How to Lose Weight by Impressing Your Subconscious Mind

Medical and physical fitness experts agree that weight loss is a complex health issue that involves the interplay between physical, psychological, and emotional factors.

Yet, the one thing they cannot fully agree upon is why some people can lose weight fast while others struggle, or even fail at it.

No two cases of weight loss problems are the same. This is because each individual has developed unique thoughts and beliefs about weight and reacts to these beliefs in different ways.

While there are people who make significant strides in their weight loss goals, some find themselves not losing weight at all despite all efforts or find themselves in an endless cycle of loss and gain.

If you struggle with a weight problem, you probably wonder: “What can I do to lose weight permanently?”

We will dig through your mind for all thoughts, beliefs, and memories that trapped you in an unending weight struggle, get rid of these beliefs, and replace them with new and empowering beliefs that will enable you to lose weight permanently.

Why You Are Not Losing Weight

We eat more than our body needs. These excess fats and calories are continuously stored. Since we don’t hunt for food anymore as our cavemen ancestors did, we don’t exert as much effort as they did in the past, so we don’t burn off all these excess calories and fats. As a result, there is a natural tendency for all of us to gain weight.

The problem doesn’t stop with genetics. As early as infancy, you are not aware of the fact that you are already gathering negative thoughts and beliefs from your surroundings.

For example, during infancy, the toddler, and early childhood years, many parents, especially in Asia, measure good health in terms of a baby’s “chubbiness”. The chubbier a baby, the healthier, cuter, and adorable he or she is.

Being “chubby” sometimes extends to the teenage years, and this is when these kids get bombarded by negative information and experiences about being overweight. Many of them suffer from bullying because of excess weight.

On television and other media, they always see how it’s not too good and beautiful to be overweight. They may only endure “fat-shaming” from peers in school and colleagues at work; they also get mean comments from trolls on the Internet.

All these negative thoughts and experiences get aggravated by their negative perception and feelings about their physical appearance. It is common for them to feel shame, insecurity, and frustration.

While they endure these negative experiences and feelings daily, they try everything that they can think of to lose weight: they go on diets and exercise not because they want to be healthier but so they can get favorable opinions from others.

The problem is, losing weight to satisfy others’ opinions rather than your need for good health will NEVER work.


Understand How the Mind Functions

To understand how you form these beliefs, we need to look at the mind and how it works. By understanding the functioning of the mind, it will be easier for you to appreciate how it works to conscious creation principles.

There are two key aspects of the human mind: the CONSCIOUS MIND and the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

The Conscious Mind is the aspect of the mind that has direct awareness of the things around you and your inner self. It is also the rational, discerning part of your mind that can distinguish between good and bad and right from wrong.

Because it can distinguish, your Conscious Mind labels and/or filters all your thoughts, experiences, and beliefs that you have obtained during your life and stores them in your subconscious.

Your Subconscious Mind not just serves as mere storage for all your thoughts and beliefs. It is this aspect of the mind that drives you to act and react in auto mode following the information that it has stored in its databank (so to speak).

The Subconscious Mind is more powerful than the Conscious Mind because it has the power to execute ALL YOUR BELIEFS blindly. Everything that you see around you is a manifestation of your subconscious.

However, “your desire” may not be what is stored in your subconscious.

Here’s an example of a desire: “I want to lose weight.” Simple enough. So why aren’t you achieving this goal?

That’s because you are not aware of the fact that every negative thought, experience, and belief that you have about being overweight has been gathered by your Conscious Mind.

Through constant exposure and repetition of the same thoughts through the years, your Conscious Mind decides that these thoughts are your absolute truth and store them in your subconscious as permanent beliefs.

Because of this, every time you have the same thoughts and experiences about your weight problem, your Conscious Mind hits auto mode and you repeat the same actions and reactions over and over again.

Here’s one of two things that you should know: since your Subconscious Mind is ALWAYS FOCUSED on “I’m overweight”, it works together with the Universal Mind to make you MORE “overweight”.

Let me give you an example: You may always think, “I want to lose weight so I won’t be overweight anymore.” Can you see the problem in this statement? Yes, you want to “lose weight”, but your mind is fixated on being “overweight”.

Another thing is that your negative emotions and feelings about your appearance strengthen the negative vibrations of these thoughts and beliefs.

Your negative emotions have a way to amplify the negative vibrations that your subconscious emits regularly, that’s why you get the body you don’t want.

Understanding Your Limiting Beliefs and Their Manifestations

Limiting Beliefs (LBs) start as thoughts, which are either positive or negative. You acquire these FLBs from your various experiences in life.

Your Conscious Mind gathers all of these FLBs, labels them, and then stores them in your Subconscious Mind. When you are confronted with a situation, your Subconscious Mind goes into auto mode and pops out the FLB that will address the problem at hand. If you are repeatedly confronted by these situations and these same FLBs continue to prove to be the solution, these FLBs become your absolute truths.

The problem is these FLBs trap you in an unending cycle of the same situations that you want to avoid. Unfortunately, as these experiences and situations keep repeating, you vibrate with negative vibes such as stress and frustration that perpetuate the same situations.

Weight loss is no exception.

I earlier mentioned that FLBs about weight begin as early as infancy and during your toddler years.

As a baby, you were happy at people’s delight when they saw you as “chubby”, “cute”, and “healthy”. At this age, you were not aware that being “chubby” as a baby and as a toddler puts you at risk of being overweight as an adult. Your FLB at this stage is that “chubby is good” and “people adore my chubby cheeks.”

When you reach your school-age years, this FLB is practically blown to bits as your schoolmates start to tease you for being overweight. You might have been bullied by someone. At this point, you may already be experiencing self-doubt and poor self-esteem.

The teenage years may be the worst for overweight kids. Since many teens have strong perceptions of beauty and health based on what they see in various media, they often take “body shaming” to the extreme, including posting on social media.

Because you are emotionally vulnerable at this stage on account of fluctuating hormone levels, your self-esteem takes an intense beating. You become depressed, angry, and even afraid to go to school to face such cruelty.

You don’t like to hear these negative comments from other teens, and you also start to dislike yourself for being overweight.

This “body shaming” may even carry on into adulthood, wherein there is pressure for you to lose weight not only to be able to function better at work, but to feel more confident about going out on dates.

Through all these years, you acquire many FLBs that don’t only prevent you from losing weight but may even cause you to gain more weight.

Common FLBs About Weight and How They Manifest

Here are some of the common FLBs about weight and how they manifest into your physical reality:

1. “I am overweight because it runs in the family.”

This FLB develops as a result of hopelessness. Your parents and/or siblings may tell you, “Well, it runs in our family. There’s nothing you can do.”

Resigned to your fate, you allow yourself to become the “victim” not only of others but also of your family and yourself. You believe that there is no hope for you to lose weight, that you do not even make any attempts to try and lose those excess pounds.

When you have this FLB, you:

  • Tend to be pessimistic with a resigned outlook. You accept that there is nothing you can do to change your weight or any aspect of your life.
  • Possess poor self-esteem and don’t have self-confidence
  • Readily accept criticisms about your weight
  • Tend to be a loner, avoiding people who might mistreat you because you are overweight.

2. “No matter what I do I can’t lose weight. It also takes too much effort, so why bother trying?”

This is a defeatist attitude born from half-hearted attempts to lose weight. You may also have developed this FLB if your parent or relative has also failed to lose weight.

If you love to research on the Internet, you may also be influenced by the negative reviews of certain weight loss programs before you even try them out.

Having this FLB prevents you from checking out other programs or techniques that may work on your specific weight problem.

When you have this FLB, you:

  • Tend to be lazy and prefer to take the easy route out of any situation
  • Tend to give up easily
  • Tend to put things off for another day
  • Tend to feel depressed and hopeless
  • Are overly critical. You find fault in everything, including weight loss programs so that you readily conclude that they won’t work.
  • Are fearful of trying new things that may give you a better solution to your problem.

3. “I’m ugly because I’m overweight.”

When you have this FLB, you put too much stock on your physical appearance. This FLB is solidified by the negative comments that people have about you.

Because of this, you don’t appreciate other aspects of yourself, such as any positive traits that you possess. Instead, by affirming that being overnight makes you feel undesirable, you allow the manifestation of the negative aspects of your character.

When you have this FLB, you:

  • Tend to over criticize your physical appearance
  • Are burdened by insecurity and self-doubt
  • Tend to be hot-tempered and irritable

4. “Don’t eat fattening foods because they’re bad for you.”

You’ll be very surprised but you can develop FLBs from the health-related stuff you read in newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet. This FLB is one very good example and persists up to the present.

Fats are not bad if consumed in the recommended daily intake. After carbohydrates, fats are the next to be burned off by the body to obtain energy.

Here’s the thing about this FLB: if you remove fats from your diet, you not only compromise your heart and brain health — you end up overeating and gaining more weight as your body tries to meet its need for energy.

When you have this FLB and others related to your readings/research on weight loss, you:

Tend to be gullible and believe everything you read and hear
Easily accept everything as truth without digging deeper
Are far too trusting

5. “No one wants to be with me because I’m overweight.”

This FLB was born from fear of being abandoned and rejected by the people around you. This fear manifests especially if you experienced being “body-shamed” and other forms of insults and humiliation.

Because of this, you are afraid of trusting people, even though they care about you, and not your weight. You fear that the people you love will abandon you. In some cases, you push these same people away deliberately by picking fights with them so that you can test their loyalty and love to you.

When you have this FLB, you:

  • Tend to be clingy
  • Tend to be argumentative to the people you care about, in the hope of testing their loyalty to you
  • Are distrustful of people.

6. “I won’t be able to eat the things I love anymore.”

This FLB develops as a result of dependency on “comfort” foods. You draw too much satisfaction and pleasure from your favorite foods, especially given the temporary “high” that these foods provide. Such fear is also born because of a prior life of deprivation. It is unthinkable for you to be deprived of the foods you love.

When you have this FLB, you:

  • Tend to be overly dependent upon people
  • Tend to be selfish and greedy. You also tend hoarding.
  • Are extremely envious and would want to have what the other person has.

7. “I can be as thin as __________.”

You may develop this FLB if you are frequently being compared with other people. This is especially true in families wherein you have parents who say, “Why can’t you be more like __________.”

Such unfair comparisons may also be made in school with teachers showing favoritism toward other students.

When you have this FLB, you:

  • Have poor self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Have an inferiority complex

The effects of these FLBs and others like them get intensified due to two factors:

First, your FLBs arouse bad feelings, leading to the release of low, negative vibrations. The combined vibrations of your FLBs and your ill emotions cause the repetitive manifestation or worsening of your weight problem.

Second, FLBS harbor an expectation of what will happen. The “expectation” vibrations that you produce push your Subconscious Mind to give you what you expect, which is weight gain.

The Effect of FLBs On Your Resonance For Weight Loss

In terms of music, the word “resonance” means “the intensification and enriching of a musical tone by supplementary vibration.” Although not in a musical sense, this definition also applies to FLBs.

FLBs vibrate in a low, negative frequency, that’s why they manifest as weight gain. In contrast, your desire for weight loss and a healthy body vibrates at the high, positive frequency of love, which should enable you to manifest weight loss.

However, the vibrations of your FLBs, together with stress, depression, fear, insecurities, and whatever negative emotions you have, create a “misalignment” with your desire’s vibrations. This “dissonance” in the vibrations you project is what causes the unending cycle of weight loss and weight gain.

To briefly summarize the 30-day weight loss process ahead, I must emphasize that manifesting weight loss means that your thoughts and emotions should be aligned or resonant with your desire to lose weight and achieve your ideal body.

To do this, you must have the clearest, most vivid image possible of the body you desire. Let your love for this beautiful, new body vibrate through your entire being. Love your body with each of your five senses. Imagine people showering you with compliments about your body. Let these thoughts fill your mind and keep your consciousness focused on them.

Remove all thoughts of being overweight or obese from your mind. Free yourself from all the ill thoughts and emotions that come with them. Put your TRUST in the powers of your subconscious that it will provide you with the body you desire.

With utmost trust, allow yourself to FORGET. Letting go means you are putting all your faith, trust, and efforts into your mind’s power to manifest weight loss and a healthy body.

To create such a harmonious resonance of love vibrations that will allow you to lose weight, let us start by clearing all the FLBs about your weight from your mind.

Cleansing the FLBs of Weight

You now know just how heavy a burden your FLBs are, definitely heavier than the weight problem that you are constantly worried about. For you to be able to lose weight, you need to cleanse your Subconscious Mind of all the FLBs that block your efforts to lose weight.

The first step is to identify the specific FLBs that you have stored in your subconscious mind. You can do this by asking yourself certain questions about the past that will bring to light what these FLBs are and when you developed them. This is a difficult process, but you must discover what these FLBs are.

Let me give you some examples of self-exploratory questions that you need to ask yourself:

1) What were the reactions of the people around you about your weight when you were a baby/infant? How did you react to their comments about you?


  • I loved it when my parents said I was cute.
  • I loved to eat as a child and my parents would buy me any food I wanted.
  • My parents wanted me to finish what was on my plate, even if I was already full. They said I should finish my meals if I am to be healthy and strong.

2) When did you first realize that you had a weight problem?


The kids in grade school teased and bullied me about being fat.

My parents told me I needed to lose weight. They said that being fat as an older kid doesn’t make me look cute anymore.

I realized I couldn’t keep up with my classmates during physical education classes because I was overweight. I wanted to play with them, but I got tired easily.

3) When do you usually expect to gain weight?


  • Whenever I get stressed or depressed, I always gain weight after a binge.
  • I always gain weight when I’m close to my period.
  • I always gain weight whenever I miss a day or two of exercise because I am busy with school/work.

4) Have you done anything to solve your weight problem? Did you succeed?


  • Losing weight took too much effort, that’s why I gave up entirely.
  • I tried to lose weight by taking aerobics classes after school, but it didn’t work because I was so hungry after a workout that I binged on my favorite foods.
  • I was thinking of losing weight, but I heard that many of the weight loss programs don’t work.

5) Have you ever lost weight for an extended period? If not, why do you think your extra pounds remained?


  • I lost ___ pounds when I got sick. I gained all the weight I had lost back though after resuming my regular eating habits.
  • I never lost weight, even during a diet or exercise program, because I just couldn’t resist eating.
  • I lost a lot of weight because my diet cut out all my favorite foods. By the time I was off the diet, the cravings were too strong. That’s why I got all that excess weight back.

Having identified all your problematic FLBs, the next step is to replace them with new, empowering beliefs.

FLBs develop from bad experiences with people, especially those who may have hurt and ridiculed you in the past.

As difficult as it may be, try to understand them, specifically their motives for being cruel. These individuals may have certain insecurities that prompt them to lash out at people who have qualities they would want to have in themselves.

In other cases, they may just simply be blunt and tactless, but in truth, they are very much concerned about your health if you remain overweight.

Learn to forgive all these people and treat them with love, kindness, and understanding. The gift of Unconditional Love to those who have mistreated you will earn you the gift of love, respect, and your heart’s desire, namely a healthy body.

Next, let go of all your painful memories. Replace each of these painful memories with new ones. A bad memory of fat-shaming can be replaced by a new memory of people showering you with compliments like “You look so sexy”, “I love your body”, and “I wish I could be just as healthy as you.”

If you have been bullied, imagine instead people standing up for you and defending you against bullies. Imagine them saying “He/she is NOT fat” and “I’m proud to be his/her friend, so stop bullying her.” If you want your Subconscious Mind to accept these new memories as absolute truths, repeat them as often as you can throughout your day.

FLBs may also develop from misinformation. You can replace these FLBs by digging deeper while researching weight loss. Don’t just be satisfied with what you find on the Internet. Ask any questions you may have about weight loss and weight loss programs from your doctor, a physical fitness expert, and a nutritionist. You can also ask permission to record your interview with them. FLBs caused by misinformation can be easily replaced with new and correct knowledge from health experts.

Same as with our visualization example above, repeat inside your head everything that the health expert has told you. Better yet, if you have an audio recording of your interview, play it back at any time during your day. This new information will overwrite the FLBs inside your mind.

How to Replace Your FLBs About Weight Loss With New and Empowering Beliefs Within 30 Days

Now that you have cleansed your mind completely of FLBs and bad memories, your Subconscious Mind has become a clear, open space in which to store new, empowering beliefs.

You can accomplish this by using your thoughts and feelings, the language that your Subconscious Mind understands.

For this reprogramming to be done, I strongly recommend that you perform the key mind techniques described in this section for 30 days.

While these techniques work best when you are in a sleepy state (because your Subconscious Mind is open to new thoughts and beliefs) – especially when you wake up in the morning and the evening before going to bed – you can also perform them at any time during your day.

Here are the reprogramming techniques that will allow you to reprogram your Subconscious Mind so that you will be able to lose weight permanently:

1) Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are empowering statements that have the powerful ability to reprogram your mind by replacing FLBs.

These positive affirmations give you that concentration and focus to direct your mind toward the specific goal of losing weight and achieving a healthy body.

In our earlier exercise, I asked you to identify and make a list of all the weight loss FLBs that you have. Take your list now and write a positive affirmation that will counteract the FLBs you have listed.

As a powerful, symbolic gesture, tear off your list of FLBs and rip it to shreds. Keep with you your list of positive affirmations.

Make sure you read these affirmations early in the morning and before going to bed daily. Put a copy of your affirmations list on your work desk so you can also read them while on the job. With constant repetition, your Subconscious Mind will accept these positive affirmations as absolute truths and replace your FLBs.

To start, here are examples of great positive affirmations that will replace the FLBs we have mentioned in an earlier section.

“I’m a victim of weight because fatness runs in my family.”

Positive Affirmations:

  • “I am the master of my body.”
  • “I have absolute control over my body’s metabolism.”
  • “I triumph over my genes.”
  • “I am unique in my family because I have a slim, healthy body.”

“No matter what I do, I can’t lose weight.”

Positive Affirmations:

  • “I have absolute control over my hunger and cravings.”
  • “I love the taste of healthy food. I can feel it giving my body energy.”
  • “I love to exercise. I can feel the excess pounds melting away from my body.”
  • “Losing weight is just a state of mind. I can accomplish this goal easily.”

“I’m ugly because I’m fat.”

Positive Affirmations:

  • “I am beautiful, both in and out.”
  • “My beauty is defined by my character and not my weight.”
  • “I am falling in love with my body with every single day that passes by.”

“No one loves me because I’m fat.”

Positive Affirmations:

  • “Everyone around me is concerned for my health. I thrive on their positive vibes.”
  • “I forgive everyone for their weaknesses, the same way I forgive myself.”
  • “I project my desire for good health and a beautiful body to all the people in my life.”
  • “I find happiness in the compliments that people give me for having a healthy, sexy body, and I am grateful for their appreciation of me.”

“Fats are bad.”

Positive Affirmations:

  • “Fats are good. They give my body energy.”
  • “I know that there are healthy fats.”
  • “Fats – and all foods for that matter – are healthy when eaten in the recommended amounts.”

“I won’t be able to eat the things I love anymore.”

Positive Affirmations:

  • “I eat my favorite foods in moderation.”
  • “I chew my favorite foods slowly so that their taste lingers in my mouth and I don’t crave for them anymore.”
  • “I will learn to love new, healthy foods.”

“I can’t be as thin as ______________”

Positive Affirmations:

  • “I am happy that __________ is thin. I will lose weight and get the body that is just right for me.”
  • “I love my body beyond comparison.”

2) Visualization

Visualization is a mind power technique that makes you imagine you have already achieved your ideal body and weight.

If you can create a vivid image that would utilize the majority or all of your five senses, the more effective it will be at manifesting what you desire.

When you make your visualization, it should be in the first-person point of view, which emphasizes the “I” and “Me”.

I highly recommend that this technique be done in a sleepy state in the early morning and before going to sleep for 30 days.

The reason for this is that your Subconscious Mind is completely open during these times. Because your subconscious could not distinguish between reality and imagination, repeating your visualization exercise over and over again while in a sleepy state will enable your Subconscious Mind to accept them as your new absolute truths.

Before you do any visualization exercises though, you must hide your weighing scales and cover your mirrors with drapes.

Your mind needs to focus directly on the body that you desire. A weighing scale and a mirror will tempt you to check your progress. If you see that nothing’s happening, you might end up stopping the visualization exercises before you can benefit from its full 30-day effects.

Get rid of everything that will bring back thoughts of your weight problem and simply forget them all. Put your complete faith and truth in your visualization exercises.

The reason for this is that your mind needs to be focused directly on your goal of weight loss.

Thinking about how fat you are and your difficulties in losing weight will distract your mind from your goal and will only allow the continued manifestation of weight problems. With goal-directed focus, your vibrations will attract the healing energies that will melt away all of your excess pounds.

What imagery should you focus on? Simple. Collect photos of the body that you would like to have. Post them all on a board on your wall so that you can concentrate on them every time you visualize.

If you happen to be a creative Photoshopper, you can edit one of your photos so that it will depict your dream body. Photos will allow for clear and accurate visualization of the slim, healthy body that you desire.

Don’t just focus on seeing yourself with a healthy body. Imagine what it feels like to have such a body. Run your hands over your body and relish your gorgeous curves.

Feel the healing energies coursing throughout your body so that you feel revitalized. Imagine yourself going out and enjoying physical activities, like a jog in the park, lifting weights in a gym, or dancing in a dance class.

Imagine how people would react to seeing you with a healthy body. See handsome gentlemen turning their heads to gaze at you as you pass by. Imagine friends and acquaintances approaching you and complimenting you on your beautiful and sexy body. Picture a scenario wherein friends ask you “How did you get so sexy?” Aside from showing gratitude for compliments, share with them your health and mind techniques for losing weight.

End each visualization exercise with a word of thanks for the blessing of a beautiful, healthy body.

3) Listening to Subliminals

Subliminal recordings are now considered as the mind technique for the person who is always on the go.

Subliminals are special audio files with two tracks recorded on separate frequencies. The first frequency is the one that you can hear. Recorded on this frequency are music (some of which produce a wavelength that can open the Subconscious Mind) and/or soothing sounds that your ears will listen to.

The second frequency is one that you cannot hear with your ears but can be heard by your Subconscious Mind. It is on this frequency that positive affirmations are recorded.

When you listen to subliminals, your ears are tricked by the music and sounds coming from the first frequency, thus distracting your Conscious Mind. While your Conscious Mind is listening to the music, your Subconscious Mind is receiving positive affirmations on the second frequency. With the filtering function of your Conscious Mind deactivated, your Subconscious Mind easily replaces the FLBs with the positive affirmations and stores them.

There are many subliminal recordings that you can download on the Internet, their lengths varying from five to 10 to 30 minutes. Like visualization, subliminals are best listened to while you are in a sleepy state in the early morning and before sleeping for 30 days.

But, many people have benefited from subliminals by listening to them at any time during the day. Some even listen to subliminals while they are engaged in exercise and other physical activities for weight loss. Others listen to these recordings before eating to put a check on their eating habits.

4) Love Yourself and Your Body

As you have seen from the previous sections, you cannot achieve your desired weight loss if you don’t love yourself and your body. You also don’t need hateful people to convince you to not love yourself because your body does not fit their perception of sexiness and good health.

Put the Law of Vibration to the specific purpose of ridding yourself of self-hatred. Again, get rid of all the FLBs that are producing low, negative vibrations.

Create high, positive vibrations of love by discovering new things to like about yourself. What are you particularly proud of? You may be proud of being kind and generous toward others. You may also take pride in your creativity, such as if you’re a talented artist or musician. Focus on all your positive qualities and love them.

If there are more things that you don’t like about yourself, jot them all down on a piece of paper. Then, make a separate list of the opposite of the items in your list. Create a new you by visualizing yourself as possessing these new qualities. With constant repetition, your Subconscious Mind will consider them as absolute truths, causing you to project Love vibrations that will not only give you a healthy body but also transform you into an entirely new and positive person.

5) Hypnosis

Hypnosis entails going into a trance-like state, under the guidance of a hypnotherapist, so that your Subconscious Mind will be open to suggestions. This mind technique is the appropriate procedure for individuals who have deeply embedded FLBs which cannot be eliminated by other mind techniques.

What makes hypnosis difficult for most people is that their minds are way too cluttered with FLBs and other distracting thoughts so that they are not able to go into a trance. Unfortunately, actual hypnotherapy can be very expensive, depending upon the severity of the person’s mental problems and the number of sessions required to treat him/her.

The more affordable solution is hypnosis audio programs. These are recordings of actual hypnotherapists. These recordings usually start with the hypnotherapist telling you to relax. Slowly, he/she will guide you into a trance. Once you are in a trust, the hypnotherapist replaces the FLBs in your Subconscious Mind with positive affirmations and suggestions. Once these new beliefs are in place, the hypnotherapist will slowly guide you out of the trance.

As you can see, your mind is a powerful tool that will enable you to transform yourself and your body into a sexy, healthy, and positive new you. All it takes is to get rid of the burdens of your FLBs and resonate with the harmonious vibrations of love for yourself and others. Always remember that the Universe is the source of all good things. Trust and have faith that it will give you the beautiful and healthy body that you desire, and so much more.

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