In this article, I will guide you how to manifest ANYTHING that you want, and I mean anything that you can imagine. You should finish reading this article first and then practice after.

To start, you need to choose an intention. An intention is anything that you want. Ask yourself right now what is it that you want. If you have multiple intentions, choose only one and focus on it. Whenever you do this activity, only choose one intention.

Once you have your intention, try to make yourself comfortable. You can either sit on a comfortable couch or lie down — it doesn’t matter. But wherever you are, try to relax and make yourself comfortable.

Once you are relaxed, let go of your thoughts. You can count slowly from 20, 19, 18… until you reach one. By the time you reach one, you should be fully relaxed and enjoying the gift of the present moment. You no longer worry about the past and the future. You simply focus on the now. Let go of the world that you know outside of you right now. Breathe deeply and slowly.

Imagine a stream of radiant light coming down to the top of your head opening up the center of your mind. The light is glowing brighter, more radiant, and filling your mind with positive energy. You can feel and sense this bright light of positive energy traveling down your spine, opening all the energy centers on your face, throat, chest, navel area, your legs, and your feet, enlarging them. Then, increase the flow of this energy, and feel your body covered with energy and bright light.

Now imagine this energy shining in front of your chest, which is your heart center. Expand it out, radiate it, and send it to everyone and everything around you.

Whatever sound you hear while doing this, just ignore and continue to stay in the moment.

The secret to manifestation is believing. The power lies in your belief that everything happens right now, in real time, and that your number one job is to not doubt about it.

Whatever you want comes to you in a brightest and fastest way. The positive energy that you bring out comes back to you immediately in the best and most loving ways, for whatever we send out, we create in our own experience.

Understand and believe that the people, circumstances, and the world around you have already changed this very moment. Just believe that it’s happening now, so no need to look for evidence. We know it already happened in the present and the future simultaneously.

You are expanding to your fullest potential, right now, at this moment. Sending out positive energy to the world, through space and time, brings out the best possible way all that you create, all that you need, and all that you want to experience in this life. It’s already been created. Just let it go, and let it be.

Breathe deeply, and continue to relax. Know that everything that you think has a corresponding vibrational frequency. Everything in this world is created through vibration. You are now sending out the energetic vibration of your intention because you are clear with what you want.

Nothing is more important than focusing on what you want.  When you focus on what you want, you are taking the path of least resistance. You must understand that you create now what you want to see in your future. See it as already here, see it around you. Feel it, sense it, taste it, hear it, visualize it within this moment, right now.

You realize that what you want is being created through your thoughts and feelings and vibrational frequency that come with it. Just trust it, because everything works this way with mathematical certainty every single time. What you will send out will find its vibrational match and will be attracted to you, right now. No need to wait for it because it’s already here. Right at this moment, it is already so.

For the next moments, just enjoy the absolute realization of your intention. Spend three minutes imagining it real.

Now, slowly, release your intention. Just let it go freely and pure confidence.

Then open your eyes and allow yourself to accept a message from your highest self. Whatever it is that you get, accept it. Every thought, every action, and every idea that gives you inspiration is being guided by your higher self. Remember also that you are part of the universe, and that the universe and you are one — you can never be separate from it.

As your higher self guides you into a direction, ask yourself: what is it that I need to do that will help me closer to that direction and eventually to my desire? As you meditate, continue to ask yourself, “What is the next thing that I need to do that will bring me closer to my desire?”

When you receive the answer immediately, or in the future, you must follow it. Trust and know that you’re being guided. This guide will come to you in many ways, but you must always take action, no matter how small the guide is. Even the smallest step is the turning point.

Let the universe that links together takes care of the process or the details. When you focus on the end result, you will be guided and meet people, find yourself in circumstances and conditions on how to go about your desire. The universe knows the essence of what you are reaching for.

You can use this exercise for your other intentions. There is no limit as to the kind or the number of intentions that you can have. Remember that you are one with the universe, and therefore you’re a limitless being. If you miss one opportunity, you will have another, and then another. You will have a stream of opportunities that never runs out. Nothing is withheld from you — everything is given to you at any moment that you ask and accept. Your desire is already created because you are now in an unrestrained, non-resisting state of mind.This means no more struggle and strain, no more losses and defeat.

Take a moment and imagine that you already have your desire. What would you feel if you already have what you want right now? Create that feeling now, right at this moment. Get excited about it, be excited about it!

The open your eyes and look around. Feel the energy. You will definitely notice a change in energy in your surroundings.

Now repeat this to yourself:

“What I seek is seeking me. I let go of how it will come to me, and I just focus on my heart’s desire. My higher self knows how to make it happen, so I just relax and let go. I accept my desire, or something better. I am ready, receptive, and grateful. And so it is done.”