be corrected using different techniques. One of these techniques (and one of the most effortless ways) is by listening to subliminal audio programs.

Our Manifest Your Ex Back Subliminals Can Help You

If you would like to get your ex back but you are struggling to, that’s because your subconscious mind is not convinced that you can have them back. You need to convince your subconscious that your ex will come back to you and they will. The best and the fastest way to do this is through guided meditations or visualizations and by listening to subliminal audio programs. Do this for at least 30 days. You can check out our available manifest your ex back subliminals and see if you can find anything that applies to your situation.

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