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Day 10

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction’s premise is “like attracts like.” Some people think, however, that “opposites attract” and that likes repel, primarily when they use the magnet as an example.

To help resolve this confusion about the concept of the Law of Attraction, think regarding the Law of Vibration. This law states that you attract people, things, and events that are in harmony with your own vibrational frequency.

In other words, what you have and experience in your Physical Reality right now have been attracted by no other than YOURSELF, through the vibrational frequency of the contents of your mind that eventually affected your feelings. Whatever resonates with your thoughts and feelings will be attracted in your reality.

To make sure that you attract only positive people, things, and events in your life, make sure that you quickly snap out of the negative feelings that creep in.

In my experience, when negative feelings come in, I immediately distract myself by reaching for the closest thing to me, like my phone or wallet or notebook and expressly admire it. I hold this thing, look at it, observe and examine it intently without judging it, and give thanks to it. Then I think of all the good things that it has done to me to make my life easier. This technique is very effective to help me change my negative thoughts into something positive.

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Loved One Back

In the case of manifesting your partner, thoughts of their absence in your life, worrying that they may see other people, assuming they don’t love you anymore, and entertaining thoughts that you might not reunite with them vibrate at the frequency of FEAR. The vibration of fear operates in the lower spectrum of The Scale of Consciousness and is way below where you should be vibrating, which is the frequency of LOVE.

Since you manifest experiences that resonate with your own vibrational frequency, your vibration of FEAR will create circumstances to be fearful about, such as the physical manifestations of your predominant thoughts.

Concentrated thoughts and predominant thoughts have more power than sporadic thoughts. So if the contents of your mind are predominantly positive thoughts about your partner, you will manifest these predominant thoughts.

Undirected thoughts result in scattered and not concentrated thoughts. When your thoughts are scattered, your vibrational frequencies or feelings become scattered as well. You will have episodes of extreme highs to extreme lows, like a swinging pendulum.

When you have mood swings, you will have a hard time creating your desired relationship with your loved one as every step that you take forward, you take one step backward. What happens is these conflicting thoughts will cancel each other. This results in stagnation. There will be no improvement in your circumstance, and things will stay the same.

If you direct your mind today and manifest your loved one but then forget to direct it, there is a greater tendency that you will create cycles in your relationship.

The inability to direct your thoughts is not Conscious Creation. CREATING something to your liking and to your specifications requires you to be deliberate with your thoughts. This means that you NEED to have directive power over your thoughts to ensure that what you’re creating in your mind fit your description of your desired relationship with your loved one. This is REAL creation.

Without YOU directing and deliberately choosing your thoughts, the universal laws will be in charge of your life. Whether you are aware of your thoughts or not, the universal laws still apply. The Law of Attraction still applies.

How to Harmonize Your Desire

You probably heard of the phrase, “be in alignment with your desire” so many times, especially if you’ve been reading about the Law of Attraction for quite a while now. But what does it mean to “be in alignment” with your desire?

In this course, we will refer to “be in alignment with your desire” as “harmonizing your desire” or bringing yourself in harmony with your desire. In this case, your desire is to reunite with your loved one in a brand new relationship.

Harmonizing your desire is a very significant step in the creation and manifestation process. In fact, it is the step that gives your desire physical form so that you can experience it in your Physical Reality.

To harmonize with your desire means to match your vibrations with the vibrations of the object of your desire.

How Thought Forms Manifest

How does this work? Well, the Universe is made up of billions of particles that come together through the energy of thought forms. As soon as you create a mental picture of your desire in your mind, the frequency of your thoughts (or mental pictures) will pick the combinations from the infinite possibilities in the Unified Field (Universal Mind) that match your desire.

Take note that all possibilities already exist in the Unified Field. Whatever your mind can think already exists in it. But for you to create from these possibilities, you need to form it in your mind. So, from thought form, your desire will manifest in your Physical Reality if you place this thought form in the right environment.

I liken this to starting a garden: first, you plant the seeds (thought), then you let these seeds germinate and then water it every day, put fertilizer, and place it under the right amount of sunlight until it grows.

This is the same as creating your desire from thought forms to physical forms. You form it by giving it concentrated thoughts. The more focused your thoughts, the faster you can form it. The more detailed and specific your visualization, the more specific your thought forms will become.

Then you give this thought form substance through feelings. If you choose negative feelings such as fear, shame, guilt, or anger, you will manifest the negative version of this desire. If you choose to fuel your thought forms with vibrations of love, joy, peace, happiness, and excitement, you will manifest the positive version of this desire.

Harmonizing your desire requires all physical and non-physical aspects of you to be aligned with the reality you desire. If you want your loved one back into your life, think it, feel it, act it, and speak it.

It’s not that you spam your loved one with messages or talk about them all the time to anyone as this only shows actions that vibrate at the lower levels equated with desperation. If you vibrate at the higher levels of consciousness, your actions and words toward your loved one would be more of happiness, gratitude, and acceptance.

Instead of being angry at them when they unblock you, thank them. Instead of being sad when they leave for a different country, you wish them luck. If they never contact you after the break up, keep sending love to them through the Universal Mind. This is what it means by harmonizing your desire. You align your own vibrational frequency with the vibrational frequency your desire.

The process of harmonizing your desire has two important steps:


First is when you visualize your desire in a detailed manner. Make sure that you see the mental images of your desire in your mind’s eye as if they were happening RIGHT NOW.

To do this, see your ideal life happening right now; see your ideal version of your loved one in your life right now; see yourself waking up with your loved one beside you, see yourselves starting a new life together, see yourselves in your brand new home, have breakfast together, watch movies together, touch your partner’s hand, go on a holiday together, do your favorite outdoor activity, look at each other’s eyes, smell their perfume, laugh together, and so on.

Make sure that you are a participant in your visualization and not a spectator. Don’t be like watching yourselves on the big screen; instead, imagine being an actor in your own movie.

The Power of Vision Boards

If you have a hard time visualizing your ideal scenarios, I recommend putting together a vision board.

Your vision board can be an actual illustration board or cork board with photos that represent your ideal scenarios. These can be magazine cutouts or printed photos.

If you are an artist, you can draw, sketch, or paint your ideal scenarios.

For virtual vision boards, you may want to use Pinterest. You can create an album with a description, “My life with (insert name of the person you love)” then place all your ideal scenes, items, vacation destinations, activities together in that album.

There are also vision board apps for Android or iPhone. Just go to the App Store or Google Playstore and search “vision board”. Explore the available apps and pick what you like the most.

There is no correct form of vision boards. Choose what works for you. Some people like to use physical vision boards, some like to draw on a piece of paper or drawing pad or notebook, some prefer to use Photoshop or Pinterest or Canva, and others prefer to use mobile apps. I personally like to create my vision boards on Canva and then print them and post them on my office wall.

It is important to put a photo of yourself at the center of the vision board. Ideally, you can post your photo with your partner.

Your vision board should contain all elements that represent your desire. It should also represent a reality as if each scene has already been completed.

When looking at your vision board, it is more effective if it describes the scenario one by one as if they were photos that you took through the years. Then, imagine showing your vision board to a friend. Pretend that you’re telling this friend the story of each photo on the vision board.

Here are some examples of the things that you can say when you point at each photo:

“This was taken during our trip to Paris”

“Someone took this silly picture of us during our wedding”

“I love our newly-renovated bedroom!”

“We can’t wait to meet the little one!”

“Last week, we bought our dream car!”

Look at all the photos on your vision board as often as possible ideally before you sleep at night and after you wake up in the morning because this is the time when your Subconscious Mind is awake and your Conscious Mind is still trying to wake up. Focus on each picture with so much concentration as possible. Do not let anything distract you.


This step is all about feeling grateful for everything that you have received in your life. Since all the images in your mind (and on your vision board) are things that you have already received, it is important to feel grateful for them.

Feel as if everything is real. How did it feel to go to Paris for vacation with your loved one? Or how does it feel to be in Paris RIGHT NOW? Are you happy being married to the one you love? Do you like your dream car? How does it feel to wear your dream wedding dress? How does it feel to live together? How do you feel being proposed to by the one you love?

Fuel each photo with emotions of love, joy, excitement, happiness, gratitude, and peace. Give thanks for the perfect life with the one you love.

To give each photo positive feelings when you look at it, try to recall happy memories with your loved one.

Remember how you laughed at the silliest things? Remember all the happy memories, the laughter, the smiles, the surprises? Remember feeling loved, cherished, cared for? Remember being kissed, hugged, cuddled, surprised by the one you love?

Remember these emotions as if they were happening right now! Once you feel the emotion, transfer that emotion to each photo on your vision board.

Then give thanks for the gift of having your desire right now. Give thanks to feeling loved, give thanks to your ability to give love, and give thanks to the present moment.

Activity for Day 10

Create Your Vision Board

This is a sample vision board that I created on Canva. You may want to create your own version using Photoshop, Pinterest, or a mobile app.

You may also create a physical one using a poster board, cork board or small canvas. It’s totally up to you. Be creative and imaginative. Put your and your loved one’s photo at the center. Imagine an amazing life together. Use your limitless imagination to design the life that you want with your loved one.

If this is your first time to create a vision board, here is a YouTube video tutorial from Jack Canfield on how to create a vision board:


Additional activity

In addition to today’s exercise, you should also listen to your subliminal for at least twice a day, as well as to any of the guided visualizations I mentioned in the previous lessons.

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