Step 3: Identify Your FLBs

Before you can change anything, you must first identify what you want to change.

If you need to fix an area of your life, you need to identify the different FLBs that you have in that specific area.

But since you have many FLBs, you need to focus on those with the biggest impact. Once you can successfully address these limiting beliefs, you can easily solve the others.

My Recommended Method: Fill-in-the-blank method

This method is simple but very effective to recognize your FLBs.

To do this, describe a situation you are struggling with.


“It’s hard to start a business,” and add “because” after it and then finish the sentence.


“It’s hard to start a business because it requires an MBA degree and a big capital.”

“I cannot find love because I am not pretty.”

“It’s hard to lose weight because of my slow metabolism.”

“I am poor because my parents are poor.”

“I can’t travel because of my job.”

Don’t judge yourself when you complete these sentences but recognize that what you say after “because” is the FLB about a specific aspect of your life.

Make a list of as many FLBs as you can about a specific subject, then focus on big FLBs that seem to cripple you down.

Here’s an example below:

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After you’ve identified your FLBs, you need look into your childhood memories and recall at what age you first had this belief about yourself. Recall the EARLIEST event in your life that you think is the source of this FLB.

Then, identify the source of that FLB. The source is any person you looked up to like your parents, early teachers, grandparents, older siblings, aunts and uncles, caregivers, etc.

What was the memory about? Why do you think you got that from that person of authority in your life? What was their childhood like?

Step 1: Understand Your Mind
Step 2: Understand Your False and Limiting Beliefs
Step 3: Identify Your FLBs and Energy Blocks
Step 4: Clear Your FLBs and Energy Blocks
Step 5: Introduce Positive and Empowering Beliefs Into Your Subconscious
Step 6: Get Consistent Results Through Conscious Creation

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