If you’ve been trying so hard to manifest your ex back, but you still don’t see any signs of them, that’s because your subconscious believes you can’t get them back.

To manifest your ex, your subconscious mind needs to believe that you can get your ex back. For this to happen, you need to replace your false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) about getting your ex back with new, positive, and empowering beliefs.

There is an EFFORTLESS WAY to do this, and that is by listening to subliminal audio programs.

Subliminal audio programs contain subliminal messages that are not audible to the conscious mind. This means you won’t hear the suggestions when you listen to them. You’ll just hear whispers and murmurs at best. The purpose of this is so that these messages can bypass your conscious mind, which always blocks new suggestions with the use of logic and reason. When these inaudible suggestions bypass the conscious mind, they get stored directly into the subconscious mind.

The reason most mental suggestions and subconscious reprogramming techniques are slow to work is that the conscious mind can hear and understand these suggestions, and instantly dismisses them as  untrue, too good to be true, or impossible.

Example, if you recite your affirmations out loud that you will have your ex back, your conscious mind will think that these affirmations are not true, because either you haven’t been in contact with your ex for more than a year, or your ex is already with someone else.

Subliminal audio programs will address this issue. Even if you have doubts from time to time, but you continue to listen to your subliminal that, your doubt and limiting beliefs will eventually fade away.

I spent so much time to reprogram my subconscious. I wanted to replace my false and limiting beliefs that no longer serve me, and the results have been tremendous. This is the reason I decided to start this website in the first place. I am passionate about subconscious reprogramming techniques that I decided to develop and produce my own subliminals using ReproSync Sound Technology

ReproSync Sound Technology combines powerful elements, such as brainwave entrainment (sound therapy), hidden positive affirmations/suggestions that address specific FLBs, binaural beats that bring your mind into alpha or sleepy state, Solfeggio frequencies to align your vibration with the vibration of your desire, and other elements that help the Conscious Mind to relax and completely opens the Subconscious Mind for suggestions.

Elements of a Good Subliminal Audio

Not all subliminals are created equal, especially when the subliminal maker doesn’t have in-depth knowledge of Conscious Creation and subconscious programming techniques.

The suggestions contained in a subliminal audio program must be written in their “fulfilled state” already and must be clear and definite. The affirmations should also be written in a positive format.

Example, instead of: “It is not impossible to manifest my loved one,” it should be, “It is possible to manifest my loved one.”

It is also important to incorporate suggestions and frequencies of love in the subliminal. Love is the frequency of manifestation.

The  suggestions or affirmations or suggestions should also be at a very high frequency that the human ear cannot hear, understand, or interpret. The reason for this is so that the Conscious Mind can’t negate these suggestions and put them to waste.

There is no such thing as a SILENT subliminal. I’ve made thousands of subliminal audios and it’s not really possible to have a totally silent subliminal. You will at least hear incoherent whispers when you record suggestions at a very high frequency/

Then, the overlay music or sounds that you pick matter a lot. The overlay music should be soothing to listen to and should relax your mind. Sounds that are too loud and not pleasant to listen to have low vibrational frequencies that do not align with your desires.

Some subliminals include binaural beats. I include binaural beats in some of my subliminals, especially when I develop custom subliminals.

The main purpose of binaural beats is to stimulate the brain, help your mind focus, and improve your emotional stability. They help bring your mind into alpha or sleepy state, which makes your subconscious more open to suggestions.

The reason you need to get into sleepy state is to weaken your conscious mind so it won’t be able to filter the messages from the subliminal audio program.

Here are some of the subliminal audio programs that I developed to help you manifest your ex back. Select what applies to you.

Manifest Your  

Manifest Your Ex-Husband Back

Manifest Your Ex-Wife Back

Manifest Your Ex-Fiancee Back

Manifest Your Ex-Fiance Back

Manifest Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Manifest Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Unconditional Love for Your Ex

Unconditional Forgiveness to Release False Limiting Beliefs

Chakra Healing and Balancing

Stop Obsessive Thoughts

Custom Subliminal Audio Programs

You can also have your own custom subliminal, especially when you want to address specific limiting beliefs or fears about manifesting your ex or loved one.

For a custom recording, you can provide your own suggestions / affirmations. We always edit your script, and we also include Universal Mind affirmations, unconditional love affirmations, and closing affirmations in addition to your own.

You can click this link to order:

Order a Custom Subliminal Here

How to Listen to Subliminal Audio Programs

Before you listen to your subliminal, look at your ex’s photo and pay attention to their facial features. Then play the subliminal audio.

From time to time, look at your ex’s photo. This will give an impression to your subconscious that the person being referred to in the subliminal messages is the person in the photo.

Listen to the audio every day for not more than 8 hours. The reason for this is over-listening may give you headaches. I recommend listening for 20 minutes per session, twice a day.

Do not listen while driving or when you are working out at the gym.

It’s OK to combine this technique with other subconscious reprogramming techniques like affirmations, hypnosis, or visualization.

You will start to see changes in your physical reality between 3 week to 3 months.