Life Force Energy

All life forms on earth are sustained by conscious, intelligent, live, vibrating energy called Life Force Energy (LFE). Life Force Energy pervades and sustains the entire Universe in all spheres, dimensions or planes of life manifestations.

This conscious and intelligent energy has other names based on cultures, traditions, practitioners, healers and sciences including, “Prana”, “Chi”, “Ki”, “Psi”, “Ruah”, “Breath of Life”, “Bioplasma”, “Manna”, “Life Force”, “Orgone”, “Odic Force”, “The Force”, and “Quanta”.

Regardless of the name though, Life Force Energy is a manifestation of the energy of THE ALL or Spirit. Just like how THE ALL can manifest in gazillion different ways with varying degrees of consciousness (from non-living, to living things like plants, insects, animals, humans, etc), the same can be said about the Universal Mind and the Energy of THE ALL.

The Energy of THE ALL, or Life Force Energy, manifests in infinite ways by degree and this is mainly influenced by the Individual Mind as well as the Universal Mind. The characteristic of Life Force Energy depends on the Individual Mind’s “mental state” quality. So, the “mental state” is what creates “Thought Forms” with its corresponding vibration.

Life Force Energy is also the energy or force used by healers, esoteric, spell casters, magick practitioners of all kinds to pursue and explore their traditions, practices and abilities. Life Force Energy is very powerful when used in “alternative healing” such as Pranic Healing, Reiki, etc., which are well-known in Asia and now increasingly practiced around the world.

I grew up in a rural part of the Philippines where people are accustomed to “alternative medicine”. I had never been to proper physicians except dentists until I went to college, and only because I had to go through the required medical exam before I applied to the university of my choice.

As a child, whenever we fell ill, the tendency of my parents and grandparents were to bring us to a “manghihilot” or a Filipino healer. These healers recite a mantra or a prayer (that I never understood because they often whispered to themselves), balance our chakras (although they didn’t call them that), massage some areas of the body or lay their hands on your head or the painful areas of the body. They often use natural oil (their own concoction) and ginger to rub on certain areas of our body. After the “consultation”, I was immediately relieved of pain, fever, and any forms of discomfort in my body. It was like magic!

Basically, what the healers did was to use Life Force Energy to heal our bodies. With pure intentions, love, and asking help from THE ALL or God, they transformed Life Force Energy into healing energy that transcends time and space. Sometimes, we didn’t even have to go to their houses to have our healing session; we sent a piece of clothing instead and the healers work on our clothes. Then, after the session, we had to wear those clothes so that the healing will take effect. This is the same concept as distance healing.

Now that I am a mother, I also bring my son to healers in the Philippines since he was one year old. Now he is 12 and I still bring him whenever he is not feeling well. This is always my first course of action (except for cases that need surgery, although he never had one) because it always works, and the second course of action is to bring him to his doctor.

Since we talked about the power of the Subconscious Mind and its connection to the Universal Mind, let’s talk how a person becomes ill:

The origin of a disease is never within the physical body itself but from the predominant thoughts and beliefs stored in the Subconscious Mind. But there will be no stored beliefs without the Conscious Mind that consistently focus on illnesses, diseases, and being fearful about them.

Healing Modalities Using Life Force Energy

How Life Force Energy can be used in Pranic Healing to heal the illness or disease is to accumulate LFE through higher degrees of consciousness and vibrations, as well as imagination, and then mentally direct this accumulated energy towards the location of the disease in the body. Then, the healer imagines the site of the disease being completely healed and imagines perfect health for the person being healed.

Our body has energy centers called “chakras”. These seven chakras have a specific purpose. When the chakras are blocked, they create disturbance to the flow of Life Force Energy in the body. To unblock the chakras, there are chakra meditations that you can perform using the power of your mind and feelings.

Another “alternative” healing modality is Acupuncture, where fine needles are inserted at critical points of the physical body. These points correspond to important paths of Life Force Energy or “Chi” (a term used in China to refer to LFE) within the body. The goal is to balance the flow of LFE in your body so that you will be relieved of physical discomfort and heal from your illnesses. Acupuncture uses the Law of Polarity, where energy points can be subject to opposite poles of balance known in Taoist terms as “Yin” (the negative polarity) and “Yang” (the positive polarity).

“Tai Chi” is another well-known and extremely popular exercise in Chinese culture involving Chi. Tai Chi exercises balance the flow of LFE in the body, facilitating a better state of health and well-being.

Yet another form of healing modality that uses Life Force Energy is “Reiki”, a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Force”. “Rei” means “universal” and “Ki” means “life force”. Like most other forms of healing practice, Reiki can take place with the patient in the same room as the practitioner or at any distance, time and space not presenting any sort of barriers.

We need to remember though that the source of all healing is the Subconscious Mind (connected to the Universal Mind) either at an individual level (personal healing), or a collective level (remote healing).

The fundamental source of all healing powers is therefore the Subconscious Mind of the healers, who is able to succeed in healing due to their absolute faith in the power of their chosen healing modality. The action of the projection of Life Force Energy provides a channel to which faith is energized, in the same way as faith healing.

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