How to Use Inspired Action to Manifest Your Desire

Another conscious creation technique is to take inspired action.

An inspired action is when you do something because you feel the strong inner urge to do it. It is also what your intuition and gut feeling tell you to do.

Inspired action comes after you’ve mapped out a desire that you want to manifest. The clues for taking inspired actions usually come after you have “acted as if” and “felt it real”. These clues will start to appear in the form of ideas, suggestions, random meetings, random offers, and “coincidences”.

For example, something tells you that you have to call your friend, Mary. You don’t know why you need to call her, but something is urging you to pick up the phone.

Following through on that urge or “gut feel” may help you manifest your desire. She might have the item you want or she might know someone you need to talk to who will help you achieve your goal.

You see, inspired action isn’t a plan of action. It isn’t something you think about ahead of time where you create a list of steps to take to make your dream a reality. Following such a plan may not get you anywhere. The plan may even be hard to follow.

But if you stop to be more consciously aware of how your intuition or “gut feeling” guides you and you follow through on that guidance, you might find yourself manifesting your desire easier and faster than you expected. You might even feel as if a miracle occurred.

While I don’t recommend telling your subconscious how you want your desire to manifest because it limits the capacity of your subconscious to utilize all its resources, I do recommend taking inspired action if you think you know the immediate next step to manifesting your desire.

For example, if you are manifesting love and you have the profile of your ideal person, it makes sense for you to join groups and dating sites where you can potentially find your ideal person.

Taking action that you think and feel is right (using intuition and gut feel) communicates to your subconscious that you are serious about manifesting because your action carries with it the intention and expectation of a manifested desire.

But if you don’t know the next immediate step to manifesting your desire, then you can leave it up to your subconscious to manifest opportunities for you.

In those cases, it will be up to you to pay attention to information or strange coincidences that arise in the coming days.

There are different situations that can prompt you to take inspired action, so you need to pay attention to them, especially when you’ve been impressing your desire upon your subconscious. These are some situations that can provide you with some clues:

  • You read in books, magazines, articles, or news stories that pertain to your desire
  • Suddenly being contacted by old friends or co-workers related to your desire
  • Unexpected conversations related to your desire.
  • Random people you happen to meet in your daily life.
  • Unusual offers will point you towards manifesting your desire
  • Dreams about your desire
  • Any other clues related to your desire

Pay close attention to these things, because when they come across your path, you should act on them, especially when your intuition tells you to take that action.

Just remember that many of these cues do not immediately lead you to your desire, but they are part of the “Bridges of Incidents”, meaning they are one of the small steps that you need to take to manifest your desire.

While you don’t ALWAYS have to take inspired action to manifest your desire, some desires DO require you to take action. Some examples of desires that require you to take actions include:

  • Travel to your favorite destinations (requires you to plan that trip or at least book a plane ticket and hotel rooms)
  • Become a popular YouTuber (requires you to start a YouTube channel)
  • Win the lottery (Requires you to buy a lottery ticket)
  • Become a successful business owner (requires you to start a business)
  • Become an actress (requires you to go on casting calls)

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