YES, you can manifest your ex specific person even though you have the most complicated situation, the hardest breakup, even when your specific person blocked you, or when you feel like you have a hopeless case scenario.

The truth is, it is POSSIBLE to manifest anyone, including your ex. And there is a tested and proven way to get them back FASTER.

Your Mental Scenario is a Possibility

First you need to understand that you live in a mental universe. Everything that you see around you, including your circumstances — which includes your break-up — were created in your mind first.

Whatever you can imagine and see in your mind will manifest as a real circumstance in your life. So, if you want to manifest your ex or your specific person, you need to make it real in your mind first.

Always remember that whatever you can see in your mind becomes a possibility.

In fact, anything that you can think of and imagine becomes a possibility. Now, you can turn this possibility into a reality by giving substance to this mental scenario.

How do you give substance? Through “focused attention” and “feeling as if this mental scenario is real”.

The first step to manifesting your ex or specific person is to imagine a scenario where you and your specific person are together in a happy and positive situation.

This mental scenario of the two of you being together like sharing a meal together, holding hands while walking, or laughing together makes this mental scenario a possibility.

Turning Your Mental Scenario into a Reality

But it’s not enough for you to create a possibility. You need to turn this possibility into a reality.

You can do this by forming this mental scenario into something more detailed, more concrete, and more realistic.

This can be done by giving this mental scenario more attention by focusing on it for more than 30 seconds and then giving it substance by using your five senses to make it appear more real.
When you give your mental scenario more attention and more feelings, it will impress upon your subconscious mind that this mental scenario is your truth. When it becomes your truth, it becomes your permanent belief.

Your subconscious mind is so powerful that once you have successfully impressed your desire upon it and when it has accepted your desire as a permanent belief, your subconscious mind will execute this desire in your physical reality for you experience.

How to Create Your Mental Scenario

So, if your mental scenario is laughing with your specific person, imagine how amazing it feels to be with them… to be laughing over something funny, like a silly joke or something hysterical you both witnessed.

Imagine what it’s like to have your specific person beside you. What do you feel? What do you think they feel? Are you both happy?

Look at your specific person’s gorgeous face… their twinkling eyes and how they look at you… the sound of their laughter…

Feel their gentle touch… revel in their soft kiss…

Imagine holding their hand… imagine telling them how great it is to be with them right now… that this is the best day… that you are having a great time…

See in your mind how happy you are together…just like when you started dating… be happy for this perfect moment!

Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination when creating a mental scenario. There are no rules as to what you can create. Nothing is impossible. You are only limited by your imagination.

Include details that can make your mental scenario stronger. Add whatever you want that is positive and feels great.

Remember that whatever you see in your mind gets translated LITERALLY in your physical reality.

Gratitude Raises Your Vibrations

After you have spent enough time on your imagined scenario with your specific person the next step is to feel grateful for this wonderful moment and for this opportunity to consciously create your desired relationship. Be grateful that your desired reality has already manifested.

Appreciate what you have, the people who surround you, and the simple things around you like the flowers in your garden, the gadgets you own that make your life better, and so on…being grateful raises your vibrational frequency, which is needed to align to the frequency of your desired reality.

Live in Your Mental Scenario Every Day

Live in your mental scenario everyday. Perform this as often as you can during the day, but I recommend that you do it after you wake-up in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

Make sure you are feeling calm, peaceful, and relaxed when you live in this imagined scenario. Do not do it when you are nervous, anxious, fearful, or in a state of panic as you will get the opposite of what you want.

When you are not doing your imagined scenario, focus on feeling positive, happy, and grateful.

Repeat this exercise everyday for at least 30 days without any doubt, fear, anxiety, or worries. The more confident you are and the more your imagined scenario appears real, the faster you will see changes and the faster your desire will translate into reality.


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