How to Use Hypnosis to Manifest Your Desire

If you think about it, there is a certain permanence to False and Limiting Beliefs (FLBs). Even as early as infancy and the toddler years, you already start absorbing information from the world around you (even if you don’t fully understand it yet).

This early, you are already trying to figure out how to fit in, how to make other people happy, and determine what is your place in the world.

Psychologists, in fact, believe that by the time you reach the ages of 5 and 10 years old, you have already established your belief system, which unfortunately includes a LOT of FLBs.

Just to do a brief recap of how FLBs develop, you know that your Conscious Mind filters all the information that it believes you need to grow, develop and survive into the Subconscious Mind. Your subconscious, in turn, stores them for your future use whenever situations calling for them occur.

The problem is, if the thought/belief and/or the experience verifying these thoughts/beliefs are repeated over and over again, the Subconscious Mind accepts them as ABSOLUTE TRUTHS so that they become deeply ingrained in the mind.

Add the effect of negative emotions that are aroused every time these FLBs are dredged up and you create an unending loop of manifesting or worsening of an undesired reality.

Another problem with these FLBs is that once they are so deeply embedded in the mind, they are so difficult to get rid of. Worse, you find yourself going so far as to reject new beliefs that directly disprove these FLBs.

These deeply-rooted FLBs require elimination through HYPNOSIS OR HYPNOTHERAPY.

Understanding Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis allows you to make beneficial changes in the very depths of your Subconscious Mind.

By entering the state of hypnosis or meditative state, you can safely bypass the Conscious Mind and impress your suggestions, affirmations, and desires upon your Subconscious Mind.

Hypnosis, like subliminals, can help you override these FLBs stored in your subconscious or cancel them out.

There are so many misconceptions about hypnosis like it is used to make people do things against their will. This only happens when the suggestions imprinted in your subconscious are against your will or not useful to you.

It is therefore important to make sure that you have the RIGHT SUGGESTIONS being used to reprogram your subconscious mind and that these suggestions are positive, useful, and beneficial to you.

How Hypnosis Is Performed


One of the best ways to take advantage of hypnosis is to listen to hypnosis audio programs.

Hypnosis audio programs are best listened to upon waking up in the morning and before going to bed (when you are in a sleepy state) for a period of 30 days or more, depending on the severity of your FLBs.

In a hypnosis audio recording, the hypnotherapist’ voice first helps you enter the “hypnotic” state through relaxation.

Once you are sufficiently relaxed, the hypnotist’s voice guides you into a trance. While you are in a trance, the hypnotherapist starts “feeding” your subconscious with suggestions and affirmations, many of which are repeated throughout the hypnosis session to ensure that the new suggestions replace the FLBs and get stored in the subconscious.

The hypnotherapist may also give you vivid mental images like a form of guided visualization so that painful experiences and memories are replaced by new ones. The audio program ends with the hypnotherapist guiding you out of the trance state.

The benefits of hypnosis audios are it is affordable and cheap, you can bring it anywhere with you, you can play it at any time, you can listen to it at the comfort of your home, and you don’t have to see a hypnotherapist every time you want a hypnotherapy “session”.

I have done a ton of research on hypnosis and found a good source of effective and reliable hypnosis recordings at Hypnosis Downloads.

I find the hypnosis audio programs written, developed, and produced by Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell of Uncommon Knowledge to be the best out there. Roger and Mark are experts in the field of hypnotherapy who have trained over 24,000 people at face-to-face events.

Their hypnosis MP3s helped me cure some of my deep-seated issues, fears, and phobias, as well as address many of my FLBs about myself and my desires.


The second way is through actual, in-person hypnotherapy.

The procedure is the same as with the hypnosis audio programs. The main difference is that you have the hypnotherapist doing the hypnosis on the individual in their office or clinic.

Unlike hypnosis audio programs, getting the services of an actual hypnotherapist can be very expensive. Depending on the severity of the person’s problems, it may take several hypnotherapy sessions to eliminate all the FLBs.


The third way is through self-hypnosis.

This is a procedure that may be a part of a hypnosis audio program or a technique that will be taught to you by an in-person hypnotherapist. With self-hypnosis, it is you who will go into a hypnotic trance and give yourself suggestions and affirmations that you already have prepared and memorized.

These suggestions should be very specific, realistic, phrased in the present tense, and repeated again and again while in a trance. You can also prepare an exact visual image of the reality that you want to manifest.

Potential Side Effects of Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy

It should first be mentioned that there are certain people who are not responsive to hypnosis/hypnotherapy and may require removal of their FLBs through other reprogramming techniques or actual psychological or psychiatric assistance.

To those who are responsive to hypnosis, there is a small percentage of individuals who may experience side effects, including a headache, dizziness or drowsiness, or anxiety or distress for a short period after the hypnotherapy session.

For in-person hypnotherapy, it is very important that you get a licensed and trained hypnotherapist who has considerable experience in doing the procedure. The reason for this is that an untrained hypnotherapist may feed you wrong suggestions or affirmations. There have also been cases wherein false memories have been created inside the individual.

Although it is considered to one of the most effective reprogramming techniques, it is unfortunate that not everyone is responsive to hypnosis.

If you have deeply-rooted FLBs that are tough to get rid of using other reprogramming techniques, it is recommended that you try out the more affordable hypnosis audio programs first.

If these audio programs are not helpful in shifting your FLBs to the positive thoughts that you want to replace them with, it is then that you should consider getting the services of a hypnotherapist.

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