You may be trying to apply the “law of attraction” to manifest money and abundance but feel frustrated, see little improvements, or could not get the results that you want.

I totally understand your situation. After all, I know that nobody wants to live a life of seemingly unending financial struggle.

It is not enough to depend on “law of attraction” to manifest money and wealth. Money- and wealth-building are BEYOND “law of attraction”.

When people say, “I want to attract more money,” they wait for money and wealth to come to them. This passive mentality towards wealth creation doesn’t usually manifest as more money or more financial opportunities in your life. 

Based on Law of Vibration, we attract things, people, and events that have the same vibrational frequency as we have; so if your vibrational frequency about money is negative, you’ll attract the negative version of your desire for money, which is the lack of money.

You need to go beyond Law of Attraction to manifest money and abundance effortlessly… and ALL THE TIME! 

Instead of waiting for money to come to you, you “consciously create” money, wealth, and abundance so they will ALWAYS manifest in your Physical Reality. 

If you’ve been around my website for quite a time now, you now recognize that you are already manifesting your “desires” about money, except that you created these desires unconsciously.

As you stroll through life every day, you perceive money and abundance based on your beliefs about them.

If you have false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) about them, chances are, you subconsciously perceive money based on these FLBs.

These FLBs are deeply-ingrained in your subconscious mind that you automatically execute them in your day-to-day life: from not feeling deserving of more money, your disdain of wealthy people,  doubting yourself that you can earn the salary of your dreams, to your unwillingness to spend money for fear of running out of it, and your total disbelief that you can win the lottery.

Because these FLBs have been stored in your subconscious for so many years sadly, they have stronger vibrational frequencies than your true desires for more money and abundance.

So, instead of manifesting wealth, these FLBs promote and continue the persistent scenarios of poverty, financial challenges, and the lack of financial breakthroughs in your life.

Where false and limiting beliefs about money, wealth, and abundance come from

Your mind has two aspects: The Conscious Mind and The Subconscious Mind.

From childhood until the end of your life, your Conscious Mind receives information from your environment through your five senses: from what it sees, hears, smells, tastes, and touches around you.

It is from the collective information gathered by these five senses that you form your beliefs.

Some of this information may come from your parents, teachers, people you look up to, the media, and even your admired celebrities.

Because your Conscious Mind has the ability to distinguish good from bad, it has a job to act as a filter for all these information, and choose only what needs to pass through your Subconscious Mind.

Usually, the Conscious Mind picks information based on what it PERCEIVES to be of BENEFIT to you in your life.

Now, your Subconscious Mind serves as storage or a library of all information that it has received from your Conscious Mind through the years.

It is from the storehouse of your Subconscious Mind that you get the information you need to act on certain situations that come your way, such as on issues of survival.

Because your Subconscious Mind also stores information from your past experiences, you can easily retrieve all possible solutions from it to problems that you may encounter in the present.

But here is where you start to have problems with your manifestation:

If your Conscious Mind has been bombarded with the same wrong information about money, wealth, and abundance repeatedly, especially during your childhood where you lacked the ability to discern positive from negative or good from bad, your Conscious Mind begins to interpret this data as ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

When your real experiences solidified these ABSOLUTE TRUTHS by actual real-life examples, these ABSOLUTE TRUTHS get stored in your Subconscious Mind.

Unfortunately, much of these data DO NOT BENEFIT YOU at all and will cause persistent financial problems and situations that you want to get rid of.

With these FLBs now accepted as ABSOLUTE TRUTHS, they become much more powerful in your Subconscious Mind.

Since your Subconscious Mind considers these FLBs to ABSOLUTE TRUTHS, every time you face the same situation, your subconscious will continuously pull out the same negative solutions to your problems.

In other words, you trap yourself in a vicious cycle where you do the same things over and over again.

To make matters worse, your subconscious has closed off other new and empowering solutions because of fear of uncertainty or fear of failure.

As a result, your Subconscious Mind blindly and continuously acts on these FLBs instead of your true desires.

Unless you do something to get rid of these FLBs, your desires of more money, wealth, and abundance will NEVER manifest in your life.

Your false and limiting beliefs about money, wealth, and abundance in the course of your life

Let us now take a look at how you develop and imprint false and limiting beliefs in your Subconscious Mind throughout the course of your life:


False and limiting beliefs about money, wealth, and abundance develop as early as childhood, from ages 2-8. 

At this stage, a child’s mind is wide open to suggestions that it accepts any information that it receives. Children cannot decide on their own and rely mainly on information that their parents and other persons of authority feed them.

Because of the children’s inability to discern good from bad or right from wrong, it is unfortunate that they learn and instantly accept ANY INFORMATION from their parents as ABSOLUTE TRUTHS based solely on pure love and trust.

If the parents have been poor, did not make enough money, and could not properly provide for their children, it is common for them to share their FLBs about money, wealth and abundance to their children in the form of everyday statements or reminders.

Although parents usually mean well and these negative statements may appear harmless, through repetition, these words do more harm than good.

Eventually, these negative statements will get stored in the children’s subconscious and become their permanent beliefs.  

In addition to these statements, a child may also experience being poor so early in life. This real-life experience of poverty solidifies the child’s negative beliefs about money even further.

Example: If a child is born to a poor family and experience not only the lack of money but also the humiliation of “being poor” from other children more well-off.

In some cases, parents pressure their children to study hard and to work hard in order to help them rise from poverty.

In certain poor countries, religion helped imprinted the idea that human suffering is a virtue, and it is from suffering that you can receive blessings.

It certainly does not help that entertainment media helps make this idea to persist. They make this FLB become more accepted as truth through soap operas and drama movies as they depict a poor hero or heroine who struggles so hard to rise above hardships to become wealthy.

Some examples of false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) about money, wealth, and abundance that you may have developed during childhood:

1) “We don’t have money” or “We have very little money.”

Parents always say these negative statements when their kids pester them to buy something, like a new toy.

When a parent says these words in strong, definite terms, however, it makes “lack of money in your life” as truth.  

And since children don’t know the actual financial fitness of their parents, when bombarded by these statements again and again, they eventually believe that their family doesn’t have money.

Rather than allowing this FLB to persist, always tell yourself: “I have money.”

You can make this a solid truth by keeping a $100 bill or any amount you can afford in paper currency inside the pocket of your wallet at all times.

This way, whenever you are out and about and see things you want to buy, you can always tell yourself that you can afford that item RIGHT NOW.

2) “You need to study hard to get into a college course that will guarantee a high paying job.”

Nothing can be more damaging than to have a parent throw their responsibility to earn on the shoulders of their children.

If you got this FLB as a child, it has not only damaged your capacity to manifest abundance; it has also prevented you to accept other opportunities along the way.

For example, you may have heard of children who ultimately get into college courses that they are not interested in or are not compatible with their talents. Usually, their parents chose these paths for them.

More often than not, these kids end up struggling at their jobs or end up shifting to another course.

Rather than take a course out of their curiosity and passion and eventually get a job they love, they get stuck in dead-end occupations that make them unhappy, unmotivated, and unable to excel in.

If your parents have impressed this FLB upon you as a child, ask yourself if your course or what you do interest you or not. If you are unhappy with your course or job, you can teach yourself to love your course or job or pursue your interests instead.

You can remind yourself of any of the following affirmations:

“It is possible to learn to love my current course and excel at it.”

“I will take up a course that complements my interests.”

“It is possible to learn to love and be happy with my job right now.”

“I am grateful to be given the opportunity to earn from this job and I can teach myself to love and embrace it every day.”

“It is not too late to pursue my passions. When I am passionate about my work, it ceases to feel like work.”

3) “We can’t afford that.”

The truth is, anything and everything is affordable. There is unlimited abundance in the Universe and as a Divine Creator, you have the ability to accumulate unlimited riches if you desire.

If you acquired this FLB as a child, chances are, you find it hard to spend on expensive items and you always feel that you don’t have enough money.

This FLB manifests as limited income and limited resources where you can get money from, and therefore limits what you can actually afford.

Counteract this FLB by saying:

“Everything is affordable.”

“I can afford this item RIGHT NOW.”

“I earn enough to afford whatever I want.”

4) “You need to work hard so that God (or other deities) will shower you with blessings.”

This is a gloomy attitude that parents with strong religious beliefs teach their child. This makes the child embrace suffering as a stepping stone to wealth and abundance.

If you acquired this FLB from childhood, remember that your main purpose on Earth is to be the source of LOVE, where everything overflows from, including abundance.

You are not here to suffer and experience pain. You are here to BE LOVE, EXPERIENCE LOVE, and BE LOVE. When you have love and give love, all things that vibrate in love — including money, wealth, and abundance — effortlessly come into your life.

Replace this FLB by saying:

“Money comes easily to me.”

“The world has unlimited sources of money, wealth, and abundance.”


During your school-age years, you may have been taught many old sayings that are actually false and limiting beliefs.

These FLBs may have come from your teachers — whom you consider as authority figures — and friends you trust. During school years, you are now exposed to a wider world so you also see these FLBs come true in real life.

For example, you may see certain kids at school bully and humiliate classmates who are poor. You may experience the same humiliation if your family falls into hard times, like when your parent loses a job or when their business goes bankrupt.

It is at school that you will see first that “rich kids” choose to belong to the same group.

It is also at school that you will be exposed to other kids who are less fortunate. And if you join an outreach program, you might end up exposed to kids who remain in sad conditions.

Here are some of the FLBs that you will encounter during your school-age years:

1) “Money is the root of all evil.”

This FLB continues to perpetuate because life constantly shows rich people exchange positive human values, like compassion and integrity, for greed and selfishness. In some cases, you may have encountered rich people who have treated you badly and, worse, in a humiliating way.

Remember that money is just a tool by which you can trade or purchase your needs and wants.

Money is not evil in itself; in fact, without money, you wouldn’t be able to buy the things you love. You can also share money to relieve people of their own suffering. The “evil” lies in the way certain people acquire and use money for their selfish ends.

To get rid of this FLB, just say:

“Money is a NEUTRAL resource that can do a lot of good in my life.”

2) “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

This is a defeatist and disempowering FLB that emphasizes that you have no control over your financial situation. Because of this, you tend to surrender all responsibilities and influence over money.

Replace this FLB with these more empowering lines:

“The creation of my financial reality is my responsibility”

“I have the power to create financial abundance in my life.”

3) “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

This popular FLB implies that it is very difficult to make money, and because of this, you need to exert superhuman effort to improve your financial situation.

The problem with this saying is that money is, IN FACT, abundant; but because of the negativity in this statement, you continuously allow the creation of a very difficult work environment — that expects you to put in a lot of effort — for very little pay.

You can change this FLB with:

“I can make my money grow through my improving my thoughts and feelings about it.”


Any FLBs that you have developed in your youth have become firm absolute truths, and, unfortunately, they continue to persist up to your adulthood.

One FLB that may continue into your adulthood is the emphasis on hard work in order to get riches and other rewards especially if you or a colleague experience being laid off because you cannot keep up with the upgrades in your workplace.

Here’s another bad effect of stored FLBs:

You may have heard of people who have won the lottery but, instead of becoming rich until the end of their lives, they go back to being poor. Some of these people may have an FLB that because they didn’t work for this money, they don’t deserve it so they lose their winnings in the end.

Others believe that this money will change them into the mean, selfish people that they have encountered in their lives. In rejecting this windfall in the belief that it will turn them into bad people, they also lose the wealth that is rightfully theirs.

In some cases, new FLBs may arise from the stored FLBs that you have in your subconscious.

Here is an example: as a child, you have developed the FLB that it is in working hard that you achieve wealth and abundance. You carried this FLB with you as an adult, and, thankfully, you have seen yourself reap the rewards of your labor in the form of a promotion and a higher salary.

The problem is, when you got promoted, some of your friends and colleagues became jealous of your success and even went so far as to say that “You sucked up to the boss” and other negative things despite the fact that you have earned your promotion.

From this bitter experience, you develop not only a fear of losing friends because of success, but you also create a new FLB that “Success and abundance will cause jealousy and resentment to rise among my friends so that it is better to not do better in life and have their continued love and loyalty.”

Here are more FLBs that you may develop during your adulthood:

1) “Only the rich are entitled to good health and happiness.”

This is an FLB that is similar to no. 2 in School-Age Years. Everyone is entitled to good health and happiness. But again, you need to take responsibility for your financial situation.

Change this FLB to the following:

“As I take full responsibility for my financial situation, I allow myself to create and manifest good health and happiness.”

2) “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

This is another FLB that you have stored in your Subconscious Mind from your youth. While this FLB emphasizes the value of saving, it becomes negative because your mind becomes focused on frugality, such as taking advantage of sales and cutting discount coupons, instead of big money-making opportunities.

Replace this FLB with the following:

“Every penny I save is earned from all the great money-making opportunities that come my way”

“I open mind to every opportunity to earn big bucks.”

3) “Money only brings me more problems.”

Many people come to store this FLB through experience. Whenever they have a promotion or a raise, this seemingly great blessing comes with even more expenses, such as paying more taxes, etc. However, if you examine your financial situation closely, having more money will help solve many of the problems that you are having right now, including paying your bills and taxes on time.

Instead of staying focused on this FLB, tell yourself this:

“Having more money in my life will help to resolve my financial woes.”

4) “A penny for your thoughts.”

This is a line that you hear very, very often. What you don’t know is that you are practically lowering the value of your ideas and other intellectual properties.

Don’t be surprised if every potentially lucrative project you think of ends up going bust or other people benefit from your ideas. It is simply because you put such a low value (“a penny”) to your own gifts and ideas.

Replace this FLB with these more empowering lines:

“I place a huge value on my ideas and talents”

“My talents and ideas are the ingredients to my creating the great financial abundance that I desire.”

5) “It is better to be poor than to experience the stress of the rich.”

Remember that your state of financial lack is already causing you considerable stress. You don’t know where to get your finances to pay for your family’s food, mortgage or rent, bills, taxes, etc.

While it is true that the rich may have greater responsibilities, this is mainly due to the fact that they are managing their finances and the sources of their funds wisely in order to prevent the very state of lack that you are afraid of from developing in their lives.

In fact, you should adopt a similar attitude as some self-made rich people.

Change this FLB to the following:

“I can handle the stress of financial abundance”

“I am well equipped to take care of my money.”


Individuals in their senior years wrongfully believe that they will no longer be able to manifest abundance in the twilight years of their lives.

This is especially true for those who continue to experience financial lack during their old age.

Let’s go through some of the FLBs that affect the manifestation of money during the senior years:

1) “I’m already retired. There are no more money-making opportunities for people my age.”

This is absolutely NOT true!

Because you are so focused on your old age and your retirement, you lose sight of investments and other money-making opportunities that are available to retirees.

Replace this FLB with the following:

“I open my eyes and mind to all the money-making opportunities that are available to me” 

“I will seize every opportunity to make money that comes my way.”

2) “I’m too old to work and earn money.”

While it is true that there are very few actual office job opportunities for seniors, it doesn’t mean that there is no way by which money can be made. In the above example, we have talked about seniors going into investments. Some seniors enjoy a new and profitable career doing online jobs.

You can change this FLB with the following line: “My age is not a bar to my creating financial abundance. In fact, with my years of experience, it will open many money-making opportunities for me.”

3) “Financial abundance is for the young.”

Again, this is NOT true!

Everyone – young or old – have the right to financial freedom and success. Just because you are a senior doesn’t mean that you are no longer entitled to experience the joys of having money and wealth.

In fact, you, as a senior and a once productive member of society, are even more entitled to wealth and happiness because you have contributed to the growth and development of your company, community, and also the world.

Change this FLB to this more empowering line:

“As a senior, I am entitled to financial abundance and happiness.”

Take the positive step of manifesting abundance or money by replacing the FLBs we have cited above and others that you may have stored inside your Subconscious Mind with empowering truths.

How your false and limiting beliefs about money affect your resonance with your desire

We have shown that the reason you are unable to manifest your true desire for wealth and abundance is due to the false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) that have become imprinted in your subconscious mind.

You have seen that these persistent beliefs have not only prevented you from manifesting wealth, they also led to new FLBs to develop which only made manifestation even more difficult.

Now, we will discuss how the FLBs you have about money affect your resonance with your desire.

Understanding the Law of Resonance

The Law of Resonance is, in truth, very simple physics.

It states that EVERYTHING emits a vibration or energy and this same vibration/energy is being transmitted at a particular frequency. If there is resonance – or compatibility, if you will – between two vibrations and they are transmitted at the same frequency, there is an attraction between them (“like attracts like”).

A person who is able to direct these vibrations and frequencies at a point of focus will cause the physical manifestation of the very object or goal that this vibration/frequency is directed at.

Now let us apply this law to how you can create and manifest money and abundance in your life.

Your conscious and unconscious thoughts both emit vibrations. If these thoughts are in resonance with each other, meaning that they are both directed toward the goal of manifesting money, wealth, and abundance.

You are now probably wondering: if it is that simple, then why can’t you manifest money at all?

Understanding the Effects of False, Limiting Beliefs on Resonance

As mentioned, since these FLBs are thoughts, they also emit vibrations; however, these vibrations are not only negative forms of energy, they also vibrate at very low frequencies. These low frequencies/vibrations embody the negative emotions of fear, frustration, and despair.

In contrast, your desires – the embodiment of LOVE – vibrate at a higher frequency. It is this high frequency that allows for the manifestation of the desires that you created through your conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings. 

When these two positive and negative frequencies meet, they are not in alignment.

There is an alignment if the beliefs and thoughts that are stored in your subconscious are aligned with your desire.

If you desire money, the beliefs in your subconscious should love ALL aspects of money: the cash itself, the wealth and abundance that comes with it, and the people who possess money and love to share it with others.

But, if your subconscious is full of FLBs, there is no alignment between your beliefs and desires. Because of this, you allow the never-ending state of financial difficulties or contribute to making it worse than it is now.

There is also another important factor to consider here – your emotions. Your ability to manifest your desires is influenced by your emotions. If your FLBs are accompanied by negative emotions, like fear, frustration, and despair, greater focus will be placed on these negatives so that, again, you either perpetuate or get more of the same financial woes you are experiencing now.

FLBs and the Law of Resonance in Actual Practice

Let us give you concrete examples of the scenarios described in the above section.

In the first scenario, it is your desire to manifest money. You go about applying the Law of Attraction. You visualize yourself having lots of money, how you go about spending it, paying your debts, etc.

While you are doing this, however, there is this persistent fear that what you are doing will not work.  Despite all your efforts to visualize and manifest abundance, your fears and doubts cause a misalignment with your desires. As a result, you continue to have financial troubles.

In the second scenario, let’s say that you are sick and tired of being in a financial bind. You pray, visualize and do every manifestation process that you read or hear about.

But, because of repeated experiences of financial problems and the existence of FLBs that have become absolute truths in your subconscious, you are not aware of the fact that you are actually harboring “expectations” that any financial relief is just TEMPORARY and that, after this windfall, you know that financial difficulties will again follow.

This becomes worse as you become afraid of the coming money woes. Most likely, you may have prayed or visualized “I don’t want to be poor.”

The problem of your not wanting to be poor and, inwardly, your expectations of poverty will only compound the manifestation of the very same state of “poor-ness” that you want to avoid.

If your mental focus and emotions on poverty have been honed to such a degree that it overwhelms your true desires, you will soon find yourself manifesting a worse state of “poor-ness” than you are in right now.

Counteracting the effects of FLBs

The inability to manifest wealth and abundance can be remedied by counteracting the harmful effects of FLBs and the negative vibrations that they emit. This would involve replacing these FLBs with positive, empowering beliefs through the reprogramming of your subconscious mind.

Some of these techniques will involve creating a scenario of wealth and abundance by imagining yourself as being rich and developing the behaviors of rich people in order for your subconscious mind to accept this scenario as your new, accepted reality.

Other more, specialized techniques act by weakening the conscious mind so that the FLBs in the subconscious mind can be replaced with positive affirmations.

Sharing and gratitude: The missing components

In the desire for money and abundance, there is one component to manifestation and resonance that most people tend to forget. These components are SHARING and GRATITUDE.

If you think about it, when you pray for wealth, you mostly picture yourself in a situation of abundance.

As mentioned earlier, you see yourself buying expensive houses and other lavish items, having a ballooning bank account, or perhaps bathing in Jacuzzi filled with money.

But, have you ever tried to picture yourself sharing your wealth with the sick, the poor and other less-fortunate people?

Remember that we all originate from and are a part of the same Universal Mind. As the Ultimate Source, the Universal Mind shares and manifests what you desire without prejudice.

Needless to say, the Universal Mind has the same expectations from you…that you would also share what is given you to others.

You may have heard this from people who actively give time and money for the poor…that sharing and helping makes them feel happy and fulfilled and that they forget their personal woes and instead immerse themselves in the service of others.

Some will even tell you that their acts of charity have opened doors for them and enabled them to seize opportunities that helped them improve their lives.

And this is actually true. You see, the more you cling to the desire for money without a thought of sharing your good fortune with others, the more elusive the manifestation of money will be.

For this reason, some individuals experience greater success with manifestation because they have acquired the quality of generosity from the Universal Mind.

As “like attracts like”, the Universal Mind is similarly attracted to share its blessings with people who also share the blessings that they receive.  

Gratitude also plays a major role. If you are thankful for the wealth and other blessings that you receive, you also pave the way for even more blessings to come to you.

This is the Law of Vibration and the Law of Cause and Effect at work. Even if you are not in a state of abundance now, being grateful for even the smallest blessing that you receive will open you to greater blessings in the future.

To recap, if your FLBs and thoughts are not in resonance with your desire and are about “me, me, me” alone, you close your arms to the very abundance that you want to receive.

But if your beliefs and desires are in total alignment and resonance, and you combine sharing and a feeling of gratitude, you become selfless and open arms to wealth and other blessings.

Ways to replace limiting beliefs about money

You have developed these FLBs from your life experiences, education, religion and through exposure from social media.

Unfortunately, these limiting beliefs have been accepted as absolute truths by your subconscious mind, so that whenever you are faced with financial problems, your subconscious continues to execute these same beliefs and solutions over and over again.

Putting it simply, you have trapped yourself in a cycle of unending financial difficulties so that you have trouble getting out of it because of the fear of trying out new beliefs and solutions, especially the ones that are being taught in the Law of Attraction.

If you want to break free from the trap of your FLBs and start creating and manifesting wealth and abundance, you need to reprogram your subconscious mind and completely replace the FLBs that you have stored inside it.

5 Ways to replace limiting beliefs about money

There are five ways by which you can replace FLBs about money that you may have stored inside your Subconscious Mind.

As a reminder though, it is important that you not only focus on replacing these FLBs. You also need to develop the emotions of love, joy, selflessness, and gratitude, which will greatly improve the vibrational frequency that you emit in order to be able to manifest wealth and abundance.


Visualization is a technique that you often hear from Law of Attraction experts.

Simply put, visualization involves imagining and feeling that you already have what you desire, in this case, wealth and abundance.

Remember that your subconscious mind can’t distinguish your mental images from reality. If you repeatedly visualize yourself as rich on a regular basis, you trick your subconscious mind into believing that what you are imagining is, in fact, your REALITY.

As your subconscious accepts these images as reality, it imprints firmly into your mind, replacing the FLBs, and starts to manifest wealth.

Visualization is best performed when your mind is in a sleepy state or when you are meditating.

In either of these two conditions, your Conscious Mind is weakened so that it is very susceptible to suggestion and any imageries that you process are imprinted and stored inside your Subconscious Mind.

Ideally, you should perform visualization upon waking up and in the evening before going to bed for a period of 30 days.

Constant repetition of these images will lead to your mind’s accepting them as absolute truth and your reality.

The result is that your Subconscious Mind, together with the Universal Mind, will work together to make real your desires for wealth and abundance.

You can assist in the visualization process by putting up pictures of money and the lavish things that you want to own, such as a big mansion, a flashy sports car, sparkling jewelry, etc.

Picture yourself enjoying these things and being very happy.

Another way is by actually going to places where you can enjoy the very things that you desire.

For example, you can drive around in a neighborhood with big mansions or go to a sports car dealer and check out the car of your dreams.

Many visualizers tend to forget the love and generosity of the Universal Mind.

To make yourself even more open to blessings and wealth, you can visualize sharing your wealth with others and immerse yourself in the joy of giving.

Always include in your visualizations an image of yourself giving thanks for all the money and blessings that you have received.

Develop Conscious Awareness of Thoughts and Feelings

This method of replacing FLBs is related to the Law of Polarity, wherein everything is composed of two opposing parts and they equally have the potential of each other.

Let’s apply this to the manifestation of money. More often than not, you are praying or wishing “I don’t want to be poor anymore.”

Obviously, you desire the opposite of “poor”, which is being “rich”. However, because you are not consciously aware of the fact that you are too fixated on “poor”, your desire is being misinterpreted by both the Subconscious and Universal Minds that you WANT to be poor.

Rather than focus on what you don’t want or what displeases you – namely the state of being “poor” – concentrate instead on the opposite.

Tell yourself “I am rich” and visualize yourself with all the money and material possessions that you desire.

Here’s another thing you should also consider: do you desire prosperity to relieve yourself of all your financial woes?

Or do you also possess this selfish idea that having more money will give you the opportunity to get back at people who have oppressed you in the past for being poor?

Thinking of all the bad things that you will do with your wealth on the people who have treated you badly will not only negate your manifestation of abundance but will also deliver more of this oppression that you hate upon you.

Remember that manifestation is achieved through LOVE. All your desires and wishes arise from love.

It is very important that, before you even attempt any visualizations, you should be consciously aware of your thoughts, feelings, and motives and rectify them if they are not aligned with love, not only for yourself but also for the people and things around you.

Taking Action To Negate Beliefs

In addition to visualizing inside your mind that you are rich and abundant, you should also play out the part that you are rich in real life.

As someone struggling financially, you may have developed certain behaviors that emphasize your “poor-ness”.

Such behaviors include excessive stinginess, wherein you obsessively cling to the little money that you have without thinking of putting it in investments that will enable you to earn more.

In another example, you may be too focused on working hard on your daily tasks in the office that you miss out on opportunities that are presented to you (such as when your boss asks you to do a certain project and you refuse because you feel you are not equipped to do it).

You need to perform the very “rich” actions that will not only cancel out the FLBs that drive these bad behaviors.

You should perform these “rich” actions repeatedly so that your subconscious mind recognizes them as HABITS.

As these actions/behaviors become habits, it will be a lot easier for your subconscious to manifest abundance.

For example, develop this habit of many self-made millionaires. When you receive your paycheck, don’t bother thinking too much about the figure and how little it is.

Instead, go off and pay your debts. Debts are a tremendous weight inside your mind and the sooner you get rid of them, the better.

Save a portion of your salary in your bank account or put it in an investment and tell yourself, “I see my money growing in huge amounts.”

Make sure that you allot money for yourself after you have bought all groceries and paid bills.

With this money, consider it a reward and splurge. Buy an expensive item, like a piece of jewelry or a new dress. This will negate affordability FLBs, like “That thing is so expensive” or “I can’t afford to buy that.”

Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy involves putting the individual into a trance state or a state of complete relaxation. This weakens the control of the conscious mind over what information gets stored in the subconscious. As a result, the subconscious mind is wide open to suggestion.

In this open state, the hypnotherapist reprograms the subconscious by directly introducing new beliefs/suggestions, which the subconscious readily accepts as reality and uses to replace the old FLBs.

Many people are benefitting from self-hypnosis audio files. These are recordings of actual hypnotherapists guiding you through the hypnosis process, starting from the entry into the trance state.

This is followed by the hypnotherapist’s giving you instructions or empowering statements which will replace the FLBs that are stored in your subconscious. The recording ends with the hypnotherapist guiding you out of the trance state and waking you up.

If you prefer self-hypnosis audios, there are many such tracks available for download on the Internet.

Here are some hypnosis audios that I recommend from my favorite hypnotherapists:

Overcome Fear of Poverty

Be Frugal and Have a New Attitude Towards Money

Get a Millionaire Mindset

Keep Your Financial Worries in Their Place 

To get the best results, it is best to listen to these audio files every morning upon waking up and before going to sleep for 30 days.

Repetition of the suggestions in these audio files will enable the faster imprinting of the new beliefs.

In-person hypnotherapy is the same as the self-hypnosis audio files EXCEPT for the fact that the hypnotherapist is guiding your hypnosis session IN PERSON.

Before scheduling an appointment with a clinical hypnotherapist, you should determine if he/she has a lot of experience in this form of procedure. Psychologists and psychiatrists that offer this procedure belong to medical societies that ensure that their specialists are updated in medical trends.

You can inquire with these societies about their expertise. Another way is by speaking with the hypnotherapist’s patients and find out about their experiences with his/her treatment.

Subliminal Messages

It is a fact that not all people are susceptible to hypnosis. Also, with the busy lifestyle that most people have these days, many don’t have the time, and especially the money, to go for lengthy and expensive hypnotherapy sessions to manifest wealth (when they are in dire need of cash themselves).

For this reason, the best option to replace FLBs is subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages are positive affirmations that are recorded as a hidden track in audio files. Unlike hypnosis audios wherein you hear a hypnotherapist droning instructions through your headphones, the subliminal messages are hidden under relaxing music or soothing nature sounds, like gurgling brooks, birds chirping, etc.

The trick to subliminal messages is that while your conscious mind is distracted or listening to the music or background noise, your subconscious mind is hearing/receiving the subliminal positive affirmations, replacing the FLBs, and storing them.

You don’t even have to meditate. Whether you are working at your desk or exercising in a gym or running in the park, you just download the audio file in your media player, listen to them anytime you want, and reprogram your subconscious in the process.

Some of the subliminal messages that are hidden in the audio file include “I am rich”, “Money is attracted to me”, “I reveal in wealth and abundance”, “My money is mine to share with the less fortunate”, and “I am grateful for the wealth and blessing that I receive.”

Ideally, you should listen to subliminal messages in the morning and before going to bed for 30 days.

But if your hectic schedule doesn’t allow it, instead of playing your favorite pop tunes, put on your earphones and listen to your subliminal recordings instead.

With constant repetition, these messages become accepted as absolute truths by your subconscious mind, replace the FLBs, and are stored permanently so that you are able to manifest wealth easily.

These are the main ways by which you can replace the false and limiting beliefs about money. Explore all of these various procedures and see what works best for you. You might want to consider doing combinations of these techniques to achieve the best results.

Here are some of the subliminals that I created to help replace your false your false and limiting beliefs about money, wealth, and abundance:

Have a Millionaire Mindset

Think Wealthy

Think Big