I have manifested many things in my life in the past 10 years, ranging from a simple wish like a bag of green mangoes from my mom and my cousin’s friend, to big things like a global business and becoming an American citizen despite all the odds and circumstances beyond my control. I was born in a country where the average monthly income is around $200 a month, with so many restrictions for its citizens to travel abroad. Traveling to the U.S. is not easy.

Over the years I became curious about my manifestations. I initially thought that I was simply lucky, until one day, while at a bar in Salt Lake City, a middle-aged man came up to me and introduced himself.

He said, “There’s a compelling magnetism about you that I couldn’t help but be drawn to you. What is your name?”

That guy turned out to be one of the executives at a company related to my previous business.

I pondered on that person’s statement for a while. I was curious about this ‘compelling magnetism’ thing that he referred to. Was it my energy? Was it my aura? Was it…. a lousy pick up line?

But it wasn’t just him. There were many others. People always say the same thing about me wherever I go.

Eventually, it all made sense to me: I created my ‘personal magnetism’. I created those situations where strangers came up to me, all through my thoughts.

We constantly create our reality through our thoughts. This simple formula will get you to create and manifest everything that you want in life.

Step 1: Command the Universe

Imagine you’re the owner of a big company. You call the shots. You have the vision for how you want to grow your business. Do you do every single task that you need to accomplish so you can reach your vision? You don’t. Instead, you tell your managers what your goals are, and they carry out your goals by delegating the tasks to their team members.

So write down what you want. Be specific. Include how happy and thankful you are for this opportunity to re-create your life. It doesn’t matter if the items in your list seem too big or impossible to reach. Give thanks that you have them with you right now. Consider it done.

I’ve had lists since college that came true one by one, even through I forgot about those lists down the road; but when I re-visited them, I was completely amazed that many if not all of them came true!

Step 2: Believe that what you ask is yours by birth right

All those things that you wrote down in Step 1 are yours already, because it is your right to have them. You deserve them. Nobody can take away that right from you. Everything that you asked for is already done; you’re just waiting for them to come to you.

For those things that you listed to come to you, you must act as if they are already with you.

Wear that fabulous dress, carry your favorite purse, live in your dream house, drive your dream car, travel to the destination of your dreams!

When you imagine and visualize them in your reality right now. What do you see? What do you hear? What does it feel to experience all these things now?

Step 3: Receive what is rightfully yours

Give thanks because all your wishes are with you now. Ignore reality, for your reality right now is the result of your past thoughts.

Instead, be thankful that you have everything now because what you wished for are rightfully yours. Feel good about it. Be happy about it. Give thanks for everything every chance you get.

Don’t question where these wishes are because they are on their way already. Don’t focus on when they will come. Just focus on having them and you’ll be surprised that they will come to you in the most magnificent way!