How to Manifest Your Specific Person by Impressing Your Subconscious

Your subconscious mind is so powerful that it can literally help you manifest your heart’s desires, including being with your specific person.

This specific person can be your friend, your crush, a stranger you met, or even someone you admire from afar.

It doesn’t matter if your specific person doesn’t know you, lives thousands of miles away, or is with another person.

What matters is how you can successfully IMPRESS THIS DESIRE upon your subconscious mind. Always remember that your subconscious mind is your main tool to manifest your desire. What your subconscious mind believes, it will execute in your reality for you to experience.

The question is: have you been performing the correct techniques to successfully impress your subconscious?

If you have been trying to manifest your ex or specific person without success, perhaps you’ve been impressing THE OPPOSITE of your desire, which is the ABSENCE of YOUR EX OR SPECIFIC PERSON.

Why You are Not Attracting Your Specific Person

The answer is simple: you are not doing enough to convince your subconscious mind that this desire to be with your specific person is YOUR truth and your reality.

Perhaps you’ve been spending your days impressing THE OPPOSITE of your desire. Here are some examples:

  • You are sad that you broke up with your SP (specific person). While this is normal, you should not dwell on this negative feeling for a long time.
  • You are upset that your SP blocked you on social media.
  • You are sad that your SP stopped contacting you or has not contacted you yet
  • You are angry that your SP broke up with you or decided not to talk to you anymore
  • You keep thinking that your SP might be with someone else already
  • You are worried that your SP does not love or like you
  • You focus too much on the reasons you can’t be with your SP. These reasons include culture, distance, religion, lack of money to see each other, etc.
  • You focus too much on what you see in your Physical Reality

If you’ve been focusing on these negative thoughts and feelings, these are what you’ll impress upon your subconscious. Since you repeat these scenarios in your mind everyday, your subconscious eventually believes these are what’s TRUE for you.

As a result, your subconscious finds ways to turn these predominant thoughts and feelings into your ABSOLUTE TRUTHS!

Why Do You Sabotage Yourself and Your Desires?

The reasons you sabotage yourself and manifesting your desire is FEAR.

Fear is the opposite of LOVE, the frequency of conscious creation. Love is what powers your mental images to manifest into its highest version.

Fear is a spectrum that includes a range of fear-based emotions such as hopelessness, anxiety, worry, doubt, fear, anger, and other negative feelings. Fear gives you the lowest version of your desire, which is the opposite of it.

But why do you fear that you won’t manifest your specific person?

Fear comes from the memories stored in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious has stored this fear for many years. It has become your auto-response to situations that remind you of your traumatic experiences from childhood.

Perhaps something happened in your childhood that made you feel unworthy of love or made you question relationships in general. You accepted your childhood experiences and words from people you look up to without questions. Eventually, these experiences became your truth, which manifested in your reality.

Some of these childhood experiences are:

  • You grew up with separated parents
  • One or two of your parents were absent
  • One or both your parents were present but not emotionally available
  • You have relatives or friends who separated
  • You experienced being rejected by someone you like
  • You were told you were not likable
  • You ex partner/s cheated on you
  • You know people who had been rejected by someone they like

These emotionally-traumatic experiences stored false and limiting beliefs in your subconscious that manifested as fear, insecurity, jealousy, and doubt in your relationships.

Every time you meet a potential partner, get into a new relationship, or want to be with a specific person, your subconscious beliefs about relationships kick in. You start to doubt yourself, you fear that your partner might leave you, you become insecure and jealous, you become clingy, etc. That’s because your subconscious mind executes these stored beliefs that you think are true.

So when an experience or information matches your subconscious belief, it confirms and strengthens that belief further. If your partner cheats on you, it will strengthen your belief that your partner will always cheat on you.

Your subconscious mind stored limiting beliefs about attracting your specific person if:

  • You don’t think your special person will be attracted to you
  • You don’t think you’ll get back with your special person
  • You don’t think that if someone is already with another person, they won’t be attracted to you
  • You don’t believe that long distance relationship will work
  • You don’t believe your crush will like you
  • You don’t feel deserving of your crush’s attention

These limiting beliefs no longer serve you and bring you the opposite of your desire, so it is time to clear these limiting beliefs so that you can effectively impress your desire upon your subconscious.

How to Impress Your Desire Upon Your Subconscious Mind

There are different ways to convince your subconscious that your desire is your absolute truth.

These are some techniques that I personally use whenever I want someone to happen in my physical reality:

Visualizing or imagining your desire

This is my favorite technique that I use almost everyday. I swear by it because it has given me the fastest and the most accurate results.

Visualization ACTIVELY speaks the languages of the subconscious mind: mental images and feelings.

When you visualize your desire, you are communicating to your subconscious mind using a language that it can understand. The more you visualize, the faster you can impress your subconscious!

The reason visualization gets the fastest results is you are an active participant in this technique. You create your reality by consciously creating these mental images using your imagination.

This active and conscious use of your mind power creates clear communication with your subconscious mind. When you give these mental images substance using positive feelings, your subconscious mind will register these as your new beliefs and then execute them in your reality.

Spend 10-15 minutes a day visualizing positive scenes that feature you and your specific person in a loving relationship. Do not analyze how this will happen — what’s important is visualizing your desire in its completed state using positive feelings.

Some visualization examples include:

  • You specific person contacting you via phone, text, or social media
  • Your specific person professing their love for you
  • Traveling with your specific person
  • Going on dates with your specific person
  • Living with your specific person
  • Getting kisses, hugs, and cuddles from your specific person

As you imagine these scenes in their completed state, you will end up impressing your subconscious mind with this desire.

To boost the power of visualization, be sure you feel happy and positive when you picture these wonderful scenes in your mind. Allow feelings of love, joy, gratitude, and peace to flow through you as if you were truly having these experiences with your specific person.

Listen to subliminals

One of the easiest ways to impress your subconscious is to listen to subliminals.

Subliminals contain affirmations that are inaudible to your ears, which means the conscious mind cannot discern them but the subconscious mind can, as it is active 24/7

If the conscious mind can hear the affirmations, it has the tendency to rationalize these affirmations and reject them. With subliminals, the affirmations will bypass the conscious mind and get stored directly in your subconscious mind.

Since repetition is the key to the subconscious, the more you listen, the more your subconscious will consider these affirmations as true.

Listen to subliminals for 2-3 hours a day. You can listen more if you want. There are no rules on the time of day to listen.

I personally listen to subliminals while working on my laptop or when I am organizing my room.

If you are alone in the room, you can listen to it through your speakers. But if there are people around, you need to use your earphones to avoid the subliminal from affecting others.

Listen to self-hypnosis audios

Another way to impress your subconscious is by listening to hypnosis audios. Hypnosis audio programs contain suggestions that support the creation of your desire.

When you listen to hypnosis audio, you must listen to the voice in the recording as you relax your body and mind.

The voice will then bring your mind into a hypnotic state (sleepy state or meditate state), to weaken your conscious mind. As you know, the suggestions cannot fully enter your subconscious mind if your conscious mind is alert.

You will know that you are already in a hypnotic state when your mind and body are intensely relaxed and you don’t have a care in the world. You are still focused on the voice and know what is going on around you, but you are detached and disinterested in everything else other than the thing you are focused on.

Once you are in a deep hypnotic state and feeling extremely relaxed, the voice will then give you suggestions related to your desire.

Since your conscious mind is weak when you are in a hypnotic state, it won’t be able to block these suggestions. As a result, the suggestions will directly penetrate your subconscious mind.

How to Know When You’ve Successfully Impressed Your Subconscious Mind

One of the most challenging aspects of impressing your subconscious mind is knowing when it has fully accepted your mental images, affirmations, and feelings as true.

One way to know is through your feelings. If you still feel anxious, worried, and fearful that you won’t be with your specific person or that your specific person wouldn’t want to be with you, you haven’t impressed your subconscious yet.

You will know that your subconscious has successfully accepted your desire when, one day, you wake up without the negative feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, and doubt about your specific person. Instead, you feel detached as if you don’t care about being with them.

When you feel neutral about your desire to be with your specific person, that means you have successfully impressed your subconscious mind!

The feeling of detachment is the result of your subconscious accepting your desire as truth. With this “detached feeling” you are now in a better position to manifest your specific person.

Some clear signs of progress in manifesting your specific person:

  • You start to feel confident about your ability to attract your specific person
  • You are happier, more positive, and excited about what is to come
  • You no longer feel frustrated, clingy, depressed, or sad about your specific person
  • You are no longer overwhelmed by the idea of manifesting your specific person
  • You are more focused on yourself
  • You can see changes in the behavior of your specific person towards you
  • You will experience manifestations that your specific person is entering your life, like texts, calls, or social messages from them.

You’ll know when changes are taking place in your subconscious mind because you’ll notice a shift in your thoughts, feelings, the way you feel about yourself, the way you feel about your specific person, and you can also see changes in your physical reality.

Repetition is Key

It’s important to repeat these techniques every day. As mentioned earlier, the subconscious mind responds to repetition.

Don’t expect to see immediate changes although occasionally this can happen, but more often it takes time. It usually takes AT LEAST 21 days of daily practice and repetition for you to see changes in your specific person and how they interact with you.

Be consistent, persistent, and patient with the methods you choose to impress your desire upon your subconscious. There is no rule how many methods to use. I personally use visualization and listening to subliminals. I also listen to hypnosis audios when I want to relax and not use my mind power too much.

As soon as these transformations become apparent, you’ll feel more confident about manifesting your desire; but until that happens, stick with it and know that these changes are lifelong, powerful, and well worth waiting for.

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