The Law of Attraction

We know that everything in the Universe is pure Energy with different rates of vibration, and that we can manipulate this energy using our thoughts and feelings. According to the Law of Vibration, “Like attracts like”, and this process of attracting similar vibrations is called Law of Attraction.

Energy can be traced all the way to THE ALL or God, the First Cause in the Universe. THE AK exists at the highest frequency of Energy while humans, animals, plants and non-living things vibrate at lower frequencies depending on their “conscious awareness”.

The Infinite Field of Possibilities

THE ALL or God’s mind is called the Universal Mind, and within this mind is the Infinite Field of Possibilities where everything that we think of and imagine “potentially” exists in this field (or Universe). Everything that exists now, ever existed, and ever will exist already exists in the Infinite Field of Possibilities in the Eternal Now.

The Universe is a huge expanse of Energy with different rates of vibrations that range from the lowest (the frequency of solid non-living things) to the highest (which is the frequency of THE ALL). THE ALL or God manifests itself through its individual centers (non-living and living things) with different degrees of consciousness and different rates of vibrations. Simply put, THE ALL or God manifests in infinite different ways, as we are all individual expressions of THE ALL or God.

How we create our reality as individual expressions of THE ALL or God is we attract into us energy that has similar vibrations to the energy of our thoughts. So, if we focus our thoughts on the lack of money, what we will attract into our reality is the absence of money; but if we focus our thoughts on the abundance of money, that is exactly what we are going to attract into our reality.

Since we attract everything to us based on the vibration of our thoughts, it follows then that “luck”, “fortune” and “chance” are the results of our predominant thoughts and feelings.

If we pray or ask for something to THE ALL or God with absolute faith and trust, our prayers or wishes will be granted because the vibrations of our thoughts are in harmony with the vibrations of our desires.

The difficulty in making the Law of Attraction work is actually not in asking for what you want but in receiving it, because in order to receive, your thoughts must be in harmony with what you desire since “like attracts like” with no exception.

So, whether you want to be with a specific person, a house, a car, your ideal body, etc., you need to harmonize the vibrations of your thoughts to the vibrations of “having these desires right now”.

The Frequency of THE ALL

One of the most important things you need to do therefore to attract good things in your life is to be aware how Law of Attraction works and to vibrate on the frequency of THE ALL or God which is Unconditional Love. To do this, you must love everything and everyone with all your heart without conditions. This is how you can attract your desires in their highest versions.

A person who understands this truth always lives in conscious awareness that we can ask for what we want at any time. We can also attract our desire into our lives if we harmonize the vibration of our thoughts to the vibration of our desire through imagination and by feeling LOVE for our desire.

As your situation changes based on your vibration, you will know that you create or co-create your reality, so you must live with love for the best things to come.

You create your reality through the thoughts you hold in your mind, but beyond these thoughts, you must know that you are THE ALL in an individualized expression, and the true nature of your vibration is Unconditional Love. When you stay in the state of Unconditional Love, there is nothing to worry or fear about because nothing can go wrong — everything will happen according to your plans.

As your realization and enthusiasm grows, you will become more and more in harmony with your desires. As a result, more and more of what you wish for will manifest into your awareness and your physical reality. Your results will then be noticed by those around you who will often dismiss your “fortune” as “luck”.

The Law of Attraction applies equally to attracting or repelling people. Everyone, without exception, is a “transmitter” and “receiver” of vibrations. People who feel attracted to you or you to them are those who vibrate on the same frequency as you. Everyone detects the vibrations of others on a subconscious level that’s why they instantly like or dislike others.

The more joyful and happy you are, the higher will be your rate of vibration. The higher your rate of vibration, the more powerful will be your ability to attract. Joy is a very high vibration which belongs to the three vibrations of THE ALL (love, joy, peace). The more joyful you are, the higher will be your rate of vibration and the more aligned you will be to THE ALL. This, in turn, will enable you to manifest your desires much more freely.

Those who are not joyful are in a state that focuses mainly on the material world, and when physical things do not conform to their own physical efforts, they become sad or upset. These negative emotions will always perpetuate more of the same. It is, therefore, important to never embrace negative, angry, or depressive thoughts, because once this process starts to occur, it can become self-perpetuating, and the person can be trapped in a vortex of destructive, negative Energy.

Always remember: you are an infinite expression of THE ALL or God, and the more of God you can express, the more abundance will flow into your life from the Universal Mind and the Infinite Field of Possibilities.

Be aware of how you are thinking and don’t let external physical factors, situations or people influence you.. Maintain the high state of vibrations as an expression of THE ALL, and your individual reality will reflect your high state of vibrations.

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