Manifest Your Ex Back: Free Course

A Note from Marie

Dear Friend,

Today, you will embark on a journey that will help you realize your true powers and how it can create the reality that you deserve. This includes manifesting your loved one back, and having the most wonderful relationship with them.

Some people think this feat is impossible, that it is too unrealistic to create or recreate your entire life, and that thoughts and feelings cannot drastically and powerfully change reality; but remember that thinking about impossibility is what makes impossibility happen.

So, if you can think it impossible, you can think it possible. The thoughts we have become the vehicle we use to navigate through life, and if you keep this vehicle in good condition, it will help carry you through different roads and opportunities, and even be strong enough to pave a new path or change a terrain.

In this course, we particularly tackle how to manifest your loved one back. You are so powerful that you don’t only change your actions, but manage to indirectly and powerfully affect others, including that one person in your life that you feel has been so elusive since the day you broke up.

Each lesson focuses not only on your desire to have your loved one back in your life, but on what you need to work on yourself. You will hone your energy into its best and most potent form so that manifesting your loved one becomes easier.

This is a course to help you discover your true potentials and use these potentials to have your loved one back. To do this, you must first be whole, complete, and discover your Real Self. This course is a lot about self-discovery.

Every lesson is a build-up of your consciousness, so we start from the most basic understanding of Conscious Creation up until we delve into its application. Every module will have its set of exercises that will range from meditation, visualization, to journaling. For journaling, you need a notebook and a pen. For the other exercises, you just need a private place.

I wrote this course on and off, over the course of one year, and only when I have the highest vibrations. In total, I wrote the lessons in eight countries and cities: the Philippines (my birth country), Hong Kong, Macau, United States, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and as I neared completion, I flew to one of the chakra centers of the earth: Bali, Indonesia.

I wrote the last lessons in Ubud, the spiritual center of Bali. I thought this was a fitting place to finish this course because of the high vibration of the place. After all, Ubud comes from the Balinese word “ubad”, which means medicine. Many people who come to Ubud are literally healed and transformed — both emotionally and physically — because of the mystical and healing powers of the place.

I hope that you will find all the answers to your questions related to manifesting your loved one back through this course.

May you always be happy.



June 2018
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

MYEB Course Content

A Note from Marie
Day 3 – Nature of the Universe, You and Your SP are One, How You Created Your Reality
Day 10 – The Law of Attraction, How to Harmonize Your Desire, Create a Vision Board
Day 11 – Law of Correspondence, The Physical Plane, Your Creations in the Physical Plane
Day 12 – The Mental Plane, The Creations of the Mental Plane
Day 13 – The Spiritual Plane; How to Operate in the Spiritual Plane
Day 19 – Your Common FLBs About Relationships, Identify Your FLBs
Day 21 – Effortless Subconscious Programming, Specificity Is The Name of the Game
Day 23 – The Power of Suggestions, Affirmations to Manifest Your Loved One
Day 24 – Everything Has Two Sides, All Things Rise and Fall, Applications of Both Laws
Day 25 – Everything Has Its Own Time, The Law of Use, Applications of both Laws
Day 28 – The Best Mind State to Create Your Desire, Train Yourself To Get Into Alpha State
Other Materials Contained in the Premium Course

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Subscribe to my newsletter to download these products and to get weekly exclusive content, discount codes, and freebies.