There are certain ABSOLUTE TRUTHS about relationships that you need to know and keep in mind.

The FIRST TRUTH: Your engagement with your fiancée is ONLY one of the steps toward your ultimate goals of love and marriage.

Since your initial meeting as mere casual acquaintances to becoming friends, and then through the dating and engagement process, you have known each other very well. This includes your ability to identify the best and worst in each other’s qualities.

The SECOND TRUTH: You have learned to accept, love, and understand your differences and the little quirks of your personalities.

The THIRD TRUTH: It is because of your acceptance of everything that is your fiancée that you have the powerful desire, love, and intention to BE with her. Your fiancee shares and reciprocates these strong emotions, which makes your desires a MUTUAL, TWO WAY THING.

As you search for her, to reunite with her, she also searches to be with you again.

The FOURTH TRUTH: These thoughts of desire, love, and intention TO BE with your fiancée empower the three aspects of your mind to create the reality that you fervently want.

If you want proof of this, remember when you were troubled: perhaps a problem at work or with your parents and you wished that your fiancée could be there. Then there she was at your doorstep. She told you that she had a “feeling” you needed her.

Conversely, haven’t you had this niggling feeling that something’s not right with your fiancée and you rush to her to find her distraught, needing your love and comfort?

So, if these four statements are the absolute truths about relationships, you may wonder why the two of you broke up, especially this close to marriage?

Where did things go wrong between you? Most importantly, is there a way to bring her back for good so that both of you could bond together forever in matrimony?

I can help you answer these questions and help you initiate the process of getting your ex-fiancee back so that you can finally get married.

Let me tell you this though: If you want this most fervent desire to come true, you need to work for it.

I will provide you with the knowledge to get her back, but to put this knowledge into actual practice to produce the desired results totally depends on you.

Why She Broke Off Your Engagement

I’m sure you often reminisce your relationship with your ex. You also wonder where and when things start to go wrong.

At this point, I want you to go back to the beginning of your relationship:

The two of you were a beautiful, wonderful, and perfect pair back then. You loved that this beautiful woman equally loved and cared about you so much.

The complete adoration between you is mutual. You thought each other to be the most amazing persons in the world.

Not a day – or even an hour – passed by without either of you talked to the other, called each other on the phone, or send sweet messages through text or email.

Neither of you could say anything negative about the other. Both of you have come to know each other’s personality quirks and have come to accept them.

You could never stop raving about each other, and you are proud to tell people that no other person has loved you the way you loved each other.

What you had between you was the perfect, 100% connection; magical and profound.

You know just with a little thump in your heart when something’s wrong with your lover. When this happens, you don’t hesitate and rush over to her side, the very same thing that she does when you feel troubled and distressed in any way.

This connection was more than just physical; it was a connection of the mind and heart, forged by the Principle of Divine Oneness.

You were destined to be with her, and she was destined to be with you.

Why did something so beautiful and perfect get torn asunder?

This started when, one day, negative thoughts began to intrude your mind. You thought of statements, like:

“This relationship is too good to be true!”

“I don’t deserve such a wonderful person as her!”

“How could she love someone like me?”

“Does she truly love me?”

“What if she leaves me?”

“Marriage scares me. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.”

It’s bad enough that all these negative thoughts run inside your mind; you also open yourself up to negative comments from people around you.

“She isn’t good enough for you!”

“Nothing’s perfect in this world, including your relationship.”

“I saw her with someone else.”

“You don’t know her.”

As these negative thoughts built up inside your mind, you started to harbor fears and doubts.

As you remember past experiences with other ex-girlfriends, you began to worry that everything is just too perfect and that things will eventually fall apart.

One of the most negative comments that I’ve often heard from well-meaning parents and friends is this: “The period between dating up to the day you get married is the honeymoon period. Once you settle down, it is only then that you will know who she truly is.”

Perhaps you heard the same thing from people around and allowed all this negativity to take root inside you. Unknowingly, you channeled this negativity to your fiancée as well, so that she started to think and behave the same way as you and had the same doubts and fears.

Arguments and petty fights increased in frequency. The quirks that you once found cute and tolerable in each other became annoying peeves that each of you wants the other to change.

In time, the two of you started to think destructive of thoughts: “Are we destined for each other? Can I endure a distressing lifetime with him/her?”

And so, even with your wedding day on the horizon, she broke off with you.

But the negativity didn’t end there.

Yes, you want her back. You realized you still love her; but, you start to check her whereabouts, send text messages and emails that you are sorry and that you want her back, or monitor her social media accounts to see if she is seeing someone else.

(Unknown to you, she is equally obsessed with checking up on you.)

Do you see now just how bad the effects your negative thoughts had upon your relationship?

What You Think, You Create

Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts become things. WHAT YOU THINK, YOU CREATE.

All those negative thoughts that you allowed to fester inside your mind became the fertile soil for all the bad things that happened in your relationship. What you reaped you sowed!

That earlier statement about not knowing your fiancée while you dated/engaged is a LOAD OF CRAP!

Think about it: no human being can conceal his or her true nature for many years of dating and engagement. No person can maintain a façade of perfection.

The reason you thought your fiancée is perfect is the simple fact that YOU ACCEPT AND LOVE HER FOR WHO SHE IS – BOTH GOOD AND BAD.

Because of your negative thoughts, however, you allowed your subconscious mind to amplify those bad traits. You thought she changed for the worst, but you caused this change in the first place.

Worse, when you let these inner thoughts fester you, you projected your inner turmoil to your outer reality.

If you thought she changed, believe me when I tell you that the changes she saw in you – the doubts, the anger, the fear – were much worse.

In these circumstances, you cannot blame your fiancée for choosing to leave you. Neither should you blame the time or distance you imposed between you.


Why is this so, you wonder? Shouldn’t you share the blame equally? No, the responsibility for your breakup lies with you and you alone BECAUSE YOU HAD A CHOICE.

You had the choice to ignore the negative thoughts that you and the people around you have planted inside your head.

You had the option to accept your fiancee’s quirks and other unique characteristics as you once did.

You had the choice to think only positive thoughts when you were together.

You had the choice to believe she loves you and that you should never have doubted what she felt for you.

You had a choice to believe that you deserve her love.

Most of important of all, you had the choice to have absolute control over your thoughts and to focus only on the mental image of the two of you in a happy, perfect relationship.

Everything in your relationship came quickly to you because it was your choice to think that it was easy.

Instead, it was your choice that your relationship became stressful and complicated.

Again, what you reaped you sowed.

Can You Reverse Your Break Up and Get Her Back?

Of course, the answer to this question is a big YES!

If negative thoughts caused the break-up, positive thoughts will enable you to get her back. But you can only accomplish this if you eliminate all that negativity from your mind.

You can reverse the situation if you replace both your negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones.

Examine yourself right now: what thoughts are going through your head at this moment? Are you thinking of ways that will get your fiancée back? Or are your thoughts still riddled with doubts and fears that keep her from returning to you?

Always keep in mind that your thoughts create your chosen reality. By staying negative, you prevent positive thoughts and vibrations that will attract and bring her back to you.

The Steps to Get Your Fiancee Back

The FIRST STEP is that you MUST answer this question honestly: “Do you want her back?”

I want you to examine your true motivations for wanting your fiancée back. Is it because of your hurt ego during your break up that you want her back? Or do you want her back because you truly love her?

The reason is people work to get their ex’s back for a long time, only to realize that when they eventually reunite the love they once had no longer exists. In the end, it is no longer worth it to get back together and it is for the best to move on.

It is essential that you want your fiancée back for the right reasons – that you love her and you cannot live without her.

If you only want her back to fix your bruised ego, don’t bother because neither one of you would want your relationship restored.

The SECOND STEP is to know exactly what you want, and you need to be very clear on this.

Do you want the loving relationship you once had, before the bickering and the fights started? Do you genuinely want to continue with your engagement? Can you picture yourself married to her and living together under one roof? Do you see yourselves with children?

It is important to visualize what you want. The more detailed your thoughts are, the higher the chances you will manifest the exact thing. Let your imagination run wild and free. Give your mind the fuel to create your desires into reality.

The THIRD STEP is to accept the absolute truth that you are the cause of everything in your life. Accept the fact that the end of your engagement is your fault. Own up to the painful truth your negative thoughts changed your fiancee and ended your engagement.  

Where there is doubt, fear, and hate, love cannot grow and bloom.

Once you have accepted your role in the break-up, let it all go. Forgive yourself. Don’t dwell on the painful events that led to your break up. Disregard all negative thoughts.

Instead, remember the happy, loving moments and visualize a much better scenario about getting back together in a brand new relationship.

When you turn your negative thoughts about the past into positive ones, you create your present and future positively.

The FOURTH STEP is to curb your obsessive tendencies. You must accept the fact that there is nothing you can do PHYSICALLY to change your situation RIGHT NOW. It is okay to feel hurt, doubtful, frustrated, angry or betrayed. The thing is, you cannot fix the situation with these negative feelings.

These negative feelings will only aggravate your situation. When you beg for her to come back, or monitor her activities on social media, your obsession and other negative emotions will create a robust and resistant barrier that will make her run farther away from you.

Chasing someone is rarely successful. Remember that the best things in life are effortless. What you need to do to manifest effortlessly is to hold on a thought, belief, faith, and EXPECTATION that it will happen, and it will!

You don’t need to exert so much physical effort to get her back when you can use the power of your mind and your positive thoughts to do so.

Don’t think that when you stop your obsession, you let your ex-fiancee go. Letting go of your obsession doesn’t mean you give her up. What you let go of is your need to control your current situation.

I must also emphasize that if you expect immediate, on-the-spot results, you need to have the mental discipline and the mental focus to consciously create your reality through visualization.

You can speed up the process, however, when you sharpen and intensify your positive thoughts and create a detailed mental picture of what you desire — in this case, getting back with your fiancée.

Develop your willpower and determination to ignore your present reality and disregard the negativity from the people around you. If you allow your current reality to overwhelm you, you may slow down or cancel out the visualization process.

YOUR THOUGHTS ARE THE ONLY ABSOLUTE TRUTHS. It is vital that you have 100% control over your thoughts and not allow the pain and the negativity of your present reality overwhelm you.

Block out any negative news you hear or things you see about your ex-fiancee. Remember that these are products of your past negative thoughts and have no bearing on your present reality.

Don’t fret and worry about the past. Use your time to create new and positive thoughts.

Focus on Yourself and Your Thoughts Within

When you focus on yourself and the quality of your thoughts, you only have one goal: TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF!

A break-up after an engagement can be depressing and humiliating, which reflects on your outward appearance and only amplifies the negative vibrations that become a barrier between you and your ex-fiancee.

Don’t be sad or miserable. Instead, focus on healing yourself and becoming whole again. Go out and do the things you enjoy.

Perhaps take a hike somewhere scenic. Get a massage at your favorite spa.

If you’ve been slacking on your health routine, go back to eating a healthy diet and working out at the gym.

Spruce up your wardrobe by buying new clothes, such as that sleek suit that makes you look dashing.

Be a metrosexual for a change and go to a male salon and get yourself pampered with a total makeover.

Nothing feels better than a nice facial and a mani/pedi to clean up those nails.

Have you not been looking at yourself in the mirror lately? Well, get over there and stare at reflection now.

Tell yourself how great and handsome you look. Promise yourself that you will look so much better in the days to follow.

At your job, if you’ve done a project well, congratulate yourself and reward yourself to a nice dinner or a movie later on.

Be thankful and joyful for what you have now – loyal friends and family, a career, a house, etc. By being grateful, more great things will come back to you, including your fiancée.

As you are creating this new you, imagine the people around you admire and love you. Picture them eagerly want to talk and be friends with you. Imagine yourself surrounded by crowds who adore you. While you relish their admiration, be humble enough to thank them for their attention and love.

Always have faith. Be unswerving in your belief in yourself and that all good things will come to you, including a reunion with your fiancée.

Faith means letting go of all your fears, doubts, and worries about your fiancee not coming back to you. If you put your absolute faith and trust in the power of your mind and your ability to change your reality, your desire will manifest.

So, if it is your firm belief that your fiancée will return and you harbor strong faith, you are guaranteed a reunion with her.

One thing that you should keep in mind as you do this exercise is that you do this FOR YOURSELF and NOT FOR YOUR EX-FIANCEE. If you feel good and confident about yourself, she will find you very attractive and irresistible again with minimal effort on your part.

Important Thoughts to Remember

WHAT YOU THINK, YOU CREATE. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Everything that happens to you – people’s attitudes towards you, events or accidents, etc. – do not occur at random. These are products of your mind. The reality that you have created for yourself results from your mind. Your expectations – whether negative or positive – will become manifest.

But if you want to take full, 100% responsibility for your life, and that includes mending your engagement with your fiancée, you need to take an equal 100% responsibility for your mind and thoughts, as it is only in this way that you will fulfill your desires and achieve your chosen destiny.

Own up to your mistake, don’t make excuses, and take the necessary steps to make things right.

Everything that exists in the world is a product of the mind. Nothing exists on its own.

If you are firm in your belief and have faith that your ex-fiancee will return, I guarantee that she will come back to you.

No man or woman is meant to be alone. Start to eliminate all those negative thoughts, so that you will project the positive vibrations that will bring your love back to you. The connection was there, and it still exists. Let these vibrations flow through your connection and draw her back into your loving arms.

Your mind enables you to become a powerful creator of any life you choose. You need to acknowledge that you possess this power, claim it for your own, and use it.

By becoming the master of your thoughts, you become the master of your destiny.