How to Manifest Your Fiance Back for Good

Let me start by saying this: I’m happy you’re here with me right now because this means you want to change your reality and take the necessary steps to get your ex-fiancé back for good.

Before we get to these steps, it is essential that I impress in your mind the five ABSOLUTE TRUTHS about love, relationships, and marriage.

Let’s face it: You are presently living in a fog of hurt, worry, fear, and doubt over your break-up with your fiancé. These ABSOLUTE TRUTHS will be your first weapons to pierce through this thick fog of negativity.

TRUTH #1: You two are DESTINED for each other.

TRUTH #2: Your engagement with your fiancé is the PENULTIMATE step, the second to the last of a series of steps toward your ultimate goals of lifetime love and enduring marriage.

You began as just casual acquaintances then became good friends. It did not take long for the two of you to start dating. In time, you both made the decision to be together forever. You even entered your engagement period with a bang, with him presenting you with that lovely ring. Of course, you said yes.

Why wouldn’t you say yes? You’ve known each other very well and wanted to spend the rest of your life together. You already know the best and worst in each other’s personalities.

TRUTH #3: In knowing each other’s personalities, you have come to accept, love, and understand the similarities, differences, and the little quirks that define each of you.

TRUTH #4: Because you accept the totality of your fiancé, you possess the powerful and profound desire, intention, determination, and love TO BE with him.

Your fiancé shares these strong emotions with you as well. Not surprisingly, because of this, your desires are a MUTUAL, TWO-WAY THING.

No matter where you are, you always search for him, want to be reunited with him. Your fiancé harbors the same strong feelings to be with you again. You can only imagine now — at this time that the two of you have broken off your engagement – just how deep and powerful this desire for a reunion between you is.

TRUTH #5: This intense, powerful desire, love and intention TO BE reunited with your fiancé is empowering the three aspects of your mind (conscious, subconscious, superconscious) to create this reality that you so fervently want.

Do you need proof?

Remember all those times when you had a problem at work or with your family. You cried during those times and wished your fiancé could be there with you, to feel his arms wrapped around you.

Then there was the ring of the doorbell, and there he stood by your doorstep. He later admitted that he had this nagging “feeling” that you needed him.

On the other hand, you also felt the strange desire to be with your fiancé. You knew that something troubled him so that you headed over to where he was. You find him distressed and in dire need of your love, comfort, and support.

After reading these five truths, I know what’s going through your head right now.

“Shouldn’t these truths have worked to keep us together?”

“Why did we break up, especially this close to your wedding day?”

“When and where did things go wrong?”


This website has all the answers to these questions. I have the knowledge to assist you to initiate your reunion with your ex-fiancé.


I will give you the knowledge to get him back. It is your job to ACT on this knowledge so that you’ll achieve your desired results.

Why Your Engagement Got Broken

At this point in time, I’m sure you often think about your relationship with your ex-fiancé. You go through the happy moments and wonder when did things start to go wrong between you.

Rather than go through this aimless, meandering cycle of useless thoughts, let me guide you through the course of your relationship.

Try to bring back the memory of the beautiful, loving, wonderful, and oh-so-perfect couple that you were back then.

You loved this handsome, dashing man so much. He, in turn, loved and cared so deeply about you.

You completely adored each other. You firmly believed that he is the most wonderful, most amazing person in the world. He thought that you are the most beautiful, most fantastic person in his life.

Time did not pass by without either of you finding opportunities to talk to each other, whether it was a short and sweet message through text or email or a short call on the phone.

Neither of you said anything negative about the other. You were quick to defend each other from people who spoke poorly of you. You did not only know each other’s personality quirks, but you also accepted them and have found ways to adapt and cope with them.

You couldn’t stop talking about each other positively. You shared with family, friends, or just about anyone who wanted to listen that no other person loved you the way he did.

On the other hand, he said the same things about you. The pride that you had in each other was mutual.

Just think about it: you had the perfect, 100% connection that was deep, magical, and profound.

Your heart and mind were so attuned to him that you rushed over to his side with just the niggling feeling that something was not right. And he did the same thing when he felt you were sad, distressed, and lonely.

The connection that you had was not merely a physical one, but a connection of the heart and mind, created and strengthened by the Principle of Divine Oneness.

Your being together was YOUR DESTINY!

Why did such a beautiful and perfect connection break?

Now, let’s head on to recent months. Remember those moments when negative thoughts started to worm its way into your mind? The insidious statements started to warp the three aspects of your mind:

“This relationship is just too good to be true!”

“How could someone like me deserve someone like him”

“What is it that he saw in me that he loves me?”

“He has no time for me. He is always busy!”

“Does he truly love me?”

“What if he suddenly decides to leave me?”

“I don’t think I’m ready to get married. The thought of marriage scares me.”

You have already planted negativity in your mind. Worse, you opened your mind as well to the negativity of the people around you.

“He is not the right man for you.”

“There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, including yours.”

“I saw him with someone else.”

“You don’t know him.”

“If he really wants you, he will find time to talk to you.”

As your mind became a storehouse of negativity, your fears and doubts started to resonate from your heart and mind.

You recall past experiences with previous boyfriends, those times when things were going perfectly with them only to fall apart in the end. You started thinking that the same thing will happen to you and your fiancé.

I will tell you one negative, destructive comment that often comes out of the mouths of well-meaning parents, siblings, and friends:

“The time when you started dating to the day you get married is the honeymoon period. Once you’re married and you have finally settled down in a home of your own, you will discover who he really is.”

All these negative thoughts have stuck its insidious barbs inside your mind. Such is their strength and power that you unknowingly started to vibrate and project this negativity to your fiancé. Because of this, he became your dark mirror image, thought and behaved in the same obsessive, paranoid way as you and harbored the same doubts and fears.

You started to argue and fight more often. Those unusual quirks that you once thought cute and tolerated and accepted became huge peeves. Such is the level of intolerance that you frequently demand for him to change his ways.

Then there came the death blow to your relationship: “Are we truly destined for each other? I can’t live in a distressing relationship with him any longer.”

From here, both of you bade farewell to your coming wedding day.

If your break-up marked the end of all the negativity, you could not be more WRONG!

It should be okay that you want him back, that you have realized that you still love him.

However, this desire has deteriorated into an obsession. You always check his whereabouts through mutual friends and acquaintances; you bombard his phone and inbox with messages of apology and how much you want to be reunited with him; you monitor his social media accounts to check if he’s seeing someone new.

Unfortunately, this obsession over him and the energy of attachment make him stay farther away from you.

It should be evident to you now just how bad your negative thoughts and energy affect your relationship.

What You Think, You Create

You see now just how powerful your thoughts are. With your thoughts, you bring about your desired reality. WHAT YOU THINK, YOU CREATE.

By letting all those negative thoughts accumulate and fester your mind, you have created a breeding ground for all the negative things in your relationship. It is true what they say: YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!

If you believed that your fiancé is perfect, it is because YOU ACCEPT HIM AND LOVE HIM FOR WHO HE IS – BOTH THE GOOD AND THE BAD.

But because you allowed your negative thoughts to consume you, your subconscious not only picked up these discordant vibrations, they also amplified them. His subconscious mind picked up your negative thoughts and vibrations, and since we create what we think, your thoughts transformed him into the person you have grown to dislike (I say “dislike.” Never hate. There will forever be a part of you that loves him.) The man you now disliked is the person you created in your mind.

Here’s another thing: people say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I dare to say that your entire body is the mirror of your mind and soul. By letting these negative thoughts fester inside your mind, you are not aware that you are projecting your inner turmoil to the outside.

You say he changed. Well, let me tell you this. The changes HE saw in YOU – all that doubt, anger, and fear – were much worse than what YOU saw in HIM.

Don’t blame your fiancé for choosing to break off your engagement. Don’t blame the time or distance between you.


But I hear you protest. Why is it your fault, you ask? Shouldn’t the two of you share the blame?

Sorry but the answer is NO. The full responsibility for your breakup is on your shoulders and yours alone. This is because you had some choices and you made the wrong one.

You could’ve chosen to ignore all those negative thoughts inside your head, including those coming from the people around you.

Having accepted your fiancé’s quirks, you had the choice to cope and adapt to them as you often did while you were dating and engaged.

You had the choice to fill your mind with only positive thoughts for the entire length of your relationship.

You had the choice to believe that he loves you. You should never have doubted his feelings for you.

You had the choice to equally hold strong in the belief that you deserve his love.

Most importantly, you had ABSOLUTE CONTROL over your thoughts. In holding this control, you had the choice to focus only on the beautiful mind images of the two of you in a happy and perfect relationship.

You thought that your relationship came so quickly and easily for you. Why do you doubt that? THAT WAS YOUR CHOICE AND THE UNIVERSE ACTED ON IT BY GIVING YOU THIS PERFECT RELATIONSHIP IN A SNAP.

But what did you do? You made a choice to overwhelm your mind with negative thoughts so that your relationship turned into the stressful mess that it became.


Can You Reverse Your Break Up and Get Him Back?

No need to doubt the answer to this question. OF COURSE, YOU CAN GET HIM BACK!

Your negative thoughts caused the break-up. Naturally, your positive thoughts will get him back.

This can be accomplished by getting rid of all that negativity you have stored inside your mind. The reversal of your current situation can be done by replacing all those negative thoughts you have deleted with positive thoughts and emotions.

If you’re not sure what’s going inside your head right now, take a peek inside your mind. What thoughts are in heavy rotation inside your mind? Are you still burdened with doubts and fears that prevent him from coming back to you? Are you picturing ways by which you can win your fiancé back?

YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR CHOSEN REALITY. By choosing to be negative, you are preventing the positive thoughts and vibrations that will allow the two of you to reunite.

The Steps to Get Your Fiancé Back

STEP 1: Answer this question honestly: “Do you want him back?”

Sit down and examine your real motivation for wanting to be reunited with your fiancé. Maybe you want him back because of your bruised ego. On a much better note, perhaps you want him back because you truly love and miss him, that there’s a hole inside your heart that only he can fill.

Why am I asking you to do this self-examination? That’s because I’ve known people who worked very hard to get their exes back, only to discover that when they do get together again, they really didn’t love each other anymore. In these situations, a reunion is not worth it, and it is best for them that they move on.

You need to know if you want him back for the right reasons, like you genuinely love him and you cannot go through your life without him at your side.

If a wounded ego is the only reason you want him back, don’t even bother to exert effort since neither of you would want to get back into the relationship.

STEP 2: Know and be clear on exactly what you want

You have to visualize inside your mind with crystal clarity exactly what you want.

Is it the loving relationship you previously had before it got torn asunder by petty fights and bickering? Do you honestly want to push through with your engagement? Can you imagine being married to him and living together in a loving home? Can you picture yourselves happy with children?

Better yet, can you visualize a beautiful, loving and enduring relationship that can withstand all the negativity and the tests of time and the world?

Let’s face it: why settle for the same thing that you once had when you can have something better and much more beautiful?

Be very detailed with your thoughts as this will increase your chances of manifesting into reality the very images inside your mind. Give your imagination free rein to be wild and creative. This will provide your mind with the much-needed fuel to bring your desires into reality.

STEP 3: Accept the absolute truth that you are the ultimate cause of EVERYTHING in your life

This means you need to acknowledge the painful truth that you are the cause of your breakup with your fiancé. Accept the fault and blame for changing your fiancé which led to the dissolution of your engagement.

In the presence of doubt, fear, and hate, it is impossible for love to blossom and grow.

After you accepted your role in the breakup, LET IT GO. Give yourself the forgiveness you deserve. Don’t brood over the pain of your breakup. Eliminate all negative thoughts.

Instead, visualize the happy, loving moments you once had and improve this mental picture with a better, happier scenario as you restart your relationship anew.

You can create a positive present and future for yourself. It’s simple: overwrite negative thoughts with positive ones.

Step 4: Don’t be obsessed

Accept the fact that there is nothing that you can PHYSICALLY do to change your PRESENT situation. While it is okay to acknowledge the hurt, doubts, frustrations, anger, or feelings of betrayal that your breakup has aroused, you cannot fix your situation right now while these negative feelings are at full strength.

Believe me when I tell you that this will only make your situation worse. The constant begging for a reunion, the stalking of activities both in the real world and online — these are characteristics of obsession. Obsession and all other negative thoughts work by creating a sturdy and resistant barrier that will only drive him further away from you.

Seriously, chasing someone is more often fruitless. The best things in life are those that you can achieve with zero or minimal effort. For the effortless manifestation of your desires, have a firm grip of your positive thoughts, beliefs, faith, and most importantly the EXPECTATION that what you want to happen, will happen!

You don’t have to sweat all that hard stuff to win him back when you have the power of your mind and positive thoughts at your disposal.

Curbing your obsessive tendencies does not mean that you are letting your ex-fiancé go, that you are giving him up. Instead, what you are releasing is your obsessive need to control your present situation.

If you want immediate, spot-on results, you have to develop the mental discipline and focus for the conscious creation of your desired reality through visualization.

The sharp and intense focus during visualization is especially vital because it can produce faster or, better yet, immediate results. If you have a detailed mental image of your reunion with your fiancé, guaranteed it will become a reality.

Here’s another thing: ignore all that background noise. This includes the distressing circumstances of your present reality without him and the negative thoughts from the people around you. If you cannot block these out, you may either slow down or, worse, even cancel out the mental image that you are visualizing.

THE ONLY ABSOLUTE TRUTHS ARE YOUR THOUGHTS. You need to exert 100% control over your thoughts and not permit the negativity to overwhelm you.

Stay away from people who are eager to tell you negative things about your ex-fiancé. Remember that these people are also channeling your past negative thoughts back at you, so they have no bearing on your present circumstances and, especially, the future reality that you are in the process of creating.

Stop worrying and fretting over the past. Channel all your energies into creating new and positive thoughts of a better, happier relationship with your ex-fiancé.

Focus on Yourself and Your Thoughts Within

Now, what is the best way to transform yourself into a person brimming with positivity?

Well, now is the time to devote your time and energy to the one who need them the most: YOURSELF.

Admittedly, following a breakup, you are depressed and feeling humiliated or betrayed. You are not aware of it, but you are projecting your pains to your outward appearance. You are less healthy and/or you don’t observe good grooming as you did before. Unfortunately, when you ignore yourself, you amplify the existing negative vibrations and create a stronger connection between you and your ex-fiancé.

Get off that couch right this instant and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop crying and stop feeling miserable. Focus your energies on healing yourself and becoming whole again.

Start enjoying life again. Resume that good daily jog around the neighborhood. Treat yourself to healthy, yummy food at your favorite restaurant. Unable to get the knots of stress out of your body? By all means, make an appointment with your local spa and get a relaxing massage.

This is also a good time to splurge on yourself. Get that new dress and that latest shade of foundation and lipstick that you’ve been dying to try out.

Get yourself a complete makeover at your local beauty salon. Try out a new hairstyle. While you’re at it, get a facial and a hand and foot spa.

Has your mirror accumulated dust? Well, wipe it off so you can check out your reflection and see how beautiful you are.

Greet your reflected self, “Well, hello there, gorgeous! You’re looking fabulous, and we’ve only just begun!”

At your job, praise yourself for a well-done project and treat yourself to a victory dinner or a movie.

Find joy and gratitude for the things you have now: a supportive family, kind friends, a beautiful house, an uplifting career, etc. Having a grateful attitude is a magnet for more fabulous and more wonderful things to return to you, and that includes the fiancé you have lost.

In the process of creating this new you, visualize being showered by love and admiration from the people around you. Imagine them eagerly wanting to have a conversation and be friends with you. Picture yourself surrounded by adoring crowds. Of course, don’t forget humility. Thank your admirers for their ardent attention and love.

Faith is the foundation of the reality that you are creating. Be strong in believing in yourself and that all good things will be drawn to you, including your fiancé.

Faith also means getting rid of all the negative thoughts of fear, doubt, and worry that your fiancé might not return to you. Your desire will manifest into reality if you have absolute faith and trust in the power of your mind and the Universe.

Naturally, if you are strong in your belief and faith that your fiancé will come back, he will definitely return.

One important thing. In the course of this exercise, always keep in mind that you are doing this FOR YOURSELF, NOT FOR YOUR EX-FIANCÉ. By working to restore confidence in and feeling good about yourself, he will be attracted to you and find you irresistible with minimal effort coming from you.

Important Thoughts to Keep in Mind

Let me reiterate what I have said earlier. WHAT YOU THINK, YOU CREATE.

People’s attitudes towards you and everything that happens in your life are not random occurrences. They are the products of your mind and the reality that your mind created. You and your mind have manifested your expectations, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

If you want to get your ex-fiancé back and take full responsibility for everything and anything in your life, you need to take 100% responsibility for your mind and thoughts. This is the only way that you can fulfill your desires and manifest your chosen destiny.

Admit your mistakes and stop making excuses. Take the necessary steps to get your life and your relationship with your fiancé back in order.

Everything that exists in this world is a product of the mind. Nothing exists on its own.

Again, by being firm in your belief and faith that your ex-fiancé will come, it is guaranteed and inevitable that he will return.

No human being is intended to live his or her life alone. Delete all those festering negative thoughts and replace them with positive vibrations that will attract your fiancé back into your life.

Believe me when I tell you that the connection between you still exists. Let the vibrations that emanate from you flow through the link between you and pull him back into your life.

You are a powerful creator and a manifestor of your chosen reality and destiny because of your mind. Acknowledge that you possess this power. Claim it as your own. Use it in every aspect of your life, not just in your relationships.

As you achieve mastery over your thoughts, you become the master of your destiny.