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30 Days to Manifest an Ideal Relationship with Your Ex or Loved One (30MIRE)

About This Course

Welcome to my FREE COURSE on manifesting your ex back! This course is based on the Principle of Consciousness, Laws of the Universe, and the Power of Your Mind and how you can use them to reunite with your ex or loved one. What makes this course different from other courses I scoured through the Internet for online courses on getting your ex back, and I couldn’t find anything similar to the teachings featured in my course. Unlike the other courses that focus too much on mind games, making the other person jealous, "no contact", and other rules that give you

The Universal Laws

I would like to start this course with the INTRODUCTION TO THE UNIVERSAL LAWS that govern the universe and our existence. These universal laws are the truth. They exist since the beginning of time. The wise, successful, and powerful men and women knew about the existence of these laws and used them to their advantage. Only less than 1% of the world’s population know about these laws. The universal laws are 100% accurate, never fail, and work 24/7. These laws make the world exist in perfect harmony. They hold all the answers to life’s greatest mysteries. As you study and

Day 1: You Create Everything Through Your Mind

The first universal law that we will discuss is the Law of Mentalism, which states that “ALL IS MIND and the universe is mental.” Your mind is the source of all intelligence and of all social, physical, mental, spiritual, scientific, artistic, and mechanical achievements and advancement. This means that everything in this universe — tangible and intangible — comes from your mind, including yourself and your ex. You create all your experiences through your mind. Whenever you think, whether consciously or unconsciously and no matter how fleeting the thoughts are, these thoughts will find their way to your Physical Reality.

Day 2: The Conscious and the Subconscious

Since all is mind, it is also crucial that you understand the two main aspects of your minds and their functions: the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind. The Conscious Mind The Conscious Mind is your mind that is aware of what is happening inside and outside of you. It is aware that your ex is no longer around, that the breakup is painful, and that they blocked you on social media. The Conscious Mind likes to label things that you experience with your five senses. It judges your tea as hot or cold, the breakup as painful, your mood

Day 3: The Mind of the Universe

We come to the third aspect of the mind that’s shared by everyone and everything in the universe: The Universal Mind. People from all over the world have given the Universal Mind so many names: God, Allah, the Divine, Highest Consciousness, Supreme Being, Infinite Creator, the Unified Field, and so many others. These names all refer to that aspect of the mind that is eternal, has limitless potentials, and the source of every single reality that you can think of. We all come from the Universal Mind. You, me, everyone in the universe, all the plants, animals, rocks, air, ocean,

Day 4: You and Your Ex Are One

The Principle of Divine Oneness states that everything is connected to everything else. Because we are individual centers of the Universal Mind, we are all connected to a greater consciousness called the Universal Mind. The principle of being connected with one another through one mind is called the Principle of Divine Oneness. You can always see the principle of Divine Oneness in action in your daily life. For example, have you ever thought of a friend and that person suddenly sent you a text or even called you? Well, that’s because you and your friend share ONE MIND (Universal Mind)!

Day 5: Your Thoughts Have Vibrations

Everything comes from your thoughts. Thoughts have energy. Therefore, everything has energy, and energy vibrates at certain frequencies. If you have negative thoughts, these thoughts have negative energy and negative vibrational frequency and manifest into your life as negative experiences. If you have positive thoughts, these thoughts have positive energy and vibrational frequency and manifest in your life as positive experiences. You vibrate at love frequency when you give unconditional love to yourself and others. You vibrate at the frequency of fear if you are afraid that your ex has already moved on. You vibrate at a neutral frequency if

Day 6: The Frequency of Love

I did a ton of research, read close to 100 books, applied so many principles, picked what worked and discarded what didn’t, etc. Then, one day, I found the answer — the one missing KEY ingredient to manifestation. The answer is unexpectedly simple, yet makes so much sense: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Unconditional Love is the strongest, highest, and the most powerful vibration and energy in the universe. Without the power of unconditional love, you and I wouldn’t even be here. Without unconditional love, the universe will cease to be in harmony. Unconditional Love is not the same as sentimental love, the

Day 7: Your Experiences Are a Projection of Your Thoughts

The next universal law is the Law of Correspondence. This law is always correct and can never be transcended or changed. This law states that what is outside of you is a reflection of what is inside of you. 1. Your experiences are a reflection of your thoughts and feelings It is very easy to understand what is going on in your mind: just look at everything around you. What you see around you is the result of your own consciousness or mind. To know what your real thoughts are about money and finance, look at how much money and

Day 8: Love is the Same Nature as Hate

The next universal law is the Law of Polarity, which states that everything is dual and everything has poles. What seems to be the opposite of your desire is actually the same nature of your desire but varies only in degree. This simply means that there are no complete opposites but only two extremes of the same thing. Example, loving your ex is not the opposite of hating your ex. At first glance, it looks like they are opposites of each other but, actually, they are of the same nature, just a difference in degree. The degree of your feelings

Day 9: Your Breakup is not Permanent

Everything is rising and falling, swinging backward and forward The fifth universal law is the Law of Rhythm, which says that everything that has been manifested has a measured motion, a flow and inflow, a swing forward and backward, a pendulum-like movement, a high tide, and a low tide. This law is closely related to the Law of Polarity. The Law of Rhythm can swing to the negative pole or to the positive pole, or can swing towards either pole. As with babies who were born, they eventual grow, live, and then pass; only for their consciousness to be reborn

Day 10: Every Effect Has a Cause

The sixth universal law is the Law of Cause and Effect, which is an immutable law so you cannot transcend or change it. It will always take effect in full force 24/7. Every Effect Has a Cause According to this law, nothing happens by chance. This law states that “chance” is a term that indicates an effect of a cause that the creator hasn’t recognized or hasn’t perceived yet. In other words, you think something happens to you by chance when, in actuality, you created that chance yourself through your thoughts -- you just didn’t know or didn’t realize that

Day 11: Don’t Look For and Let Go of Signs

Nothing ever “happens” without a cause or rather a chain of causes. If you’ve been looking for “signs” of your creation or analyzing all the moves, reactions, texts messages, or calls of your ex, that means you have no confidence in your ability to “create” your desired outcome. You have no confidence in the “cause.” That, or you haven’t been conscious of your “cause.” Instead of getting your assurance from the signs, there should already have a sense of knowing (faith) that your desire will manifest in your reality sooner rather than later. You should already know that it will

Day 12: The Right Time

The Law of Gender is the seventh universal law, which is also known as the Law of Gestation. This law explains the time it takes for your desire to manifest from thoughts to physical reality. We see the Law of Gender in action around us: A woman is normally pregnant for 9 months. The Earth orbits the sun every 365 days. It takes 15 hours to travel directly from Manila to San Francisco It takes approximately 90-100 days to grow tomatoes from seed to harvest In each of these examples, there is a specific time period that passes before you

Day 13: Apply What You Learned

The Law of Use is not included in the seven universal laws that we discussed already, but I would like to include this law because this is essential to make the other laws work. The seven universal laws that we discussed have been securely locked up in the minds of the fortunate and powerful possessors for many years. Unless you are proactively seeking for enlightenment, you will probably not even discover that these laws exist. These laws need to be enforced and put to use before they can take effect. If you keep reading and acquiring new knowledge about reality

Day 14: What Are FLBs and Why You Need To Clear Them

The reason many people manifest their exes (or a new relationship) for a temporary period only is they usually go back into their old habits of being insecure, jealous, fearful of being abandoned or cheated on, and feeling unworthy of love. These negative relationship patterns and behaviors come from false and limiting beliefs (FLBs) stored in their subconscious. These patterns are their natural defense mechanisms to deal with deep-seated physical, mental, and emotional trauma experienced in negative, dysfunctional, and destructive events. These events may include being abandoned as a child, having an unhappy childhood, physical and psychological abuse, negative comments

Day 15: How to Deal with FLBs

To help you identify your FLBs, I prepared some questions for you to answer. Please answer honestly and truthfully so that your TRUE FLBs will surface. Take note that negative emotions may arise as you recall your past experiences. Fears and FLBs while dating: 1. What are your fears while dating? (you can write multiple fears, FLBs) Ex. I fear that my date will not like me if they knew that I am a single parent. 2. What is the root cause of this fear / FLB? Ex. Growing up, my parents and grandparents used to tell me not to

Day 16: How to Clear Your FLBs

Follow these steps to clear your FLBs Identify which belief you want to clear Recall a specific memory at a specific age that you believe is the root cause of this fear / FLB. See this memory in your mind’s eye. Notice whether you feel some pain in your body while revisiting this specific memory. Take note of that part of your body. Forgive all the people involved in that memory, because they unconsciously imprinted this fear / FLB in your subconscious. Extend them understanding and compassion. Make sure you forgive them without conditions. Say this: “I release and let

Day 17: See Your Desire in Your Mind’s Eye

My favorite subconscious reprogramming and manifestation technique is visualization in a sleepy state. I have used this technique countless times and it works every single time! Since everything is created through the mind, visualization is extremely effective because it literally creates your desire in your mind. The Feeling is the Secret You have to remember though that the version that’s created in your reality depends on the thought-feeling feeling combination that you consistently focus on. Let’s have two examples: When you visualize being with your loved one but you consistently vibrate at the frequency of fear that they might have

Day 18: How to Visualize the Right Way

The mind doesn’t understand what’s real and what’s not real. It doesn’t know whether you actually experience the mental images that you play in your head or not. It only takes into consideration what it “sees” in your “mind’s eye.” This is why you MUST visualize as if you already have your desire in its complete state because when you visualize that you are YET to receive your desire, that’s what’s get stored in your subconscious and then executed in your reality. You have to visualize from a first person’s point of view so the data that will be recorded

Day 19: Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind Using Affirmations

Read your new beliefs (affirmations that you wrote) twice a day: morning and night, ideally as soon as you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. To make reciting affirmations more effective, visualize or imagine the affirmations as if they were happening right now. Give each affirmation substance by feeling happy and positive while reading it. Feel as if these affirmations are your truth, and believe in them 100%. Through constant repetition (reading it daily and feeling it real), your subconscious will take note of these affirmations as facts and store them as your

Day 20: Reprogram Your Subconscious: Send Love and Be Love

You learned in the Law of Vibration that everything is energy and energy has a corresponding vibrational frequency. You also learned that those with the same vibrational frequencies come together naturally. While there are several scales of vibrational frequencies that you may feel at any given moment, the highest vibration available for you to reach is Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is The language of creation and manifestation. It is the vibration of all our desires in its highest state. To move things around fast, you must be IN ALIGNMENT with your desire. The meaning of being in alignment is to

Day 21: Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind Using Subliminals

There is an effortless way to imprint your new beliefs in your subconscious, and that is listening to subliminal audio programs. Subliminal messages are hidden positive messages masked with sound therapy (brainwave entrainment) intended to communicate directly with the Subconscious Mind and completely bypass the Conscious Mind. These subliminal messages are unintelligible to the human ear, which is connected to the Conscious Mind, so you will not hear the suggestions at all. Although the Conscious Mind cannot hear the messages, the subconscious can still hear them because it never sleeps. When the Conscious Mind sleeps, it does not get in

Day 22: Forgiveness Cures Everything

If you have a hard time giving and vibrating Unconditional Love, that means there’s something in you that blocks it. Your false and limiting beliefs (FLBs), being negative thoughts, have negative vibrations. These negative vibrations produce negative energy, and negative energy naturally blocks anything that’s positive, unless you consciously train your mind to repeatedly focus on the positive. Some of these stored negative emotions come from problems in your relationships. Perhaps there’s someone in your life that you need to forgive, like a family member or a friend. Perhaps you had a partner who hurt you so much that you’re

Day 23-30: Raise Your Vibrations

In addition to the above-mentioned techniques, it is important to preserve your life force or energy in your body. The more you preserve your energy, the easier for you to vibrate in high frequencies. As you become more and more positive, more and more good things will happen to you like you will finally be healed from the breakup and you will now be able to focus on manifesting what it is that you truly want to happen. Not only that, you will also see significant improvements in different aspects of your life. Preserving your life force/energy is also a

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